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Your First Hour on LotJ

by Desmond


First, congratulations! You’ve joined Legends of the Jedi (LotJ) and you’re going to have a lot of fun over the coming days, weeks, months and years. We know it’s hard not to just dive right on in and start pew-pewing, but there are a few things you should do within your first hour which are a little boring at first – but will stand you in good stead over the length of your character and beyond!


TIP: If you haven’t read the other guides do yourself a favor and quickly hop over to our Newbie Guide section and read the guides on ‘How our Storyline works!‘, ‘How to Create a Character‘ and ‘Your First 15 Minutes After Creating Your Character‘ (don’t worry, they’re short, to the point and have lots of pictures! So, it won’t take long). I also – strongly – recommend that you download Xavious’ MUSHclient installation, which has been designed specifically for Legends of the Jedi, and Johnson’s MUSHclient plugins. With these plugins, the MUD interface is greatly simplified with boxes for OOC communication, IC communication, a mapper and other useful tools.


This guide is going to pick up where the ‘Your First 15 Minutes After Creating Your Character‘ guide finished.

Getting Help In-Game

Before you start exploring the Academy, there are two methods of out of character (OOC) communication which will be vital for any new player (and which will give you more advice than any guide ever could). OOC and IMMchat. OOC chat allows you to talk to any members who are online and are monitoring the OOC channel. IMMchat will allow you to contact the IMMs (MUD speak for admins and moderators). If you get stuck at any point, use the OOC chat to speak with other players and to ask for help when you need it.


TIP: To talk on the OOC channel you just need to type ‘OOC (message)’. An example of the OOC message feature would be ‘ooc Test’.  Anyone who’s monitoring the OOC channel can see your messages. IMMchat is like OOC but only the IMMs can see it. You can use the IMMchat function by typing ‘IMMCHAT (message)’. So, another easy example of this is ‘immchat Test’. There tends to be an IMM monitoring throughout the day but this depends on your time zone and what the IMMs are doing in the real world. Please, read and understand HELP IMMCHAT before using the IMMchat line! You’re always welcome to ask them questions, but you’re likely to get a response faster by using the OOC channel. There are certain standards you’ll be expected to meet when using these channels. We ask that you don’t bully anyone, that you are not racist, and that you don’t sexually harass others. We’re all here to have fun and if your idea of fun is making other people miserable, then Legends of the Jedi probably isn’t for you.


Okay, so now that we’re done with all the above “boring” stuff, let’s get to work!

Learning Basic

So, you’ve made it to the second room in the Academy! First things first, you’re going to need to learn Basic! Without learning Basic you’re really going to struggle to communicate when you get into the game proper because most other characters will speak Basic and not your race’s specific language.


TIP:  ‘SAY’ is the MUD command to speak and it’s the command you’ll use to talk to anyone in the same room as you. You can use ‘SAY’ to speak to the room in general or ‘SAYTO (name)’ to speak to someone specifically. Here are two examples: ‘say Long live the Emperor’ would appear as ‘Ponty says ‘Long live the Emperor”. ‘sayto Charlie Long live the Emperor’ would appear as ‘Ponty says to Charlie, ‘Long live the Emperor”. When you ‘SAY’ something, you’ll say it in whichever language your character is set to speak.


Now, it’s time to answer the question ‘Are you new to Legends of the Jedi?’.

A screenshot of the "Are you new to Legends of the Jedi?" question.

To answer the question, you just need to type ‘say yes’ and hit enter.


Now that you’re out of the first room you’re going to need to move through the various rooms which will teach you the basics of playing Legends of the Jedi. If you have downloaded Johnsons plugins, then your client should map the rooms out as you walk through them. If you haven’t, you may want to get a pen and paper. That way you can make a map as you go – which will save you from getting lost!

A screenshot urging characters to learn Basic.

As you can see in the screenshot, you are strongly advised to go west and learn Basic. Basic is the universal language which all species (except certain races such as Jawas and Wookiees) can speak. By learning Basic at this stage (before you enter the game world) you’ll be at an advantage because the majority of the characters will speak Basic.


To learn a language, you must be in a room with a language instructor and type ‘LANG LEARN (language)’ (in this case ‘LANG LEARN BASIC’). Every time you do this, you will learn a little bit more Basic and after a dozen or so repetitions, you’ll speak the language as perfectly as any native speaker! Once you have moved into the galaxy, you can find a library and ‘RESEARCH (language)’ as well.


TIP: You won’t need to learn Basic if you’re a Human because Basic is the default language for Humans and their offshoots (Alderaanians, Corellians, etc.). If Basic isn’t your character’s first language, you will need to change your spoken language to Basic. You can change language by typing ‘SPEAK (language)’. So, in this case you would type ‘SPEAK BASIC’.


Once you’ve learned Basic, you’re going to need to navigate the various rooms you see within the academy. These rooms are reasonably important and by completing the various tasks you find in these rooms, you will have less to do once you get into the game proper.


Now that we’re speaking Basic like a boss, it’s time to head east and then east again. So that we can learn about…. Descriptions and Histories!


Descriptions and Histories

A screenshot of the Academy Descriptions and Histories room.

As it says in the above screenshot, read ‘HELP DESCRIPTION’ and ‘HELP HISTORY‘. These will give you a good idea of how to get started with your descriptions and your history files. It’s a good idea to get both items out of the way early, as you can’t progress past level 30 without having them done!


TIP: The help files are easily accessible tutorials which can be accessed via ‘HELP (topic)’. If the server doesn’t have the help file you searched for, it will return a list of suggested helpfiles.


Have you read them? You sure? Good. Now to bring up the buffer to write your description or help file, you just need to type ‘DESCRIPTION’ or ‘HISTORY’. Let’s start with the description. Type in ‘DESCRIPTION’ (or ‘DESC’ for short) and you’ll be faced with a screen like this:

A screenshot of the LotJ writing buffer.

As you can see, there are instructions for the writing buffer at the top so that you know how to save your finished masterpiece! Your description doesn’t need to be a ‘War and Peace’-length novel that measures the length of your character’s nose hair, but it does need to give other players an idea of how your character looks.


In the ‘HELP DESCRIPTION’ file, you’ll see plenty of examples of decent descriptions. When you’ve finished typing out your character’s description, you’ll need to type ‘/s’ to save it. Once done, you can look at yourself and see how snazzy your new character is! Here’s one I made for Poggy the Bothan, who I created just for this guide!


TIP: ‘LOOK’ is the syntax for you to pull up a description of other characters and around a room you’re already in. ‘LOOK’ by itself will show you what your character can see, and ‘LOOK (person)’ will bring up that individual’s description. To look at your own description, just type ‘LOOK SELF’.

A screenshot of a male Bothan's description.

Okay, so Poggy is looking a bit on the dirty side, but at least you can see how 10 or so short lines can give everyone a general feel for your character.


If we move to the east, we can see a room marked ‘Research Center’. This room will teach you about researching.



A screenshot of the Academy's Research Center library.

Researching is an in-game mechanic which you can use to train your character’s skills. This means that rather than repeating the same action over and over again (and failing often), you can train your character’s skills in libraries and reduce the odds of failing many common actions, such as ship systems, blasters, etc.


As you can see from the in-game tip, you can actually research research! This may sound a bit daft but it’s useful to get that skill maxed. Much as in real life, it’s hard to get into a good study routine if you’ve never really had to study before.


TIP: The research syntax is very simple. Just enter ‘RESEARCH (skill)’ and you’ll research that skill. So, in this instance you’ll need to type ‘RESEARCH RESEARCH’. Researching can be boring and time consuming but with the Johnson MUSHclient plugins, there is a script which will automate the entire process by typing ‘researchgrab’. If you are using the research script, you – must – flag yourself as botting. You can do this by typing ‘BOT START’. Once you’ve done this, you can hit ‘BOT STOP’ or ‘BOT CANCEL’. For more information on botting, visit the Legal Botting guide, or type ‘HELP BOTTING‘.


Let’s go north and see what’s there.


Secret Exits

A screenshot of a curtain alluding to a secret exit in the Academy.

Did you see that? That curtain is wildly fluttering in the wind! I bet it’s hiding a door or something… Wait, there are no obvious exits to the southwest, so how can it be hiding a door?


If a door is ‘hidden’ then it isn’t ‘obvious’. So, it naturally follows that it wouldn’t be listed in the ‘obvious exits’ list. Still, I’m sure there’s something down there. If you think that there may be an exit hidden behind an object (such as the curtains in this case), you can try to open them.


TIP: The ‘OPEN’ syntax can be used to open random things in the game, such as manholes and closed doors. To use it you just need to type ‘OPEN (object)’.


Let’s try opening the curtain. Type ‘OPEN CURTAIN’ and see if anything happens…. See! I was right. You can now go southwest and see what’s down there.



A screenshot of an Academy Gift Shop.

Ah, it’s a gift shop. I hope they sell snow globes!


TIP: In the game, stores use a mob (which is just a MUD term for an NPC). These mobs sell lots of lovely goodies that you can spend your hard earned (or ill gotten) credits on! To see what they’re selling, you just type ‘LIST’. You can buy items from a mob by typing ‘BUY #(REFERENCE NUMBER)’.


Let’s see what this mob is selling! Type ‘LIST’ and let’s have a look!

A screenshot of an Academy vendor's list.

Oh, sad face. There isn’t a snow globe. As a plus though, doesn’t that lizard sound tasty? Let’s buy it by typing ‘BUY #2’. There we go! We just bought a Tybress Stamp lizard, yum!


Let’s head northeast again and see what we can find in that ominously marked ‘Approach’ room.



A screenshot of the greedy Hutt in the Academy.

Oh, look! It’s a Hutt and he wants us to feed him! You know what Hutts love? Lizards! It’s a good job we bought one earlier on, isn’t it? Now we need to give this Hutt the lizard so he can chow down. To give an item to somebody, we need to approach them and then give them the lizard. As you can see in the screenshot, the approach command is very simple. I’m going to let you figure out how to approach the Hutt yourself (hint: it’s at the top of the screenshot!). Once you’re near the Hutt you’re going to need to give the lizard to the Hutt. To give an item to a person you need to use the ‘GIVE’ syntax (which is also in the screenshot and there’s a TIP below that will help you with the give command).


TIP: The ‘GIVE’ command will allow you to give most items to whichever mob or player you have already approached. To do this you simply type ‘GIVE (ITEM) (CHARACTER)’. So, as you can see from the above screenshot, to give the Hutt his reptilian snack you just need to type ‘GIVE LIZARD HUTT’.


Once you do this you’ll get yourself some well-earned XP!

A screenshot of the Academy Hutt's quest reward.

Wait, the Hutt is offering us a battery! All we must do is tell him which is the greatest species that ever lived. I don’t think he’d believe us if we said it was the great and powerful Jawa race, so try saying Hutt and see if he gives us a battery!

A screenshot of the Academy Hutt dropping a battery.
A screenshot of the Academy Hutt dropping a battery.


*Sigh* The arrogant Hutt couldn’t even hand the battery to us. The lazy so-and-so just dropped it on the floor! Okay, you’d better get the battery with the ‘GET’ command.


TIP: The ‘GET’ syntax allows you to pick up items that are on the floor. There are two ways to use this command. The first is to type ‘GET (ITEM)’. As you can see from the above screenshot, Ponty “got Battery”. If there had been a lot of items on the floor which we’d wanted, we could have used ‘GET ALL’, which would have scooped up everything!


Right, let’s get out of here. This Hutt stinks. Let’s head west again and go north and see what we find.

A screenshot of the Bothan espionist in the Academy.

This Bothan needs a battery. Looks like putting up with that arrogant Hutt was worth it after all! Approach the Bothan using the approach command you learned above and then give him the battery.


TIP: The ‘GIVE’ syntax works much like the ‘GET’ syntax. Except that you need to have approached the person before you can use it. You just need to type ‘GIVE (ITEM) (PERSON)’. So, in this instance, you need to type ‘GIVE BATTERY BOTHAN’ and see what he does!


Give that a try and let’s see what happens….



A screenshot of the Bothan espionist giving a quest reward.

Ooooh – more XP and a keycard! Pick up the keycard and hold it. We’re going to need it to open the door to the north. Hold the keycard and then unlock the door to the north!


TIP: The ‘HOLD’ syntax will let you hold certain items that you have in your inventory. You can use it by typing ‘HOLD (ITEM)’. So, go ahead and type ‘HOLD KEYCARD’. The ‘UNLOCK’ syntax is a way to unlock doors. Once you are holding the keycard, type ‘UNLOCK NORTH’. This will unlock the door, but you will need to open the door before you step through it. You already know how to do this, so get it done already! You do not need to hold the keycard specifically to unlock, but it helps to get in the habit of holding things that will be useful.


Now it’s time for you to do the rest of the academy on your own! Don’t worry, you know a lot of the basics so you should be fine! If you do struggle with any of the rooms, use the OOC and IMMchat commands we discussed before.


I’ll see you later in the Academy!


Join a Clan, See the Galaxy!

A screenshot of the Academy clan affiliation area.

Well done! You’re done with the Academy. At this point, I strongly urge you to join a clan. As you can see, you can pick which clan you want to join and you’ll automatically enter their ranks. The advice and support your clan mates will be able to provide will be invaluable.


If you join a clan, you can talk to your clan mates by using the clan channel.


TIP: You can talk to clan mates by typing ‘CLAN (MESSAGE)’. If you’ve joined a clan then you can test this function out by typing ‘CLAN Hello all!’.


If you don’t want to join a clan, you can head north and type which planet you’d like to begin your big Legends of the Jedi adventure on!


Now the hard work begins! You need to start leveling your character.

A screenshot of Coruscant's Unate Plaza.

As you can see, Ponty decided that he wanted to chill out on Coruscant and start leveling. Hop on over to the ‘Training, Stats, and their Effect on your Character‘ guide because we’re going to need to train your character’s stats. Have you read it? Good!


Let’s hail to the Library and start training some of our stats!



We need to get to the Library. Now, you can do this by wandering around the planet until you find it, or you can just use the super cool ‘HAIL’ feature to get you there instantly!


TIP: The ‘HAIL’ syntax allows you to rapidly traverse a planet by jumping to certain key landmarks. Not all planets have a ‘HAIL’ system and in order to be able to ‘HAIL’ to a landmark you must be outside and you must be able to afford the 20 credit charge. To pull up a list of ‘HAIL’ points you can simply type ‘HAIL’.  If you know where you want to jump to, you just need to type ‘HAIL (LOCATION)’. To get to the local Library we’re going to ‘HAIL LIBRARY’ in a few moments.


Let’s just quickly check to see if we have the 20 credits we’ll need to use the function. Check how much money you have by typing ‘MONEY’.

A screenshot of a character's 'MONEY' command.

Okay, so we’re not exactly rich, but we have plenty of credits to ‘HAIL’ around the planet. Go ahead and hail to the library using the command ‘HAIL LIBRARY’.


Now, head south for three rooms and you should see:

A screenshot of the Coruscant library.

Stat Training

Welcome to the Coruscant University! These hallowed halls of education have enlightened hundreds of new characters. Now you already know how to research a skill, because you researched Research earlier on but do you know how to see your stats? It’s easy, just type in ‘SCORE’ or ‘SCORE STAT’.


TIP: The ‘SCORE’ syntax will bring up a plethora of valuable information about your character. This will include basic things like your name, your homeworld and your species and more interesting aspects such as your stats, your levels, and how much money you have!


Here is Ponty’s score:

A character's 'SCORE' sheet.

Notice the numbers next to stats such as ‘Strength’, ‘Dexterity, ‘Constitution’, ‘Intelligence’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Charisma’? These are your stat levels. We can increase them by training them. You train ‘Intelligence’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Charisma’ in a library (with the tutor mob) by using the ‘TRAIN’ syntax.


TIP: The ‘TRAIN’ syntax will allow you to train your stats by typing ‘TRAIN (STAT)’. It’s different from researching because it costs you money. We’re going to try training our Intelligence. You can do this by ‘TRAIN INTELLIGENCE’.


You’ll need to do this for all three stats and it is going to cost you 2,000 credits per attempt. You aren’t guaranteed a success with every attempt so this can be costly. If you do run out of credits while training, you can go off and do some quests to make up enough credits to continue your training (which, fortuitously, is the next topic in this guide!)


Go ahead and train your ‘Intelligence’, ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Charisma’ skills.


Done? Great, aren’t you getting all smart and suave! Right so now we’re going to train your more physical attributes. Head north three times and hail to the Gym.


Ah the gym, I have nothing positive to say about it because I’m lazy in character and out of character, but never mind. Head north three times and then northwest twice.

A screenshot of the Coruscant gym.

Look at that smug Twi’lek – all buff and haughty! Go on, train your ‘Strength’, ‘Dexterity’ and ‘Charisma’ stats here using the same syntax we last used to train up your academic stats.


Urgh, all this training has made us pretty poor. Shall we look at the quest system now? Leave the gym and hail to the Plaza. Done that? Right, time for quests!



To do this he will need to see if there are quests available.  The easiest way to look for quests is to head to an employment office. There are many employment offices throughout the galaxy. Seeing as Coruscant is the main newbie training ground, I’m going to show you where the employment office is and then some other in-game functions to help you complete the quests make your character even more bad ass!


To find the employment office, head east of Umate Plaza and then north. You should now find yourself in the Coruscant Employment Agency.

A screenshot of the Coruscant Employment Agency.

Have you realized that the ‘notice board’ is highlighted? Of course, you have! That is because you can look at notice boards and see an in character message. You can read these notice boards by using the ‘LOOK’ syntax. Go on, give it a try!

A screenshot of the Coruscant Employment Agency's quest list.

Well, that’s a lot of quests! Legends of the Jedi is all about exploring and having fun, so I’m not going to walk you through the location of every quest item. Instead, I’m just going to show you the piloting quest. Then you’ll have to find the rest on your own!


We need to find someone called Arfelz in the government city spaceport… Wait, wasn’t there a spaceport near the Plaza? I’m sure there was! Quick, let’s dash south and west to see if I’m right.

A screenshot of Coruscant's Unate Plaza.

Let’s head southwest and see if we can’t find this Arfelz guy.

A screenshot of Arfelz's quest dialog.

Tut, the silly Corellian has lost his datapad in the lower levels. I think we can give him a hand, don’t you? Of course, you do, you’re epic! Let’s head back to the Plaza and figure out how we can get to the lower levels.

A screenshot of Coruscant's Unate Plaza.

We need to get to the lower level. Now I’m going to let you in on a secret: There’s a workshop in the lower level. This might be a useless piece of information – if Legends of the Jedi didn’t have a ‘hail’ feature which can whisk you to certain key locations on most planets, as we already covered!


Let’s just quickly check to see if we have the 20 credits we’ll need to use the function. If you have the credits still, go ahead and hail to the workshop using the command ‘HAIL WORKSHOP’.

A screenshot of Coruscant's workshop hail point.

Yay, we’re in the underworld! Now to find that datadisk you’re going to need to head northeast twice, northwest thrice and southwest once! Pretty simple, eh!

You should now be just below the Mrrshenia cargo facility and see the following:

A screenshot of the datadisk required by Arfelz.

There it is! Grab it and let’s head back to Arfelz to see if the silly nerf herder is grateful.


TIP: To get back to the Plaza you can ‘HAIL PLAZA’. Remember, to give someone an item you need to approach them and then give it to them!

A screenshot of Arfelz accepting your quest item.

Oh yeah, we got XP and credits!


Social System

Now there are other things you will need to know about Legends of the Jedi. The first is how to greet other players. The game has a fairly diverse social system which covers a vast array of commands and, in case we’ve missed anything, we also have an ‘emote’ system.


TIP: You can see a list of socials by just typing ‘SOCIALS’. Many socials are often solo acts but many of them can be used with other players. The most common form of greeting is a nod. To nod you simply need to type ‘NOD’ which would look like this, ‘Ponty nods to no one in particular’ or ‘NOD (PERSON)’ which would look like this, ‘Ponds nods to Desmond’. The most common form of goodbye is a ‘WAVE’ which works the same way as the nod function. Why not type ‘SOCIALS’ to see a list of possible socials?

A screenshot of the 'SOCIALS' list.

Yeah, I know there are some questionable ones there, but feel free to ahead and give them a try when an appropriate situation arises!



Anyway, shall we get back with making your character awesome? You know how to do quests, but what do you do as you increase your levels and learn new skills? You research! Shall we give that a quick try?


Hail to the Library and head south three times and, this time, go west.

A screenshot of Coruscant's library.

TIP: The ‘PRACTICE’ syntax will show you a list of your character’s skills (the one’s your character is ready to learn anyway). You can view your skills en-masse or by searching for a specific skill group. To view your skills by their specific group you can type ‘PRACTICE’, such as ‘PRACTICE SLICER’.


Go on then! Type in ‘PRACTICE’ and we’ll have a look at what skills you can research so far. Your practice list should look something like this:

A screenshot of a new character's PRACTICE screen.

At this point I have to strongly recommend that you download MUSHclient and Johnsons plugins because you can simply type in ‘BOT START’ and then ‘researchgrab’ and your client will research everything it can automatically, versus having to manually research every single item multiple times (which is tedious and time-consuming).


Congratulations, you’ve completed this guide! Well done and happy gaming!


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Welcome to the EoE Event: Rise of an Empire
Howdy folks! Don't worry - We will be starting on-time. This is just a heads-up for sort of what to expect. EoE will begin at 8pm EST/5pm PST. There will be a series of broadcasts that I will then post into a big news. Feel free to act as your characters would afterwards. As I brought up in the last changes announcement, we will be trying to cater to folks that get home after things are underway and the event begins to morph phases. Keep an eye out for an announcement about transportation shuttles. As always, we appreciate you bearing with us and taking things like Jedi Masters coming out of retirement to help be plot devices and help stir up some action in stride. Give us abit of time to finish drafting broadcasts and finishing last minute preparations, and we'll begin. EDIT: For the duration of EoE, we will be removing the 30 minutes between alt-hopping restrictions.

Various Updates 08/04/2021
For players: - A variety of early tweaks to the new planet AI system: Crime will not go up as aggressively if you have slightly below neutral public opinion, and military cost has been reduced. A few tweaks to display of information on showplanet, too. - Fixed the bug causing pirates to immediately set crime to 100, and the bug causing there to be 5x more police mobs than intended. - Otherwise non-aggressive mobs (citizens, especially) will no longer randomly join fights in the room except if another copy of the same mob is involved in the fight. For staff: - onSpawned lua triggers on mobs will now fire when the mob is manually invoked or invoked via progs. - You can now redit flags +flagname or redit flags -flagname to set a flag to true or false regardless of the existing value. - rlist aispawn now shows the list of rooms in your currently assigned area which are eligible to spawn AI mobs. They will not spawn in rooms which are: spacecraft, nofloor, private, player homes, nomob, noai - mpstat, rpstat, and opstat will show at the end if the thing has a lua prog set, and you can use (m/o/p)pstat <thing> lprog to view the prog.

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