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Legends of the Jedi can be quite overwhelming for new players with the amount of commands and options available. We have compiled a number of questions that get asked often of us by new players to help with this issue.  If you have any questions not covered here, please do not hesitate to ask them on OOC or RPC.

Game Related Questions


OOC is an acronym that stands for out of character. It is often used when a person wants to break character. Examples would be talking about anything in the player's daily life or discussing information that the player knows but the character doesn't. You can learn more about it HERE.

IC is an acronym that stands for in character. It describes anything that your character would do. This term is used often in a roleplaying environment. Examples would be talking about how fast your ship goes or where an item is in the game world. You can find out more about it HERE.

Yes. You can join it by clicking HERE. Legends of the Jedi utilizes Discord in a few ways. It's a good way to interact with other players and get advice as a new player, and we also have the game integrated with Discord. This allows you to receive pings from IMMs when they reply to your questions even when you're offline or use the OOC channel to interact with players in game directly from Discord. You can learn more about that HERE.

You can find a complete write-up of necessary and useful commands HERE.

Some older clients like cMud or zMud do not support the 256 color output. You can either type config +16color or switch to one of the newer clients. Walk throughs of how to set them up can be found HERE.

The answer is both yes, and no. There are specials rules pertaining to this and you must put in an application to have it enabled. You can read all about it in the help rules1 and help multiplay help files.

Account Related Questions


You can play up until level 20 without an account. After that point, you'll need to create one to proceed. Accounts are free. They hold all of your characters, to which there is no limit, and are where you'll retain any points that you accrue for your characters. You can find out more about accounts HERE.

Email is used to verify account ownership and in a perfect world, it helps to maintain one account per player. It's also used for our application process so that you can keep up to date on any applications you submit.

Yes. There is no limit to how many characters you can have. We do have rules on keeping information from sharing between characters, and other rules about not talking about your other characters, or alts, on your other characters. You can learn more about those rules in help rules1.

Clans are hardcoded to have a one per account limit. While your characters can be in the same clan, or clanless, it is impossible for you to join different clans on different characters without resigning from the original clan first.

This tends to happen often when older players return to Legends of the Jedi after a long stint. Fret not! Reach out to us on IMMchat and someone will get you taken care of. You will need access to the email in question so we can verify that you are the owner of the old account.

Character Related Questions


Normally, no. Once a character is made, that name is permanent. The exception to this standard applies to players still in the academy. If you've not yet made it to the game world, feel free to reach out on IMMchat and an IMM might help you out with good reasoning.

The surname code is a remnant of the old propose/marriage code. Outside of that, which is strictly for RP, it has no practical use. Many players use it as a reminder for what their last name is on new characters since it shows up on your score sheet.

Changing your race is currently not something we allow.

Yes. Prior to level 30 in any class, you can freely swap between them utilizing the mainchange command. Be warned that your decision will be locked in the moment any class reaches level 30.

If you use the score command or the level command, you'll see a list of all of your classes. Your level is equal to which ever class currently is the highest. If you were a combat main that has 25 levels in combat, but 29 levels in espionage, you'd currently be level 29. This is important to remember with regards to the mainchange command. Mortal characters cap out at level 100 even though their classes go above this. A level 101 is an RPC member, and at level 102 are the Newbie IMMs.

Espionage, Slicer, and Smuggling are based on the LUCK stat. Every character is given a random roll between 1 and 25 in this stat upon creation. As such, these three classes can have less, or more, than the average displayed on showrace for any given race/class combo.

Yes. While leveling classes, each one has a chance to raise a given stat by one, up to a maximum of two gains per stat total. Another way to say this would be a human, with a base of 18 dexterity can gain 2 additional dexterity in total while leveling piloting and engineering. These are not guaranteed. See help stat_chart for additional information. Furthermore, a player can receive between 1 and 3 additional stat gains through cybernetic installations depending on the quality of the cybernetic. Gear will not affect class levels at all and every stat has a hard cap of 25. Typing score stat will show your permanent stats in the parentheses.

Yes. Every character with the exception of a bounty hunter, has a small chance to be force sensitive when created. Upon reaching level 100 in any class, a force sensitive will become visible to other master level forcers. Please make sure you understand rule 22 on help rules2.

Yes. There are two options to do so in game. You can use the stylehair command to change the style and find dyes in the game to change the color. There are multiple locations in game with various hair dyes that you can apply to your character. While these do not work on races with fur, it will still change their hair color.

Keeping multiple comlinks in your inventory allows a character to focus on more than one channel at once. Using the talk command will send your communication over the comlink you currently have selected with the currentcom command.

World Related Questions


Legends of the Jedi utilizes a space system where each planet is a determined distance from each other. You have two options: Make friends with a pilot and have them chauffer you around or learn the basics of flight. Instructions on this can be found in the help travel guide. We also have a step by step guide on the website that can be found HERE.

Yes. You can use the HAIL command to quickly travel between certain points. Some planets do not have a taxi service planet side, however. 

Almost every major planet has a job agency board that lists the quests or tasks available. If you still have trouble, try reaching out over comnet 0 with your comlink using the talk command. If the quest listed is shown as a tier1 quest, you can also ask on OOC and other players can assist you that way. Anything tier2 and above will need to stay over IC communication.

Credits in LOTJ are generated in a number of ways. The most common are repeatable tasks, crafting goods and selling them, running cargo, leveling, and begging NPCs. You can find a more in depth guide HERE.

Most locked doors in Legends of the Jedi are voice activated. Depending on which side of the door you're on, try saying enter or exit. Directions should work in most cases as well!

You use the enter command to go inside of ships and structures. You'll notice them easily as they sit in the room description just under the exits.

Fret not! It happens to everyone at least once. The best course of action is to sit tight, and ask for assistance over Comnet 0 with the talk command. Most players are very eager to help out stranded newbies, even if they do tease you a little in-character about it. We like to think of it as a roleplay opportunity!

Yes, and no. Viewing the stats of an item requires you to reach a midway point in percentages for the dependent sciences. These tend to revolve around the equipment science, the destruction science, and a few others. Once you meet that requirement, you can do 'list itemname examine' or 'list #itemnumber examine'. For weapons, you can compare the average damage simply by drawing your current weapon and typing list. Armor compares the armor class value, which in most cases is simply comparing Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 since almost every value of armor in the class is identical. Some players also list the health value as the last four digits of the cost which range between 700 and 1800.

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