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Recent In-Game News

Reports of Carsa-B Spice Psychosis and Overdose
[* Medical Report *] Dr. Najeemi in the emergency room at the Capital City Hospital on Lorrd is warning of a new drug that has patients arriving so agitated, violent, and psychotic that a small army of medical workers is needed to hold them down. They had taken a new hallucinogenic spice called Carsa-B and sometimes even large doses of sedatives failed to quiet them. "These people are arriving completely disconnected from reality and in a very bad place, we've had to expand the psych floors for admittance." Similar reports are emerging from hospitals around the galaxy, as doctors scramble to figure out the best treatment for people taking Carsa-B. [* Medical Report *] Poison control centers around the galaxy are reporting an increase in cases of Carsa-B overdose. At least three local governments have placed bans on the distribution of Carsa-B, which is believed to have originated from a laboratory on Nal Hutta. Jaaron Adasca, an Arkanian medical expert specialising in the treatment of patients suffering from the use of Carsa-B, warns that an incorrect synthesis of the spice leads to immediate overdose and, in many cases, death. "I have never seen a spice become so popular so quickly. We documented one case in particular where the patient could not cease lashing out in a violent manner. They were blasted with stun rays to no effect," the doctor explains, gesturing towards a medical chart without glancing at it himself. "The patient was a mere Jawa, but we required four security officers and two orderlies to hold it down for examination and sedation." [* Medical Report *] Amidst rumors of an outbreak of Carsa-B addiction on Nal Hutta being loosely linked with the Desilijic clan, Arkanian addiction specialist Jaaron Adasca spoke sternly to GNI reporters. "I hear of people simply killing addicts, which is unethical and inefficient. Surely we as the remaining bastions of sanity can do better." Shaking his head, the doctor returned to his research, refusing additional questions for the time being.

Uprise in Brutal Killings - Arkania and Kashyyyk Suffer Losses
A string of high profile murders have been reported across the galaxy the last several days. On Kashyyyk, wookiee corpses have been found mutilated and skinned all across the Shadowlands and Rwookrrorro City. Wookiee citizens are in an uproar over the repeated brutal murders, and are currently vigilant for what they claim is trandoshan hunter that is responsible. They ask that outsiders not take vengeance into their own hands and if they spot anything suspicious to report it to their council instead of taking action on their behalf. On the other side of the galaxy, a shipping depot was destroyed on Arkania in an explosion. Local authorities have stated that evidence shows this was a well-coordinated attack and that none of the shipping containers were taken. The attackers seemed to have only wanted to destroy the depot, careless of any unfortunate citizens within the compound. Of the one hundred and two employees in employ, forty were on staff that night, and only one survived. She was transported to the Adasca Hospital in critical condition, though has since improved in her condition to be soon transferred to a more general ward within the hospital. We at GNI will continue to monitor the galaxy's most prolific news stories.

Recent Changes

Arkanian Dragon Returns
Coming off of the Monster Hunt event, I've released the Arkanian Dragon into Syd and Vronk's collection. The mob is still extremely dangerous and is now located on the Petabys Station. After some discussion, well really a lot of whining and pestering, a new special type of durasteel can be obtained using the loot from the Dragon. For more information, head to Mandalore. Claudius

Networkhack and Broadcast Sksills Ignore Encryption Status
* As the title suggests, Networkhacks and broadcasts ignore encryption status of your comlinks. Rejoice as encrypted broadcast blunders disappear forever.

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