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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


The galaxy is preparing for the five year anniversary of the Imperial superweapon Legion being destroyed, with memorials and parades dedicated to the billions of lives lost on Dac and Nal Hutta, as well as the party that sacrificed themselves, saving billions more lives and becoming the first heroes of the New Republic. A ceremony is planned for a few days’ time to unveil a monument to the fallen on liberated Coruscant.

The New Republic exists in a fragile state. The well-intentioned Senate has struggled to unite the galaxy without the charismatic Queen of Naboo or Jedi Council to rally their cause. The decimated Jedi have become nomadic, but still revered when they reveal themselves. Naboo, war-torn and weary, accepted refugees from the two destroyed planets before closing its borders to travelers.

Disgusted with how they were treated by the Alliance in the war, Wroona has taken a hardline stance and refused to participate in the Senate. Instead, the planet is controlled by the Corporate Sector Authority, a fierce group of traders who care little of social concerns. Con men, smugglers, and crime syndicates have flourished in the power vacuum left after the Empire’s collapse.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

Religion Dossier: The Creche
Religion: The Creche Leader: "Prophet" Vestra Nir Headquarters: Unknown Comm Contact: None Historical Data Sources refer to the leader of The Creche as the Prophet. She was a slave laborer in the mines when an incident occurred which ended with her captors being killed in the collapse. She was also trapped and soon discovered an enormous egg. In what she calls a vision, a humanoid told her that he would save her and the rest of her people from the shackles of slavery over the galaxy. Source claims those who witness the egg swear allegiance to it and bow in reverence.

Organization Dossier: Telgorn Corporation
Organization: Telgorn Corporation Leader: Jiik of the Tkarr Tribe Headquarters: Arkania Comm Contact: 1 Historical Data With the destruction of the Death Star, and the events that followed, Behemoth Industries eventually closed down under the request of owner Rothmar Mekinth despite the arguments from former Chief Manufacturing Officer, Jiik Tkarr, to keep it open as a memorial to Quelben Keeg. However, when no agreement could be found, Jiik walked away from Behemoth and funded his new enterprise, Telgorn Corporation, intending to continue the legacy that Behemoth started. Though the galaxy as a whole had been shattered, and finding a place to start was difficult, Jiik Tkarr came to an agreement with the members of Adascorp, on Arkania and was allowed to make ground. His experience with Behemoth made it easy to establish Telgorn Corporation, and their work began. Eventually, their innovative ship technology became known through-out the galaxy, coveted by pilots, pirates, and spacers alike. They speak with one voice, and they all say: Telgorn Corporation. Innovation at it's finest.

Recent Changes

Cargo Lanes
Hey Gang! We wanted to make sure and address the cargo lanes question that keeps popping up. We definitely hear you, and have plans to fix it since the Outer Rim ring broke with the removal of Naboo. We do have plans to do this, but it requires Gathorn getting home from his work trip to access a super secret special file that balances these things! In the meantime, we encourage you to use the cargo route that works... or find the many, many other ways of making a boatload of credits on LotJ - including the player economy! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Congratulations! Repeat Criminals can now Swim Again!
If you have somehow been blessed with the good fortune to be caught for criminal acts twice and thrown into Desolation Alley twice, we have great news! You may now make a request to the staff to remove one of your two neck prison tattoos, and we will do so - so that you may be able to wear aquabreathing items again. Suns out, guns out, repeat offenders!

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