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From blasters and armor to buildings and starships, LOTJ features a robust, yet simplistic, crafting system. The economy is completely player driven and controlled. Almost everything you’ll need to progress in the Galaxy is crafted by one of the many classes in the game. Have you ever wanted to be a manager of a your own shop? You can buy a single room vendor and setup shop in one of the hundreds of available locations. If that’s not enough, you can buy a multi-room structure from another player or better yet, build one yourself! Ever wanted to be the owner of an eating establishment? Build out a restaurant to your liking, craft the food and drinks, set the ambience, and open your doors for business. Perhaps you just fancy the idea of being a notorious arms dealer? Design your weapons, discover the best recipes, and start selling them today. Just be mindful of the Planetary Laws for your location of sale! Maybe you just want to fly around in a ship built by your own hands? Join a clan and start tinkering away. Every iconic ship in the Galaxy is built and designed by the players. Is there is something in the Star Wars universe that you’d like to see that doesn’t currently exist? LOTJ offers players in clans the ability to roleplay with one another and bring those ideas to life.


Armor and Weaponry

A player's armor and weapons are some of the most vital pieces of equipment they can own in the Galaxy. Having that edge can be the difference between life and death. As a weapons manufacturer, you have the option to design and market your items to the Galaxy. Every piece has player invested time built into it. They can be fully customized to fit the design of your character to help them standout, or you can buy one of the many pre-made designs to help them fit into the crowd.

Everyday Essentials

Life in the greater Galaxy would not be possible without all the gadgets that connect us together and make life easier on the masses! Create Datapads to create memo's and letters of all sorts, or use them to hack into the bank accounts of your enemies! Tired of people sneaking around you? Put together a pair of infrared goggles and never be caught off-guard again! Flashlights to see in the dark? Check. Comlinks to keep in touch with your friends and allies? Check. If that's not enough, unleash your inner fashionista!



If anything is universally needed by every person in the Galaxy, it's a Starship. From the smallest of single pilot fighters to the largest ships in the Galaxy that support dozens of crew members, every ship has been under the hydrospanner of at least one Engineer. Each ship is tuned with a range of quota that offers the option of customizing the ships to your liking. Do you want a ship that's slowed down in hyperspace, but has lots of projectiles and weapons? You can do that! The decisions are yours to make!


Every small time gang needs a hideout where they can lay low. Or a storage facility for all those explosives you stole from the Republic. Or maybe you're a mechanic looking to open your own garage and facilitate swoop repairs! You don't have to rely upon existing buildings and hope they have what you want, not when you can build them yourself! Pick your blueprint and head into the wilds to survey and dig up all the materials you need then head to the location of your choice! Become a master architect that will have the galaxy scrambling.



If one truly wants to leave their mark on the Galaxy, or maybe they just want to improve a material to oust a competitors grip on a specific market, the Development cycle is the way to accomplish it. Teams of scientists can work together in the field to bring new ideas to life through the Development process. It is the lifeblood of every clan in the Galaxy. Once every two weeks, clans are able to come up with a new design that only their clan has access to. It is the driving point behind the economy.  The only limiting factor is your imagination!

All of this, and more, await players as they venture into the crafting side of Legends of the Jedi.

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