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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Ten years after their decisive victory at the Battle of Geonosis,
THE MORGUKAI EMPIRE have become the singular consolidated power
within the universe. Led by the EMPEROR ALPHA AND OMEGA unit, the
organization of ruthless droid warriors have formed an unassailable
military regime that promotes the interests of automaton over
organic beings. Encouraged by the dissolution of the Galactic
Republic and irritated by their failure to annex the planets gained
during a time of war, the Morgukai train, rebuild, and seek any
excuse to expand their territory.

Having suffered multiple wars spanning decades, citizens of the
galaxy are exhausted. Public outcry ensures that most planets are
locally-governed, giving breath to small governments and other
organizations with the best of intentions. Meanwhile, dark rumors
rapidly spread throughout the universe as the ancient tradition of
slavery rears its ugly head. Combined with organized crime on the
rise throughout the Outer Rim, sinister forces take advantage of
the lack of an organized galactic government.

With the looming threat of the machine Empire on the horizon,
countless organic beings continue to eke out a living, torn between
the fear of being ruled by unfeeling automaton and becoming prey
to the sinister unknown. However, a small number of sentients –
growing by the day – attempt to realize the dream of returning to
a golden age by facing the galaxy with fierce resistance in their
flesh-and-blood beating hearts.

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Recent In-Game News

Sun Guard Declares War on Oath-Breaking Morgukai Empire
An age-lined, dark human face with a bulbous nose and grey hair appears before the camera, set against a backdrop of a wall comprised of obsidian blocks covered with an angular, barbed script that glows a bright orange. Grunting, he leans back within an ornate chair, folding his hands upon his lap in a composed manner as he speaks in a harsh tone, "My name is Aryn Rutgar, the new Supreme Sun Guardian of the Sun Guard. It is my wish to... illuminate you all regarding the Morgukai Empire and their deal that was concluded with me. Seeing the overzealous nature of the previous regime and their wish to go off-mission and exterminate life without meaning, I offered the Morgukai an excellent deal: In exchange for access to the platform on Dac, they were to remove the upstarts that had taken command of the Sun Guard, and support our movement to retake control of the cult - publicly. In exchange, we would continue with our original mission, to destroy the Outer Rim Alliance - the ruiners of Korriban - and then return to Thyrsus, leaving your portion of the galaxy in peace. Despite positively leaping at the opportunity to hurt the Alliance, they went back on our bargain. For that, I tell you now that we will not leave. We begin our march against the oath-breakers. What happens next is of your doing, traitor-"Emperor" Alpha-and-Omega." Nodding firmly, he leans forward to turn the camera off.

Outer Rim Alliance Accepts Stewardship of Nal Hutta
After the Council called upon the Outer Rim Alliance, the group arrived on Nal Hutta and were quickly dispatched to locate evidence of the crime and determine the location of the kidnapped heir to the Besadii Kajidic, Pukup. Their investigation took them to Tatooine, where evidence had been planted on Kotol Desilijic's palace guards. It was not until they returned to Nal Hutta that they determined the evidence was completely falsified, likely to buy more time for the true culprit to get away. Back on Nal Hutta, the group launched an investigation into who planted the evidence, and who was in possession of the missing child. With the assistance of many outside groups, the Outer Rim Alliance and their allies were able to breach the shipping facility deep with in the Anjiliac Kajidic Bunko where Jajjo was planning on sending off Pukup for good. From the Ruling Council Chambers, an odd assortment of beings stands in waiting as a veiled being in combat armor cradles and rocks Pukup before handing him to his father, Balrux. The entire Council, grateful for the safe return of the child, asks the Outer Rim Alliance to represent Nal Hutta's interests to the wider galaxy while allowing the Council to maintain their rule over the planet. "It is with great honor that we accept the offer of representing Nal Hutta. The Outer Rim Alliance will patrol Nal Hutta as we do Naboo and Korriban, while preserving the culture and the basic sentient rights owed to every being in the galaxy." She pauses to offer a smile to those standing around, "I cannot, in good faith, accept full responsibility on behalf of the Outer Rim Alliance. We offer our thanks to ALL of those who took their time to assist us on this evening. Likewise, we must thank the Emperor for his efforts to save lives on Dac. We will take time to investigate the Sun Guard's location on Korriban and ensure no further lives are at risk."

Recent Changes

Mud is back up! Thank you for your patience
Thanks for bearing with us over the downtime and shout out to Rojan for hopping on to help me with a reboot script issue. TLDR: The mud blew up (it happens) and corrupted vships.are in the process, which prevent us from coming back online. The reboot script got a little crazy, and wouldn't even let us get to the point where the mud would run into the vships problem. Rojan fixed the script, I fixed the area file, and here we all are. I had to restore a backup of vships (where we store all ship rooms etc) but it was only from 2-3 hours before the crash.

Please welcome Statesman to the imm staff!
When I came back to LOTJ last fall, I knew we needed to make a few smart staff hires in order to keep the game going strong its next decade. Those discussions brought us Merrycheeza and Xerakon, who have both been awesome. I'm thrilled to announce that Statesman is joining the staff as the next wave of hires. He is a buildport veteran that has a deep understanding of our build systems, our overall vision towards areas, and a sharp eye for what makes for good gameplay. We will have more details down the road on how Statesman will be contributing as a staff member, but you can expect more great build products and contributions to events from him. For now, please join me in congratulating him and welcoming him to the staff!

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