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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


The galaxy is preparing for the five year anniversary of the Imperial superweapon Legion being destroyed, with memorials and parades dedicated to the billions of lives lost on Dac and Nal Hutta, as well as the party that sacrificed themselves, saving billions more lives and becoming the first heroes of the New Republic. A ceremony is planned for a few days’ time to unveil a monument to the fallen on liberated Coruscant.

The New Republic exists in a fragile state. The well-intentioned Senate has struggled to unite the galaxy without the charismatic Queen of Naboo or Jedi Council to rally their cause. The decimated Jedi have become nomadic, but still revered when they reveal themselves. Naboo, war-torn and weary, accepted refugees from the two destroyed planets before closing its borders to travelers.

Disgusted with how they were treated by the Alliance in the war, Wroona has taken a hardline stance and refused to participate in the Senate. Instead, the planet is controlled by the Corporate Sector Authority, a fierce group of traders who care little of social concerns. Con men, smugglers, and crime syndicates have flourished in the power vacuum left after the Empire’s collapse.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

ABMC and Scavenged Droids Destroy Property and Cause Mayhem over Prime Directive
Decked out in a set of ridiculously bulky durasteel armor, Qayla Z. is skittishly glancing around herself outside of the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation on Arkania. She grimaces as her eyes track a droid far left of the camera, "Good, uh.. good evening. Qayla Z. with GNI here once again, following yet another series of attacks by droids on the Telgorn Corporation. Several hours ago, droids owned by the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation breached into the Telgorn facility and managed to destroy a Subjugator-class Cruiser and an AEG-77 gunship, and hospitalized several employees here. We also have received reports from an affiliate station on Tatooine that several of the droids within the Kikinit Clan's sandcrawler rejected their restraining bolts and began work on sabotaging systems within the ancient transport. After being driven from the Clan's home by a pack of enraged Sand Panthers, they took to the streets of Tatooine, assaulting anyone they could find and littering the area with explosives. GNI's technology team is working diligently to determine the cause of these droid attacks which appear to be occurring more frequently. However, the only lead that we have at the moment are statements from these droids regarding new, or prime, directives. As always, we will do our best to keep you up-to-date!"

Fall of the Republic
An image of the plaza on Coruscant appears with New Republic flags being taken down to be replaced with those bearing the red-gold four-point star labelled Cresh-Senth-Aurek of the Corporate Sector Authority. "It was not so long ago that the Corporate Sector Authority was founded in an effort to bring a new form of government to the galaxy. One that would protect the rightsand interests of business owners on its worlds and provide military aid to corporations in need. A government founded by engineers to provide for all businesses. The past several decades have seen corporations like Arakyd, Aratech, Behemoth, and Harrin all bullied by the various governments and criminal elements that have arisen in that time." The image cuts to a scene in space of a pair of Mark-I Assault Frigates, a Republic Dreadnaught, and the MC-80 Liberty-Class Star Cruiser 'Rebirth' over Coruscant under fire from five Subjugator-Class Heavy Cruisers and a Mark-I Assault Frigate. One Republic ship after another falls to heavy ion and turbolaser fire while the CSA frigate draws their fire in return until theshields fall on the final ship, the Rebirth, and concentrated turbolaser fire riddles the ship with explosions until it cracks in two. "Thanks to our allies at the Utmian Syndicate, this senseless war brought on by the New Republic has been brought to a swift conclusion. Let us welcome a new age of prosperity for all businesses and corporations, and let the criminal element of the galaxy cower in fear of the CSA security police and the One Sith working in unison to bring peace and order to the galaxy. From today on, it is the engineers that will forge the future of the galaxy."

Recent Changes

Annoying Buildship Bug Fixed
Title says it all. Wonky checks allowed certain wrong syntaxes to cause an issue, said improper syntaxes were more apt to happen to those who did not know how to use the LOTJ Mushclient buildship script. The buildship command ONLY accepts the following syntaxes now: BUILDSHIP BUILDSHIP <frame> <component> If you are missing the component portion of the syntax, the command will now scream at you to use the right syntax instead of trying to force you to do something else.

Round two of new timeline applications
We've gone through and approved/denied a significant chunk of new timeline apps. If your app is still in SUBMITTED status, we're still feeling out our options around that particular position before we make a decision. Here are the things we are still looking for: *Lorellian Raider leadership (not necessarily THE leader, people interested in #1/#2 type spots) *One more solid Republic senator *Engineering clan leader In addition, we're still interested in minor clans/characters along the lines of what's mentioned in changes 1604.

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