Command the Fleet


Whether you are a star pilot or an admiral, LOTJ has an advanced and thrilling space combat system. Can you outwit your opponent and lead your clan to victory?


Large Fleet Warfare

Space combat is rarely single ship to ship combat. Engage your enemies with an entire fleet of frigates, cruisers, and battleships. Six? Nine? Twelve? Twenty four ships? Space battles are some of the largest, fast paced engagements you can find. If you can keep up with radar sweeps, chaffing missiles, and keeping your shields up: This fight is for you! Just make sure you know when it's time to retreat or you are able to get to your escape pods! Losing in space can be a one way ticket to the afterlife.

Fleet Pilots

Specialists in large scale space combat, fleet pilots don't specialize in flying one ship. They control up to three at a time! Form your Battlegroup from your command ship and take to the stars with the most powerful force of galactic domination in existence! Becoming a good fleet pilot takes practice and it's a skill that you can not master in a day. Patience, persistence, and a dedication to your craft will help you become one of the most dangerous individuals in the sky!


Controlling Squadrons

Space combat is not only about aiming and firing your turrets! Squadrons are groups of fighters and bombers housed in your ship's hangar. Much like battlegroups, these are linked together into squadrons and the largest craft can field three squadrons of three, meaning you have nine additional ships under your command! Scramble your fighters, set their target, and make sure to keep their shields recharged! A solid grasp of squadron controls can turn the entire course of a battle and send your enemies into a panic

Man the Turrets

Sometimes the best defense is extra offense! Having a spare player crew on your ship can help turn the tide of battle against a more fierce opponent! Turrets are able to fire independently of the main guns of the ship and require a player to man them, aim, and pull the trigger. Turrets can help take down pesky squadron fighters easier than your main guns or add a little extra damage output against your foes main ships. Never underestimate the benefit of having an extra gun, it could save your life.


Salvage the Battle

Even when you're nearing the end of your rope in a battle, all hope is not lost. You can help turn the tide of the battle with some extra hands and smart thinking. Squadron fighters can run out of missiles, rockets, and torpedos while they are attacking your foe, try recalling them to your ships hangar and refueling and reloading them to replenish their effectiveness! Have an extra pilot or capable engineer? Send them to the engine room to recharge your turrets so you can fire more often! And if need be, retreat to a friendly system to refuel.

Finding the right tricks and tactics can help sway the course of a space battle in you favor and learning them is half the fun!

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