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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Ten years after their decisive victory at the Battle of Geonosis,
THE MORGUKAI EMPIRE have become the singular consolidated power
within the universe. Led by the EMPEROR ALPHA AND OMEGA unit, the
organization of ruthless droid warriors have formed an unassailable
military regime that promotes the interests of automaton over
organic beings. Encouraged by the dissolution of the Galactic
Republic and irritated by their failure to annex the planets gained
during a time of war, the Morgukai train, rebuild, and seek any
excuse to expand their territory.

Having suffered multiple wars spanning decades, citizens of the
galaxy are exhausted. Public outcry ensures that most planets are
locally-governed, giving breath to small governments and other
organizations with the best of intentions. Meanwhile, dark rumors
rapidly spread throughout the universe as the ancient tradition of
slavery rears its ugly head. Combined with organized crime on the
rise throughout the Outer Rim, sinister forces take advantage of
the lack of an organized galactic government.

With the looming threat of the machine Empire on the horizon,
countless organic beings continue to eke out a living, torn between
the fear of being ruled by unfeeling automaton and becoming prey
to the sinister unknown. However, a small number of sentients –
growing by the day – attempt to realize the dream of returning to
a golden age by facing the galaxy with fierce resistance in their
flesh-and-blood beating hearts.

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Recent In-Game News

Naboo Queen opens gates to all for Celestial Derby
[One for the Derby, two for the show!] Preparations for The Celestial Derby are underway in Theed City, the race is set to take place May 27th at 7PM EDT. This prestigious once-a-year event is surrounded with even more excitement than usual, as the Queen of Naboo has opened the gates to not only the general public but off-world visitors as well! Many are looking to strike big on betting who will win the famous Run for the Roses, just as much as others are looking for the opportunity to show up and show out with the most fashionable looks of the season. May the odds be ever in your favor because the fathiers in this year's lineup are all strong contenders.

Carsanum Stockpiles Depleted Faster than Expected!
Due to excessive purchasing across the Outer Rim, spice vendors are reporting that they are clean out of the valuable carsanum spice (sometimes known on the streets as Booster Blue). Traditional spice dens on Nal Hutta and Korriban have dried up, and even small-time dealers wandering throughout Nal Hutta appear to have no supplies of the potent spice for sale. The bartender of Korriban's Dark Side Lounge, known to have a small market in selling a low-grade variant of carsanum, informed us that just moments after the news from Sevarcos II, his entire selection of the spice was bought out by a greedy individual. At this time, this full-on run at carsanum appears to have completely removed the spice from traditional markets.

Recent Changes

'Solo' spoiler policy and OOC
What a glorious time to be alive, having to invoke OOC spoiler policies so frequently! Solo, the new Star Wars movie, is set to debut on Friday, May 25. We will be maintaining our strict two-week 'no spoilers on OOC' policy per usual. So keep Solo spoilers off OOC until June 8. We'll do a similiar policy for Discord. Discord Update: Type in ?rank solomovie to add yourself to the hidden spoilery room.

Coin Round-up!
If you have an Invisible Market coin that was obtained prior to today, and have not yet done a trade with Xerakon, please immchat up to him when you see him online. Thanks!

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