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Stats and their Effect on your Character

by Zeromus

On Legends of the Jedi, preparation is key. One of the things you can do to ensure your character is prepared for any situation that occurs throughout your time here is to make certain that you’re trained properly to access the breadth of abilities available to your character. There are a few things you can do to accomplish this, including getting gains from leveling and having cybernetics installed.


After training, you should begin leveling. While you are leveling each class, you have a chance to gain more stats, which will, in turn, increase your level maximums like they were when you first trained. Each class increases a different stat. For example, leveling piloting can increase your dexterity and leveling leadership can increase your charisma. Here is a handy chart of what classes provide gains for which stats, and in turn what classes are increased by the various stats:

str, con, hr
Bounty hunting
lck, cha
Leadership cha, wis cha
Espionage dex, lck int
Slicer wis, lck wis
Medical int, wis wis
Science int int, wis

Note: Combat only provides HR raises after the STR and CON gains are capped out.


The final way to increase your character’s stats and potentially increase his or her levels is via cybernetics. This is typically done after training and leveling, because cybernetics can interfere with your ability to gain stats. Cybernetics are a one-time permanent boost to your stats that are installed using the ‘CYBER’ skill. Cybernetics can be found throughout the game world in various places and each one can provide different increases to different stats. BE FOREWARNED: Do your research first. Cybernetic installations are permanent and if you install a cybernetic that for example increases your STR by 1, you cannot later install another one that increases it by 3, or uninstall the initially installed cybernetic. Also, this method does not boost your stats over the max of 25. If you have 24 STR and you install a cybernetic that adds 3 STR, you will only see a raise of 1.


You can also increase your stats through wearing different pieces of equipment obtained through quests and various shops. The stats from equipment DO NOT increase your max level, but increasing your stats can help in other ways. For instance, increasing your strength allows you to carry heavier items and raising your intelligence lets you remember more people for longer. The most you can increase your stat from this method is to 25.

Is this guide helpful?
4 ratings, 4 votes4 ratings, 4 votes (+4 rating, 4 votes, rated)
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