Legends of the Jedi utilizes Discord in a few ways. It's a good way to interact with other players and get advice as a new player, and we also have the game integrated with Discord. This allows you to receive pings from IMMs when they reply to your questions even when you're offline or use the OOC channel to interact with players in game directly from Discord.

Discord Integration


Connecting your account to Discord opens up more features to our players that help them stay connected even while on the go. Not only will you get access to the OOC channel while you're gone, but you can also interact directly with RPC and Staff when you're waiting for a critical response.

  1. Find your Discord UUID by following the steps in this article or just ask someone else to grab it for you.
  2. Take your UUID (which is long) and put it into the account discorduuid <number> command.
  3. The LotJ bot will immediately message you in Discord. Respond with CONFIRM (all caps) to verify your account.
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