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Legends of the Jedi features 10 playable classes that are all interconnected. During creation you pick a class to specialize in which, along with your choice of race, will determine your level spread across the 10 classes. Utilize the SHOWRACE command to see a race’s generalized level spread for each main, and then use SLIST “CLASS” command to get a view of skills in each class you may qualify for. Those classes are as follows:

  • Combat: Professional soldiers and mercenaries.
  • Piloting: Masters of even the most distant stars.
  • Engineering: Fabricators of guns, armor, and ships.
  • Bounty Hunting: Elite trackers capable of locating anybody.
  • Smuggling: Thieves, pickpockets, and swindlers.
  • Leadership: Natural commanders and leaders.
  • Espionage: Intelligence and special ops agents.
  • Slicer: No document is safe from a slicer.
  • Medical: Skilled surgeons, able to heal anyone.
  • Science: Philosophers and great scholars.

Combining your race and class with the ability to customize your character's gear and weapons, you can dive into the Star Wars environment with a role of your choosing. Some choose to be the scruffy smuggler just looking to make a credit, the ruthless bounty hunter who will take on any contract, the ace starfighter pilot, or choose to be the merchant that provides arms and goods to galaxy.

Who will you be, and will you carve your own path through the galaxy?


  • combat

    Ever dreamed of kicking down doors and dispensing hurt? Laying mine fields in advance of enemy troops? Or maybe blowing up starships with thermal detonators? In case you didn't know, nothing feels better than knocking your enemy's helmet clean off with a brutal sweep of your force pike. The combat class, or combatants, are the primary fighting class of the galaxy. Their business is war and business is always booming. They generally serve as the galaxy's soldiers, guards, or mercenaries. Some of the most well-known fighting groups include Republic Commandos, Clone Troopers, or Imperial Stormtroopers.

    Combatants utilize and are able to master blasters such as rifles, pistols, and repeaters as well as melee forcepikes. They are also mildly proficient with vibroblades and basic hand-to-hand combat. Fully trained fighters can specialize with offensive or defensive feats that suit their style and help them maintain an edge over their opponents. With a little training, these warriors can fully utilize explosives such as mines and grenades. Other skills at their disposal are the ability to gouge, disarm, bash, and kick opponents into submission. The truly dedicated among the elite fighters go on to master the difficult art of Flurry attacks, becoming a true martial force to be reckoned with.

    If you want to be the next elite Republic Commando, hardened Sith Heavy Trooper, or pirate mercenary, then the combat class may be for you.

Class Skills

The Combat class is the preferred specialization of soldiers, mercenaries, troopers, and fighters the galaxy over. The core skills of the class revolve around doing improved damage to other beings, applying affects through a variety of combat skills, and improving their various weapon knowledges. Master combatants are able to unleash a rapid flurry of attacks upon their enemy, dealing a massive amount of damage.


  • piloting

    From single man starfighters to huge flagships with the population of major cities - such as the Inexpugnable-Class Command flagship - pilots are the navigators of the space frontier. Anyone can be a pilot to some personal degree, but dedicated pilots excel far beyond the normal in space techniques. Able to specialize in squadrons, large ships such as frigates and cruisers, and then the heavy battleships, true pilots also have more advanced weapons capabilities and defensive abilities to help them come out on top in space combat. A truly dedicated pilot is master of their domain, as no amount of forcepike, blaster, or lightsaber training can help you in space.

    Because large and heavy spacecraft can only be owned by clans, not by individuals, a pilot's choice of clan--and trust with clan leaders--determines their access to these ships. Depending on their race, most beings can fly freighters, especially if they specialize in espionage or smuggling.

Class Skills

The Pilot class is comprised of the best pilots and battlegroup commanders that can be found across the galaxy. Novice pilots will learn the basics of flight with transports and fighter-class vessels, then slowly move into flying freighters and gunboats, before stepping up into capital-class vessels - as well as all of the support skills required to be a proficient fleet commander.


  • engineer

    or high-quality armor, ships, and weapons, the denizens of the galaxy look to the engineers. The best equipment is usually found in shops designed by players and clans, or even custom-ordered from the galaxys greatest artisans. To master their art, engineers seek out components scattered on planets across the galaxy, each one different than the next. By exploring and experimenting, they discover which items yield the best results. Engineering has a slower pace than many other classes, but its rewards are well worth it. The best engineers are also highly skilled in science, using their training in various sciences to enhance their work.

    Most characters have enough ability in engineering to design their own clothing, comlink, or datapad. But if you want to build a droid sidekick, design high-quality armor, or join your clan's shipbuilding team, choose engineering as your main class.

Class Skills

The Engineering class is shared by armorers, weaponsmiths, ship mechanics, and crafters across the galaxy. Engineers begin learning the basics of constructing various general goods such as clothing, backpacks, and jewelry, before moving up into creating body armor and the most advanced types of weaponry. Master engineers are able to build, tune, and upgrade starships. This class works closely with Scientists.

Bounty Hunting

  • bountyhunter

    Ever break into a ship and steal it? Maybe got caught stealing credits from someone? Or perhaps you assassinated a high-level target from the enemy clan. Just because you got away, doesn't mean you're free and clean. If there is a price on your head, chances are you will meet a Bounty Hunter soon. Bounty Hunters are the elite contract mercenaries of the galaxy. They possess powerful and deadly close quarters combat skills to kill or subdue their targets. They are masters of unarmed combat as well as vibroblades, and capable of being adept with more if they are a race with a high combat subclass. They also possess skills that help them locate their prey, see through disguises, as well as extra armor penetration and enhanced survivability.

    Bounty Hunters are lone wolves who at best maybe work together with a few other bounty hunters to bring down a powerful target. As such, Bounty Hunters CANNOT JOIN CLANS. While Bounty Hunter is a powerful class it is not recommended for new players. It advised to play at least 1 era or maybe a whole timeline before you attempt to become one of the galaxy's most notorious contract killers.

Class Skills

The Bounty Hunting class is chosen by the bravest and strongest of braves, learned in tracking down and capturing or killing their prey. During their training, a competent hunter is given all of the skills necessary to pursue their target - bashing doors, tracking beings, tactical retreats, and jetpack mastery. Masters of the trade are able to leap from the shadows and perform a powerful attack that will severely injure their target.


  • smuggler

    Smugglers are rogues, thieves, and scoundrels - good, bad, and neutral - who live outside the law or fight against it in order to get the upper hand. Many Smugglers live a life of adventure for the excitement it provides. Others prefer to advance their illicit careers. Some are good-hearted rogues in it for the thrill or to right a wrong done to them or those they love. Others are despicable knaves who serve only one master: the greed that swells inside them. More often, a Smuggler falls somewhere in the middle, changing allegiances and attitudes as the political climate changes, until something larger sets them on a particular course through the galaxy. With a knack for getting into and out of trouble, they have an instinct for self-preservation that keeps them alive. However, it is usually tempered with a need to experience the thrills that the profession has to offer. Smugglers often do not start out seeking to defy authority and break the law. Some are thrust into the profession as a mean of rebellion. Others wind up on the wrong side of the law due to bad luck, a poor decision, or circumstances beyond their control.

Class Skills

The Smuggling class typically is selected by shady, devious, and down-right sketchy criminals. Able to slip microphones onto other beings, hide in the shadows, peek into other's possessions, steal credits, refine spice, disguise their appearance, and sneak about - Smugglers are truly a shadowy force to be reckoned with. Masters of the trade can hijack vessels, pirate stolen vessels, and potentially strip parts from starships to sell on the black market.


  • leadership

    Every group needs a leader. This is an irrefutable fact that applies not only in nature, but in society. Although many beings are leaders in name the Chancellor, Emperor, Supreme Leader Legends of the Jedi has an entire Leadership class that is dedicated to the art of using their charismatic nature to inspire others to greatness. Most beings can use their small amount of leadership abilities to teach others, jail criminals, and call in reinforcements to assist them. However, only specialized leaders are the best teachers, and can call in the best reinforcements and even then, some of them will only answer the call of a leader in a clan.

    Beings that are primarily leaders gain experience twice as fast and those that are in their group do so at 1.5 times their normal rate. Specialized leaders are also able to select another class in which they are naturally talented. During character selection, a leader selects a subclass one of the other main classes which gives specific bonuses to the player and their group depending on the leaders subclass (see below) as well as gain an additional 30 levels in that subclass. Anytime that a group is performing a patrol, building a starship, or manning a battlegroup, a dedicated leader should be in command for the best possible inspiration and results.

Class Skills

The Leadership class comes naturally to many beings who are talented in other areas. Talented leaders are able to call upon a greater number of allies to assist them in their journeys, and are most comfortable leading groups into combat from the front. Leaders of groups have a multitude of feats that they can call upon to assist their friends in a fight.


  • espionage

    The Espionage class is the infiltration and saboteur experts of the galaxy. Also called spies, they are the best at gathering information from other clans, as well as protecting their own clan from prying eyes. Spies have the ability to create, plant, and monitor cameras, as well as the ability to defensively search for (and remove) errant cameras in places they should not be. Adept spies also have a sharp eye that will reveal hidden items at times. In addition to information gathering, Espionage agents are adept at tailing subjects, creating binders and wielding a stun baton called a blackjack to subdue enemies, and creating and wielding fusion cutters to allow them to cut down doors - which is particularly useful if a door has no electronics to slice.

    Spies frequently choose a race that compliments their subclass skills such as Smuggling or Slicer. An example of such is using a blackjack to stun a landing pad customs agent, then using the Smuggler lockpicking abilities to steal a starship without being reported to the authorities. Espionage agents also can work closely with slicers to remove security from buildings before they start planting the tools of their trade.

Class Skills

The Espionage class is composed of the galaxy's foremost spies and saboteurs. Spies are easily able to swipe credits from targets, conceal items, sabotage starships, conduct surveillance, and cut doors into secure areas. The best espionage agents are able to blackjack their targets, sweep for mines, and craft the tools of their trade.


  • slicer

    Slicers are the hackers of the Star Wars universe, and often pair well with smuggling or espionage. Elite slicers bend electronics to their will. Send false landing codes to enemy capital ships. Assist bounty hunters in tracking their prey by slicing shipyard databases to locate starcraft. Secure lifts during an assault on your base to prevent the enemy from accessing further floors, or hack a lift to open your enemy clan to weakness. Hack unsecured bank accounts or secure others (for a fee of course). Jam and disrupt enemy communications, secure your clans electronic infrastructure, or eavesdrop on communication traffic on an enemy planet by tapping into the comm system.

    Slicing in the Legends of the Jedi galaxy is easy to get into, but a long road to master - But master it you must! Being found out while sending false landing codes to an Imperial Star Destroyer can get you slagged, and trying to hack a back account that has been secured by one of your peers can leave you dead and charred. Once mastered, however, slicing is a rewarding and powerful class.

Class Skills

The Slicer class is very important and attractive for technically-skilled, datapad-driven beings. Able to secure and protect background files, starships, turbolifts, and bank accounts, experienced slicers can also hack into all of the above, as well as jam communications, track starships entering hyperspace and across the galaxy, and monitor supposedly private communications.


  • medical

    For the most advanced healthcare technologies and treatments, a medical doctor is who you'll want to see. Able to operate on the most dire of wounds, medics are the backbone of post-battle care. More important, however, are their abilities at preparing a warrior for their struggles ahead. Younger doctors may find themselves producing medpacs for the inevitable wars to come, but will quickly grow into learning anesthesia and surgical methods. Implantable cybernetics are desired by all sentients for self-improvement. However, only competent doctors are able to perform surgery on their patients, and only the most skilled are able to replace an older model cybernetic with an improved version.

    Only beings who have dedicated themselves to the medical trade, however, are able to harness their expertise and produce clones for the galaxy's population - when and if the technology becomes available. Doctors can do a lot of good for a lot of beings within the galaxy. Although, there are always rumors of one or two out there that are using their considerable abilities for far more unsavory purposes...

Class Skills

The Medical class is full of beings who wish to heal others. Foremost in the galaxy at being able to perform restorative aid and surgery on other beings, surgically implant helpful cybernetics, and use ancient cloning techniques to restore a version of life to the dead.


  • science

    The slowest path of all, science ultimately alters the course of galactic civilizations. By pondering the universe, and then by studying particular fields, a scientist can gain an advantage on many different tasks, such as engineering. A master scientist can eventually write datachips to help others learn any skill that they have already mastered. But the true culmination of science is development: the ability of a clan to introduce new technologies into the game. It is by the work of their scientists that a government or engineering firm unveils new spacecraft, cybernetics, and crafting materials. Thanks to this steady progress, the technology developed late in a timeline will be markedly improved from earlier eras.

    Many scientists choose engineering as their main class, relying on their race's natural affinity for the sciences to see them through. Others choose leadership as their main class and science as their subclass, resulting in immense potential for teaching others the sciences.

Class Skills

The Science class promotes knowledge, education, and invention, and scientists are the cornerstone of any great research and development team. The core skills of the class revolve around pondering life's great mysteries, studying subjects of interest, hypothesizing your theories, and developing new technologies. Many of the scientist's skills are based around areas of knowledge. Scientific knowledge skills are gained by studying an item related to the area of knowledge. As your overall knowledge of the scientific knowledge skill improves, so does your proficiency in using other skills related to that scientific field. Achieving mastery of the different areas of scientific knowledge is crucial for technical and scientific classes.

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