Legends of the Jedi


Legends of the Jedi is a text-based roleplaying experience that immerses players in a multiplayer world where they can rewrite classic Star Wars stories with their own heroes, villains, battles, and endings. Over the course of each two-year timeline, the game explores all the key eras of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

Take and hold planets as an Imperial Stormtrooper, command the Rebel navy and liberate the galaxy, pursue targets as a bounty hunter, or shape things on a larger scale as a member of the Galactic Senate. Maybe you’ll even be one of the few born with force sensitivity, destined to be trained by Jedi or Sith.

The game offers an extensive crafting system for engineers to supply weapons, armor, and ships to the galaxy. Develop new, cutting-edge armaments to give your side an edge, or open a shop in a bustling commercial district and become wealthy as part of a powerful engineering conglomerate.

LOTJ offers full PVP in both ground and space combat, governed by a set of rules to minimize griefing and ensure that all kills have sufficient in-character cause.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

Why Play LOTJ?


Started in the middle of 1998, Legends of the Jedi has been an ever growing community for over 20 years. It has seen a major overhaul from the original SWR codebase that it derived from. With an ever changing set of worlds, and constantly updated features, LOTJ has a little bit of something for everyone.

A Vast Galaxy

Explore iconic planets as you travel the Galaxy of Legends of the Jedi. Dive head first into a Sarlaac pit and see if you have what it takes to survive. Visit the swamps of Dagobah while fending off one of the ferocious dragon snakes. Swing by Nal Hutta and barter with the different Hutt Houses to gain them as allies. You can even partake in the hustle-bustle lifestyle on Coruscant.

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10 Unique Classes

Pick up a blaster and don a heavy suit of armor to jump into the fray as a combatant, or take control of spacecrafts the size of small cities as a pilot. Track down the galaxy's most wanted as a bounty hunter, or become the most wanted yourself as you smuggle contraband. If you'd rather be a legitimate salesman, craft every useful item in existence as an engineer. 

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Over 100 Playable Races

With over 100 unique races and each one having their own defining levels specific to every class, players have thousands of character design options available to them. Each race offers a potential for new and refreshing roleplay experiences. Don’t see one that interests you? We also have an application process for requesting new races that only you have access to.

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Master the Force

Every character has a chance to become a forcer upon creation. This opens the door to interesting new roleplay interactions with common folk and other forcers alike. Become someone's apprentice, learn all that you can, make a saber, pass your knighthood trials, take on an apprentice of your own, and drive the story!

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Player Driven Economy

From Government Agencies to Public Businesses, every aspect of the economy is player controlled. As one of the crafting classes, you will take center stage in building the foundations that the economy prospers on. Items are designed, funded, and built by players. Whether it’s running a personal shop to supply people with basic necessities, or taking a hydrospanner to every ship in existence, you’ll find plenty of ways to contribute.

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Three-Dimensional Space

With a real-time, three-dimensional grid, space flight is one of the most challenging aspects to learn. Not only is it the method of travel, but it’s also utilized heavily in space combat. Try your skills as a fleet admiral while you take control of up to three capital class ships each with numerous squadrons of fighters to deploy. Master the required skills and become a renown pilot for years to come.

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The Story So Far


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...



 It is a time of ambition and adventure across the galaxy. The Core Worldslargely united under the banner of the GALACTIC REPUBLIC hundreds of years ago, but the Senate's influence stops there. Much pageantry is being made about Alderaans forthcoming admission to the Senate.

Meanwhile, criminal syndicates ranging from minor street gangs to fearsome pirates pry on the Rim Worlds as militant local governments fend for themselves. Spaceports are even buzzing with rumors of ambitious individuals seeking to carve out their own Mid-Rim Empire.

Further out yet, the Mandalorian Civil War has reached a definitive end after plaguing the fringes of the galaxy. MANDALORE ADHA ELDAR THE UNIFIER vanquished her foes, secured allegiances from the remaining clans, and now sets her sights on rebuilding glory and prestige for her people.

What's next for the galaxy, nobody knows. What role will you play?

The legend awaits!

Latest Galactic News


Keep up to date with recent in game news and out of character changes.

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Guides for New Players


Legends of the Jedi has a steep learning curve for new players, but our community has worked to create guides to help out. These are a few of the recommended guides for beginners while the rest can be found under Community Guides.

Getting Started

This guide covers all of the basics to help get you into the game.
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How to Create a Character

A basic, step by step guide on how to make a character on LotJ, including screen shots!
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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions for new players.
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