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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


After 20 years of struggling against the Mandalorians, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC has
secured victory by the narrowest of margins at the recent BATTLE OF MANDALORE.
Chancellor KRUR FIADE, his fellow senators, and the handful of Jedi Knights that
remain now look beyond the battlefield with hope that they can pick up the pieces of
their military, economy and infrastructure that have been ravaged by total war.

With the Republic reeling from war, mercenaries and pirates vie for
dominance in the Mid Rim Territories, eager to fill the power vacuum
that has been left in wake of A galaxy-wide war.Infamous among them are
the MORGUKAI, led by a cyborg warlord and his retinue of war droids from
the desert planet of TATOOINE – though even that reign may soon be ended
by the next rising star of the lawless edges of space.

Meanwhile, rumours brew from the edges of known space that speak
of a new presence stirring in the Outer Rim. Red-skinned heralds have
spread out from their homeworld of KORRIBAN, proclaiming the preeminence
that is the SITH EMPIRE and seeking to attract new subjects to bow before
the mysterious SITH EMPEROR…

Welcome back to LEGENDS OF THE JEDI…

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Recent In-Game News

A Call to Arms at the Outlander Club
CALLING ALL GLADIATORS! Are you the fiercest warrior in the galaxy? It's time to prove it. On the 18th of the this month(NOV) at 8pm, in just three days time, The Outlander Club will host a round-robin tournament. Entry fees will be 500,000 credits for participants and 50,000 credits for spectators, with the winner taking half of these fees as well as a full suite of custom weaponry from Aratech Industries. Second and third place will have credit prizes as well. For registration, seek H4-L0 (HALO), Decurion of the Morgukai on frequency 3.

Morgukai Remember the Fallen
A somber dirge begins to sound as scenes flash across the screen: columns of war droids marching in sync down the streets of Wroona, Naboo, Ryloth, and Mandalore. Standards emblazoned with the seal of the Morgukai and spectators line the streets. The leader of each column carries a banner with a face and a name. The funereal tune continues as Mos Eisley is displayed, where grim-looking sentients are collecting credits, food, water, and other supplies from a depot while a Zeltron flanked by war droids passes out candy to ragged street urchins. A robotic voice intones: "Today is the day we remember those who have given their lives honorably. Those who have fallen without betrayal are enshrined forever in our chronicles and our necropolis, to join the list of names and rows of death masks millennia old. Saint Erith. Khelia, Gratta, Furyk, Radovid, Tormax, and many others. The Morgukai do not forgive, the Morgukai do not forget. Today is the Day of the Fallen. All workers on Morgukai planets are freed from their responsibilities on this day, to grieve and to remember the heroes that died for them. Never again will the Morgukai tolerate encroachment on the freedom of the galaxy."

Recent Changes

Cargo botting...
...is not now, nor has it ever been legal. I've been seeing people do it more and more. Most of the time I strand ya'll in uncharted, take all your credits and 3000 points. However, if this continues and I have to keep punishing people, characters might start meeting terrible deaths at the hands of faulty self destruct systems, and if clans have been receiving the benefits, I'll start removing credits from said clans. This will be my last warning to everyone mud wide. Thanks!

Firesale Day 2
Firesale Day 2: Scout Droids are 0/250 Today's rivalry sale features the classic slaver v slave fight. Wookiees are 1000/0. Trandoshans are 500/500.

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