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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


After 20 years of struggling against the Mandalorians, the GALACTIC REPUBLIC has
secured victory by the narrowest of margins at the recent BATTLE OF MANDALORE.
Chancellor KRUR FIADE, his fellow senators, and the handful of Jedi Knights that
remain now look beyond the battlefield with hope that they can pick up the pieces of
their military, economy and infrastructure that have been ravaged by total war.

With the Republic reeling from war, mercenaries and pirates vie for
dominance in the Mid Rim Territories, eager to fill the power vacuum
that has been left in wake of A galaxy-wide war.Infamous among them are
the MORGUKAI, led by a cyborg warlord and his retinue of war droids from
the desert planet of TATOOINE – though even that reign may soon be ended
by the next rising star of the lawless edges of space.

Meanwhile, rumours brew from the edges of known space that speak
of a new presence stirring in the Outer Rim. Red-skinned heralds have
spread out from their homeworld of KORRIBAN, proclaiming the preeminence
that is the SITH EMPIRE and seeking to attract new subjects to bow before
the mysterious SITH EMPEROR…

Welcome back to LEGENDS OF THE JEDI…

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Recent In-Game News

Collapse of an Empire
After continued assault from the Morgukai Droids and Republican Military, the remaining Sith Empire governmental and military forces pinned on Korriban have begun to buckle from the pressure. In-fighting and chaos has gripped the lower levels of government on Korriban as the Sith'ari and his leadership cadre inexplicably removed themselves from the chain without warning. Rumor has it that the Sith'ari has deemed the Imperial experiment a failure, and has left it to its fate. The Sith'ari had led the Sith from squabbling tribes to a galactic government of power. What will happen to the Sith now that they are forced to integrate with the rest of the galaxy; not as imperial rulers, but as just another group of sentients?

Iris Fel Elected Senator of Ithor
Several bright bursts of celebratory fireworks in an early evening sky illuminate the holoscreen for a moment before the cameras pan down to the exterior of Science Plaza on Ithor. A shorter tanned human female in her mid-twenties with blonde hair stands behind a durasteel podium engraved with the crest of the Galactic Republic. The drone of conversation begins to fall away, the milling crowd quieting with anticipation as the woman stands silent, staring forward. After roughly thirty seconds, she breaks into a smile and begins speaking, her voice a pleasant mezzo. "My people of Ithor. It gives me great pleasure to inform you that I've been elected as your Senatorial representative." A low buzz cuts through the crowd but she continues. "From my long term as a representative Aide for the Senate, to the harrowing times spent during the brief war in which the Sith eventually capitulated, I have been studying and preparing for this job. The Republican senate has been revitalized and we are rolling out many new initiatives. As former Chancellor Krur Fiade has now officially retired, I hope to help lead us to the brightest future that can be managed. With some of the unstable elements of the Sith Empire now eliminated, we hope to forge a more prosperous cooperation with the more diplomatically aligned, tractable remainder. Thank you for your attention, and may the Force be with us all. No questions at this time." She smiles and turns to depart, the holo fading away to nothing.

Recent Changes

Because these are the two dumbest races on here that can only speak three words, I added a new phrase so you slack-jawed inbred idiots can enter Ajunta Pall's tomb. The rest of you non-3 word limited geniuses can still get in the same way. Claudius

Wandering ghosts of Korriban
Keen adventurers can now trade a certain item for a particular relic from our local wandering ghost of Korriban. (should have done this months ago but I'm lazy, enjoy) Claudius

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