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Legends of the Jedi offers over 100 playable races for players to choose from. Nearly every iconic race is represented in game, each with a unique race modified class layout based on the traits of the races themselves. Here are a few of the more common ones.



Found on worlds and settlements throughout the galaxy, Humans are the most numerous of the races. They are adaptable and capable of succeeding in any profession. They are considered the standard or average to which the biology, psychology, and culture of other species are compared. Many other races are designated as Near-Human, showing predominantly human features with some distinctive characteristics of their own.



Wookiees are a tall, bipedal race native to the planet Kashyyyk. Their bodies are covered in thick hair. Wookiee tribal society is marked by a well-developed sense of honor. A typical Wookiee lifespan is around 350 years. They are skilled fighters, but they are usually less stealthy than other races, and they can only speak their native language, Shyriiwook. Due to their history of enslavement, there is no chance of cooperation between Wookiees and Trandoshans on any level.



Jawas are short, humanoid, rodentlike natives of Tatooine, known for hiding their bodies in hooded brown cloaks and for their glowing yellow eyes. They can only speak their native language, which is a quick, jabbering form of communication. Most Jawas never leave the relative safety of their clans on Tatooine, but those who do are likely to find their skill in scavenging, tinkering, and surviving to be useful as criminals or mechanics.



Twi'leks are a Near-Human species native to the hostile planet of Ryloth, recognizable by their colorful skin and lekku (head-tails). Lekku contain part of the Twi'lek brain, are used in their language, and are extremely sensitive. The rarest Twi'lek skin colors are turquoise (Rutians) and red (Lethans). Twi'leks are known for their calculating and charismatic natures, often becoming talented merchants, diplomats, dancers, or criminals.



The Zabrak or Iridonians are a Near-Human species native to Iridonia. All have horns, with the pattern of horns varying from one Zabraki subrace to another. They tend to be dedicated, focused, and intense, and many use complex facial tattoos to express their personality. Due to the harshness of Iridonia, it is very common for Zabraks to become spacefarers.

Mon Calamari

The Mon Calamari are an octopoid species native to the planet Dac (sometimes called Mon Calamari). Their bodies are humanoid but with domed heads, webbed hands, and large eyes. They are typically refined, idealistic, and well-educated beings with a talent for shipbuilding. Mon Calamari are the much more social of the two races of Dac, inhabiting the surface while most of their neighbor Quarren isolate themselves underwater. The two races have had conflicts from time to time throughout their history.



Rodians are a humanoid species native to Rodia, notable for their reptilian green skin, large trumpet-like ears, bony skull ridge, and multifaceted eyes. Their long fingers end in suction cups. Rodians are known for their violent culture, often finding work as criminals or soldiers, many seeking the ultimate title of 'Hunt Master'. Rodians are also famous for a vibrant tradition of theatre and drama.


Hutts are enormous sluglike creature with large mouths and eyes, short arms, and a reputation for ruthless, manipulative leadership. Many attain vast fortunes through crime or commerce. They are hermaphroditic and are resistant to certain powers of the Force, and they prefer both themselves and nearby subjugated races to speak Huttese. Hutt names normally consist of a given name, a clan name, and a surname, as in 'Jabba Deslijic Tiure'.



Hailing from the world known as Trandosha (or Dosha) within the Mytaranor System, Trandoshans are an aggressive reptilian species of warlike tendencies. Harboring a fierce hatred of the neighboring Wookiees of Kashyyyk and a strong proclivity towards violence, Trandoshans have notably been found as slavers of the hirsute Wookiees, bounty hunters, mercenaries and soldiers. Trandoshans also worshipped a female deity known as the Scorekeeper who they believed awarded them with Jagannath points for each kill they delivered.


Gungans are amphibious humanoids with two sub-races: lanky orange or purple-skined Otollas, with long flaps behind their heads, and the rotund green-skinned Ankuras. Both are tall and physically fit, with expressive faces and long, muscular tongues. Gungans tend to be generous, peaceful, loyal to those close to them, and suspicious of outsiders who haven't earned their trust. They are often warriors, but may also be competent scouts or hunters.

These are just a few of the races that become available to players as they explore Legends of the Jedi and earn account points. In case this wasn't enough, players also have the chance of sending in an application to request a unique race as well. If it's something that we think can add to the game, you might get approved!

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