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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

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The Story So Far…

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

ERA 1: Hero of the Republic

After 100 years of a costly war against the Sith army, the descendants of the Jedi banished centuries ago, THE GALACTIC REPUBLIC finds itself in unfamiliar territory: reconstruction. With billions of lives lost and scores of worlds left devastated from the war, the Republic now looks to regain lost lands and reclaim their position as the top government in the galaxy as new challengers arise.

Meanwhile, the Outer Rim has decided to strike out on their own, as they suffered the worst blows of the war, and form THE TRADE FEDERATION, a group of traders, bankers, and other citizens of means united under a single banner to restore their precious Rim and determine their own future free of Republic oversight and intervention.

THE JEDI ORDER has found itself in a difficult position, as their traditional role as advisors shifted during the war to that of generals and combatants, with one of their own even achieving the highest Republic honor: HERO OF THE REPUBLIC. Now that there is peace, will the Jedi be able to return to their traditional roles as mediators of peace, remain battle generals, or find a middle ground between the two?

With war comes death and profit, and this war was no different. While many companies rose and fell during the 100 years of war, only two managed to endure the test of time to remain: HOERSCH-KESSEL DRIVEWORKS, located on Tatooine, and the CORELLIAN ENGINEERING CORPORATION, located on Corellia.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

Defective Hyperdrive Recall Announced
[Defective Ships Repaired] GNI reports that the reseller of the StarSpeeder 500 transports which have been suffering hyperdrive failures has engineered a fix and a massive recall effort is underway. Representatives expect all ships to be repaired in 24 hours from this broadcast. In related news, some calls for help from the last wave of stranded ships have been received in a language unfamiliar to our translators.

Situations in Uncharted Space
In recent days, situations have developed in uncharted sectors of space nearby two planets: [Large asteroid cluster detected near Lorrd] Astronomers at the Rimworld Institute For Deep Space Observation have reporting gravitational anomalies near Lorrd that bear all the signs of a deep-space asteroid cluster. Their readings indicate strong mining potential. They advise would-be explorers to head between -30, 30 and -20, 40. [Defective Ships Stranded in Deep Space] Multiple reports are coming in about an older model of transport popular with budget travelers which have been breaking down mid-hyperjump. Port authorities on Nim Drovis report that many such ships recently departed for Wroona and haven't yet been seen there. Several long-range calls for assistance have been detected to the galactic East of the Meridian system, between coordinates -20, -10 and 0, -20. Skilled astronomers have reason to believe that both will persist for some time.

Recent Changes

Hyperspace Disturbance Proves Too Much for Small Drives
After many small craft manufacturers began to receive reports of reduced hyperspeed performance, a science commission was put together to determine the cause of such slowdowns, as the problem seemed widespread. After diligent effort, it was discovered that a persistent solar wind from another galaxy was providing just enough resistance for smaller hyperdrives to suffer. As such, all starfighters have seen a reduction in their overall hyperspeed, as have the low quality, if popular, public transports. Fortunately the more powerful drive of the 578-R and all freighter-or-higher drives have been unaffected. Unfortunately, the edge of this solar wind 'front' reaches far beyond any current sensor technology. It would seem until newer drives are developed, the slowdown is permanent. OOC: I am extremely sorry. I did not take into account a code change, and we had some ships that needed tuning down. Otherwise we'd be one-jumping the entire galaxy by mid-Era2 and the galaxy would simply feel like a city you could quickly drive across instead of a dozen planets spread across the parsecs.

minor NPC renaming
Slightly changed the name of an NPC on Coruscant to allow one of our long-standing players to serve on the current RPC under their account name. You aren't an imm buddy, you don't get a hidden NPC named after you! ;)

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