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Making Credits in LotJ

by KoolAidMan


Let’s face it, credits make the galaxy go round. But the question is, how do you earn them. In this guide, I hope to explain a couple of ways for earning credits and putting you on the path to becoming the next Will Ryder.


The ways to earn credits I will focus on are (in no specific order):

  1. Begging
  2. Stealing
  3. Trading
  4. Cargo Running
  5. Questing



Begging NPCs for money is one of the easiest and earliest ways you can try and make money in your character’s career. It is a skill that every character has and there is virtually no downside to doing so. It is literally free money. It requires no specialized gear or levels in order to attempt.

Pros: No setup required, potentially large payouts

Cons: Unreliable

Credits per hour: Highly Variable



Stealing is another way to earn credits, but carries its own set of risks. Stealing can be broken down into two basic categories. Physical Theft and Bank theft.

When attempting physical theft, simply walk right up to a target and try to steal their credits, using either the smuggler skill steal or espionage skill swipe. When attempting bank theft, you will need a character with the slicer skill hack and a bank account to attempt it on. Both of these options can be lucrative, but both are dangerous. With Physical theft, there is the chance your target will catch you stealing from them and you can possibly be attacked and/or arrested. When attempting to hack, if the account you are trying to steal from is protected, your character can possibly be permed.

Pros: Potentially high payout, Can lead to interesting RP situations.

Cons: Dangerous.

Credits per hour: Variable



Trading is a pretty simple way of earning credits. You offer an item or service you have in exchange for credits. Examples include selling items in a shop, combat instructors, bounty hunters, bank account protection and so on.

Pros: Shops-No need to be present. Others-Can lead to RP

Cons: Requires specific skills, items, tools. Competition

Credits per hour: Variable


Cargo Running

Buying and selling cargo is one of the more common ways that people go about earning credits. Procure yourself a ship with a cargo hold and set sail. Use the ‘SHOWPLANET (PLANET) RESOURCES’ command to get a list of what items on each planet are currently selling for. Fly to a planet, buy your cargo, then fly to another planet to sell it. Pretty simple. Most planets, you will pay a portion of your cargo running income in tax to the governing planet. Additionally, if you are a skilled smuggler, you can get past trade embargoes and forego tax payments.
Pros: Good payout, easily scripted, chance to actually smuggle.

Cons: Requires piloting skills, access to cargo ship, Possibility of pirates, and a cargo permit.

Credits per hour: 200k+, depending on route and ship.



Questing is far and away my favorite way to earn credits and experience, and also happens to have the highest payouts available, depending on the skill set you have. I will break this section down a little further and offer several options.

Low level questing-These are your tier one quests, which typically earn you around 1-2k per completion and experience in a particular class. This is usually done by gathering or crafting a specific item and turning it in to an npc.  An example is the engineering quest on Alderaan, or giving deathsticks to spiced out citizens on Coruscant.

Pros: Easy to complete, multiple people can do crafting quests at once, Can do from level 1.

Cons: Low payout

Credits per hour: ~100k

Medium level questing-In this category, I define medium level as quests that do not require a certain level, but suggest that you have certain skills in order to make the quests go faster. The example for medium level questing is protestor signs on Nal Hutta. The quest can be done at level 1, but since it involves killing mobs, having combat skills will improve the speed of farming the signs.

Pros: High Payout

Cons: Usually only one person at a time should be killing the mobs

Credits per hour: ~500k

High level questing-High level questing requires a specific combination of skills and levels in order to maximize the amount of credits you make. Sometimes players will roll a specific race/class combination just to take advantage of these types of quests. Carbon farming is a good example of high level questing. The quest itself is actually a tier 3 science quest on Lorrd that requires carbon from Tatooine, and only pays out fully if your science score is between 50-99. The carbon on Tatooine is hidden. While it is possible to obtain without it, it is very highly recommended you have the skill sharp eye.

Pros: Very high payout

Cons: Only 1 person at a time, involves combat, involves long travel

Credits per hour: ~725k if travel time is excluded.


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