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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

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The Story So Far…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

ERA 1: Hero of the Republic

After 100 years of a costly war against the Sith army, the descendants of the Jedi banished centuries ago, THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC finds itself in unfamiliar territory: reconstruction. With billions of lives lost and scores of worlds left devastated from the war, the Republic now looks to regain lost lands and reclaim their position as the top government in the galaxy as new challengers arise.

Meanwhile, the Outer Rim has decided to strike out on their own, as they suffered the worst blows of the war, and form THE TRADE FEDERATION, a group of traders, bankers, and other citizens of means united under a single banner to restore their precious Rim and determine their own future free of Republic oversight and intervention.

THE JEDI ORDER has found itself in a difficult position, as their traditional role as advisors shifted during the war to that of generals and combatants, with one of their own even achieving the highest Republic honor: HERO OF THE REPUBLIC. Now that there is peace, will the Jedi be able to return to their traditional roles as mediators of peace, remain battle generals, or find a middle ground between the two?

With war comes death and profit, and this war was no different. While many companies rose and fell during the 100 years of war, only two managed to endure the test of time to remain: HOERSCH-KESSEL DRIVEWORKS, located on Tatooine, and the CORELLIAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION, located on Corellia.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

Jedi Master Seela forms Outer Rim Coalition, recruits Havoc Squad for Assault
Holos across the galaxy flicker through static to a scene of an upset Balosar woman with putty smudged over half of her face and wearing a spotless set of mechanics coveralls. Her voice comes through almost as a whisper as she looks down the corridor at Kala'uun Spaceport at the landing zone. Her voice, sounding huskier than usual, clips through, "This is, uh... Tayla.. uh.. P." She looks around nervously at a gathering of Twi'leks that are some ways off and not paying her the least bit of attention, "We've tracked Master Seela to Ryloth, where we have received word that she has formed what is being called the Outer Rim Coalit-" she screeches as an automated cleaning droid bumps into her foot, then she takes off running down one of the tunnels in fear. The holocam's autotracking, now subject-less, attempts to zoom in on people left within the scene. After some focusing issues, the holocamera settles on Jedi Master Oola Seela, who is addressing several Twi'leks. These warriors are wearing fresh uniforms with the letters &093O&061R&093C on their shoulders, and are covered in repainted CEC lomtex-grade armor and helmets. A large CR25 Trooper Carrier's ramp begins to lower in the background as beings in orange and white commando armor stride towards the gathering. The audio feed cuts in and out due to the distance. "-all militia will rendevous at the station. Tonight, we will prepare for a preliminary assault on-" She nods at the commandos as they arrive, "-is Havoc Squad. I worked with them before on- *** - no fiercer soldiers exist in the galaxy. They will assist us tonight as the Outer Rim Coalition descends-" The squad's sergeant nod in agreement, then halts as one of the commandos with a communications backpack suddenly turns towards the holocam. Their carbine raises and a streaking blaster bolt zips in and destroys the holocam. A few moments of dull black cover the screen before it flashes up with the GNI logo followed by some jargon about technical difficulties, all backed with lovely turbolift music.

Investigators Puzzled over CEC Missing Persons
Holoviewers flash to life, scene settled on the entrance to the Corellian Engineering Corporation headquarters. The building is surrounded by barriers with holographic signs warning citizens to stay back. CorSec officers and detectives patrol the scene as the camera pans out to include Qayla Z. in the frame, "Good evening. I'm here live at the Corellian Engineering Corporation's building in Coronet City where CorSec officials are investigating what they are calling a missing person case. We'll go directly to the briefing we were given by the chief investigator earlier this morning." "Early this morning, we received a holo from a CEC employee who stated that the acting CEO of the corporation, Baxxter Boggs, has gone missing during transit from Corellia to Coruscant for an impromptu meeting with an Imperial representative. We have queried Eastport officials on Coruscant and they have no record of any vessel owned by the CEC or Baxxter arriving. We have sent out inquiries to spaceports across the galaxy, and are waiting for responses from some of the more remote planets." A reporter's voice barges in, "Chief, do you think a crime was committed? Could this have been a message from the Fede- err.. Empire? Are there any persons of interest in the case?" "At this time, we do not suspect any foul play, and there are no persons of interest-" A uniformed officer leans over to whisper into the chief's ear, who nods a moment later before turning back to the reporters, "However, we would like to speak with Ephoros Kteis, who we understand left the night previous on some sort of unofficial business to the Outer Rim after putting Baxxter Boggs in charge of the branch. We also have not been able to make contact with him. Our only information with regards to his movements was that a CEC-branded transport was tracked launching yesterday and landed on some sort of unregistered space platform. It also appeared to be so loaded down with some sort of cargo that it barely was able to breach Corellia's atmosphere. If anyone has any information to the whereabouts of Baxxter Boggs or Ephoros Kteis, please get in touch with us. Thank you." The scene slowly fades out.

Recent Changes

Various Updates 08/04/2021
For players: - A variety of early tweaks to the new planet AI system: Crime will not go up as aggressively if you have slightly below neutral public opinion, and military cost has been reduced. A few tweaks to display of information on showplanet, too. - Fixed the bug causing pirates to immediately set crime to 100, and the bug causing there to be 5x more police mobs than intended. - Otherwise non-aggressive mobs (citizens, especially) will no longer randomly join fights in the room except if another copy of the same mob is involved in the fight. For staff: - onSpawned lua triggers on mobs will now fire when the mob is manually invoked or invoked via progs. - You can now redit flags +flagname or redit flags -flagname to set a flag to true or false regardless of the existing value. - rlist aispawn now shows the list of rooms in your currently assigned area which are eligible to spawn AI mobs. They will not spawn in rooms which are: spacecraft, nofloor, private, player homes, nomob, noai - mpstat, rpstat, and opstat will show at the end if the thing has a lua prog set, and you can use (m/o/p)pstat <thing> lprog to view the prog.

New Planetary Support System: Part 2
(Continued from previous change post...) HOW TO AFFECT PUBLIC OPINION, MILITARY SUPPORT Crime rate: Goes up when public opinion is low. Goes down when military presence is high. When high, reduces income from the planet due to embezzlement. Crime can be a compounding factor; when high, it also causes public opinion to drop and causes military presence to drop more quickly, leading to more crime, etc. Police: One police will spawn for every 5 points of military presence. Police mobs perform law enforcement as usual, but are also targets for enemy clans who want to reduce your military presence. Killing police mobs will reduce their clan's presence and increase that of the clan killing them. Commercial activity: Lawful activity (buying from shops, buying/selling cargo) will improve the opinion of the current government and the clan performing the activities, if any. Trafficking: On the other hand, trafficking will increase the crime rating, having no effect on public opinion. Taxes: Planets now result in noticeable income for their clans, reported each hour along with wages. The tax rate affects public opinion of the current government: Less than 10% will make them happier, more than 20% will make them angry. Military Funding: The police and military levels have been consolidated into this one number, which represents the target military presence of the current government. Military presence will move toward this goal gradually over time, but can be overpowered by high crime or enemy activity. This is also a significant cost in running the planet. Killing Citizens: Raises crime, raises military presence for the clan who did it, but also drops public opinion of that clan substantially. Evil clans might use this to speed up planet captures. Bombardment: Killing citizens on steroids. Substantial increase in your military presence and reduction of the current clan's, but planets (even the ones you're not bombarding) really won't like this. Great for evil empires who don't care about what people think. Blockade: Gradually raises your military presence and lowers the current owner's. For clans not flagged as "greater good", it also lowers public opinion of your clan. Orbital pirates: While pirates are in orbit, the crime rating will go up quickly and the current government's military presence will drop. Bribe: Bribing police will make them despawn and increase the crime rate. Bribing citizens will raise public opinion of your clan (5000 credits for maximum effect) and also make them despawn. (* This means you'll need to work on public opinion over a longer period of time rather than finding one citizen and spamming a skill on them.) Propaganda: Now takes two arguments: propaganda for/against <clan>. Raises or lowers public opinion appropriately, and also makes the citizen despawn. Inspirecrime: Raises the crime rating substantially, requires a citizen to be present, and also causes them to despawn. HOW TO VIEW PUBLIC OPINION, MILITARY SUPPORT Smalltalk: Rather than affecting support, smalltalk now tells you a bit about a random government. Past leadership levels 50 and 100, more detail will be shown, with levels 100+ seeing numbers and contributing factors to public opinion. Showplanet <planet>: At the end of showplanet, members of the current government's clan will now see a breakdown of planetary income, which is now calculated monthly. There are diminishing returns for owning too many planets, represented here as "Administrative Overhead". When a planet is eligible for capture by your clan, it will now tell you in this command. Showplanet <planet> ai: This view now shows approximate public opinion and military support for all governments, as well as whether military presence and crime rate are rising or falling passively. (more minuses or pluses means it's moving faster) This does not represent one-time actions (killing police, etc), but does include sustained actions like blockades.

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