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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


The galaxy is preparing for the five year anniversary of the Imperial superweapon Legion being destroyed, with memorials and parades dedicated to the billions of lives lost on Dac and Nal Hutta, as well as the party that sacrificed themselves, saving billions more lives and becoming the first heroes of the New Republic. A ceremony is planned for a few days’ time to unveil a monument to the fallen on liberated Coruscant.

The New Republic exists in a fragile state. The well-intentioned Senate has struggled to unite the galaxy without the charismatic Queen of Naboo or Jedi Council to rally their cause. The decimated Jedi have become nomadic, but still revered when they reveal themselves. Naboo, war-torn and weary, accepted refugees from the two destroyed planets before closing its borders to travelers.

Disgusted with how they were treated by the Alliance in the war, Wroona has taken a hardline stance and refused to participate in the Senate. Instead, the planet is controlled by the Corporate Sector Authority, a fierce group of traders who care little of social concerns. Con men, smugglers, and crime syndicates have flourished in the power vacuum left after the Empire’s collapse.

What role will you play? The legend awaits!

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Recent In-Game News

Surprise Senate Victory for Slip Morrivar
Slip Morrivar has officially won the election for Senator of Coruscant today, filling the long-vacant seat with characteristic wit and enthusiasm. As shown in a private camera broadcast earlier today: The camera is zoomed in on Slip's striking features as he looks down and away in thought. His blond beard has grown in, his red hair just as disheveled beneath his new trilby. Finally he looks into the camera, looks you in the eye, and nods his head low, eyes closed in respect. When he opens them again, the bright piercing blue gaze settles again upon you and he tips his hat up, "Thank ya, kindly." Then the camera zooms out and behind the business suited senator is a large flag of the New Republic whipping in the wind of Coruscant. In an exclusive GNI interview, Major Tyral Dillan responded, "I would like to offer my congratulations to Senator Slip on his victory for Coruscant. As I stated in my campaign, I intended to improve the Republic and help give it the life it needed again. Though I have not been chosen, I will still support the Republic and Coruscant's new Senator in making this a better place."

Non-Profit 'SERVE' Announced at Bespin Gala
At a fundraising gala and auction at Bespin's Glass Tower last night, Utmian Syndicate Manager Slip announced the formation of SERVE (Serving and Enabling Retired Veterans Everywhere), a new not-for-profit initiative, dedicated to retired veterans, mental health, and community service. In Slip's words, "SERVE is to firstly raise awareness of mental health needs an' provisions.... I see a lot of us here who are retired vets, but who I don't see here are the retired vets that're so stricken with what they've been through that they're hidden on our streets an' in our gutters. That're lost an' homeless an' jobless... I want every vet t'know that they ain't broken... that they're jus' sufferin'... an' that they ain't alone an' we got help an' they should seek it out." Reports indicate that SERVE received 13 million credits in donations, during this first evening of fundraising. The non-profit is to be controlled by a 5-member board, chosen from a variety of organizations and backgrounds.

Recent Changes

Too Close for Missiles, switching to RPC Elections!
It's time to sign up for the RPC! The RolePlay Council (RPC) is a group of elected players appointed to serve as a resource to the playerbase. Among their many tasks, the RPC is here to assist new players and oversee the PK restore system. Here is the tentative schedule. As always, dates are subject to change +/-. Sept 16 - Sept 20: Accepting apps for RPC on the website Sept 21 - Sept 25: Voting is open on the website Sept 26(ish): Winners will be announced

Introducing a new experimental rule around alt hopping
People blatantly alt hopping in crucial situations is a bummer, and player behavior we'd like to start regulating. To that end, we have added new language to help quit that goes into effect immediately You must stay logged out for 3 minutes before switching alts in a time-sensitive situation. This includes clan actions like attacks and investigations, people calling for your alt on commnets, and moments right after your clan alt is permed. We are treating this as an experimental rule addition - in a few weeks, we'll be polling the playerbase and having some OOC discussions to get a sense of how the rule has been impacting your life, the workload it adds to the staff, and what tweaks need to be made. Direct questions to immchat. Thank you!

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