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Legends of the Jedi is a text-based MMO (aka a MUD) that focuses on a blend of competitive gameplay and storytelling. Players fill all the important roles – the heroes and villains, smugglers and bounty hunters.

The Story So Far…


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….


Ten years after their decisive victory at the Battle of Geonosis,
THE MORGUKAI EMPIRE have become the singular consolidated power
within the universe. Led by the EMPEROR ALPHA AND OMEGA unit, the
organization of ruthless droid warriors have formed an unassailable
military regime that promotes the interests of automaton over
organic beings. Encouraged by the dissolution of the Galactic
Republic and irritated by their failure to annex the planets gained
during a time of war, the Morgukai train, rebuild, and seek any
excuse to expand their territory.

Having suffered multiple wars spanning decades, citizens of the
galaxy are exhausted. Public outcry ensures that most planets are
locally-governed, giving breath to small governments and other
organizations with the best of intentions. Meanwhile, dark rumors
rapidly spread throughout the universe as the ancient tradition of
slavery rears its ugly head. Combined with organized crime on the
rise throughout the Outer Rim, sinister forces take advantage of
the lack of an organized galactic government.

With the looming threat of the machine Empire on the horizon,
countless organic beings continue to eke out a living, torn between
the fear of being ruled by unfeeling automaton and becoming prey
to the sinister unknown. However, a small number of sentients –
growing by the day – attempt to realize the dream of returning to
a golden age by facing the galaxy with fierce resistance in their
flesh-and-blood beating hearts.

Welcome back to LEGENDS OF THE JEDI…

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Recent In-Game News

A Close Call on Naboo
The Queen of Naboo strides quietly to her balcony, eyes thunderous as she addresses the now-disheartened crowd of Nabooians and Gungans, "Citizens of Naboo... Today is a day of grief. We received a significant number of transponders, and were nearing our projected requisite number of Kinetic Fleet vessels to secure Naboo's future - but failed to meet our goal at the last hour. The Korriban Separatist Faction performed magnificently, delivering four devices to assist Naboo. They shall receive the assistance of our research and development laboratory in the very near future. Harrin Trade Outfitters also made an effort by turning in three transponders. We are saddened, however, to admit that the final transponder required was taken from an anonymous individual by an unknown, Basic-speaking Gamorrean before our agent's eyes. Whether it was another transponder for the Separatists, or if it had been the tying transponder that would have awarded both Harrin and the Separatists our laboratories, we will likely never know. However, Naboo will continue to rise as we look to valued allies such as the Separatists in the troubled times ahead."

Lorrd Joins the Morgukai Empire
A grimacing Seanna of Lorrd stands before the front of the Acquisitions Office of the Capital Building on Lorrd, flanked by an IG-100 MagnaGuard droid, "Greetings, people of the galaxy. I would like to announce that due to the participation of the Morgukai Empire and its supporters, a majority of the Kinetic Fleet has been returned to Lorrd. Discussions between government officials carried on late into the night, and it has been determined that Lorrd will enter into the Empire." As this is said, a massive red banner bearing the Morgukai insignia stretches out behind the woman, "We are proud of our reconstruction efforts over the past few years, and look forward to continued progress with the Morgukai Empire. The people of Lorrd have an outstanding heritage that we are pleased to share with our new government. Any beings - or automatons - that would go to such lengths to assist us deserve everything we can muster, including our loyalty."

Recent Changes

Blackrock Cove on Wroona is now open!
We are very happy to introduce a new, completely player-built area that will function as a newbie questing suburb for Wroona. Blackrock Cove is a small, cozy town known for its fishing, restaurants, and early career learning opportunities - as well as a few interesting gems that even experienced characters will enjoy! This area was built completely by Statesman, so everyone feel free to give him some love as soon as you've run through and decided it's not too terrible! There are some very interesting quest concepts here that we hope you all will enjoy, and we are glad to see a player's creativity fleshed out into something for all of you to enjoy. As with any new area, reporting typos or bugs will be rewarded. Abusing them will be met with harsher-than-normal punishment.

For Science!
* Developments will be open as of 9 February 2018. The normal rules apply: Need to have confirmation from an IMM that your development is accepted, app on the website, etc etc. I will go through and clear the developed flags for the clans on the 9th once an app has been approved. May the odds forever be in your favor.

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