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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


The galaxy is preparing for the five year anniversary of the Imperial superweapon Legion being destroyed, with memorials and parades dedicated to the billions of lives lost on Dac and Nal Hutta, as well as the party that sacrificed themselves, saving billions more lives and becoming the first heroes of the New Republic. A ceremony is planned for a few days’ time to unveil a monument to the fallen on liberated Coruscant.

The New Republic exists in a fragile state. The well-intentioned Senate has struggled to unite the galaxy without the charismatic Queen of Naboo or Jedi Council to rally their cause. The decimated Jedi have become nomadic, but still revered when they reveal themselves. Naboo, war-torn and weary, accepted refugees from the two destroyed planets before closing its borders to travelers.

Disgusted with how they were treated by the Alliance in the war, Wroona has taken a hardline stance and refused to participate in the Senate. Instead, the planet is controlled by the Corporate Sector Authority, a fierce group of traders who care little of social concerns. Con men, smugglers, and crime syndicates have flourished in the power vacuum left after the Empire’s collapse.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

Rumblings from Concordia...
Reports have begun to surface of widespread violence across Mandalore's lone moon, Concordia in recent weeks after decades of relative peace. In a series of attacks, several weapon depots were raided and destroyed, leaving no survivors. As of now, security has been increased around the beskar ore depots. With no formal recognized government within the system, many tribes have entered compacts with each other to maintain the peace, however it seems that these fragile truces may come to an end. Updates will be provided as more information is obtained from Concordia.

Tatooine Rejoins Intergalactic Politics
The Intermayoral Council of Tatooine has announced, in a 7-5 split decision, that they will join the Corporate Sector Authority. Mayor Khixander of Mos Espa said, "All of us were impressed by both governments' willingness to work with the unique symbiosis and culture of our beautiful planet. A willingness to be practical. We have chosen to look to the CSA for protection, and we hope to see peaceful cooperation between both governments for many years to come." Mayor Arlo Vann of Bestine agreed, "The CSA took the time to sit down with the mayor-elects, listened to their issues, and detailed out plans for a strong future for Tatooine. On behalf of the settlement of Bestine, I have to say I feel confident Tatooine's made the right choice." Mayor Masa Dunechaser added, "I would like to give my personal thanks to an unnamed Republican officer who attempted to alert me to what appears to have been an intricate identity theft scheme right here in Mos Eisley. My investigation into this crime ring is ongoing." In response, ExO Dyna Solenis said simply, "I'd like to personally thank all the mayors and people of Tatooine on the behalf of the CSA. We all look forward to working together with you to build a better future for your world."

Recent Changes

New players, accounts, the website, and email
A quirk of our website CMS is that an email address needs to be associated before an account can log in. This is a recurring point of confusion for new players. To smooth things along, new players making an account will receive a message about needing to associate in order to log in. We've also updated a line here and there to explain this.

Safe (Or is it?)
Fixed a bug in spacecraft where rooms flagged unsafe erroneously registered as safe on score.

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