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Recent In-Game News

&RPirate Queen Virtia Riftreaver has been executed by the Republic
The Lorell Raider leader was sentenced to death for Raider bombardments in the Mid Rim, abductions, attempted murders, and more. She reportedly pleaded guilty to some of the charges.

Senator of Dac Steps Down
The symbol of the Galactic Republic appears with the Republic Anthem playing in the background. The image slowly shifts to the Chancellor standing at a podium on an open stage in the central plaza on Dac, Senator Aurel Rusa at his side. "Greetings citizens of the Republic, the galaxy at large and citizens of Dac." He takes a deep breath before continuing, "With the forming of the Republic and the ratification of the Constitution I always dreaded a day like this. Due to the recent actions taken against Senator Rusa at the hands of the Lorell Raiders, The Senator feels that it is time for his retirement. Having undergone such a traumatic attack at the hands of the Queen and her Pirates has left him seeking to retire from his post and return home to Alderaan to live in peace far from Lorellian clutches." The Chancellor places a hand on the Senator's shoulder, "It is truly a sad day to see you go, my friend. Without your diligence the Republic would not have pulled our worlds together as it did. May your rest be all that you've wanted." The Senator and Chancellor give each other a brief hug as Senator Rusa steps up to the podium to speak, "Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve the Republic and the citizens of Dac through the formation of the Republic. I hope to see the shining beacon of the Republic grow and foster new hope for the future." The Senator takes a step back and bows before walking off the stage to meet the other Senators to exchange goodbyes. The Chancellor steps up to the podium, "And with this. The Republic and the citizens of Dac will be looking forward to the election of a new Senator to represent them within the Republic. In the interim, The Senate will step in to assist the people of Dac and provide all the support we can offer to ensure a healthy transition to the new Senator." The Chancellor steps back and begins to move off stage to join the Senate as the image shifts to the Republic emblem and fades.

Recent Changes

Verbal Vomit Crash Bug Fixed
Thanks to Rojan, we've fixed a bug that would crash the mud in the event of a message of the right length and format was put into the mud. As a side note, however, I want to stress that if you find a bug that is crashing the mud, you speak ONLY to the imms about it. Blabbing about it on Discord, to your buddies, OOC, or what have you seriously only hurts the mud. This bug was spread about discord quite haphazardly like it's no big deal to tell people how to crash the mud, except it is. The next time I see it going on, I'm going to start punishing people for it.

Senator apps for Dac!
We're now accepting apps for Senator of the wonderful planet of Dac. New characters and old characters can apply. The stipulations set forth at the beginning of the TL in regards to being good guys v bad guys still apply. Thanks!

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