Denizens of the Galaxy

Denizens of the Galaxy Legends of the Jedi offers over 100 playable races for players to choose from. Nearly every iconic race is represented in game, each with a unique race modified class layout based on the traits of the races themselves. Here are a few of the more common ones. Human Found on worlds […]

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Getting Started

This guide covers all of the basics to help get you into the game.

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Crafting The Galaxy

Craft the Galaxy From blasters and armor to buildings and starships, LOTJ features a robust, yet simplistic, crafting system. The economy is completely player driven and controlled. Almost everything you’ll need to progress in the Galaxy is crafted by one of the many classes in the game. Have you ever wanted to be a manager […]

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Command the Fleet

Command the Fleet Whether you are a star pilot or an admiral, LOTJ has an advanced and thrilling space combat system. Can you outwit your opponent and lead your clan to victory? Large Fleet Warfare Space combat is rarely single ship to ship combat. Engage your enemies with an entire fleet of frigates, cruisers, and […]

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Master The Force

Anyone can be a force-sensitive character with our randomized system. Reach Level 100 and a Jedi Master may sense your affinity for the force. From there, complete your training and etc etc. Hype up the force!

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Explore A Vast Galaxy

Explore a Vast Galaxy Explore iconic planets as you travel the world of Legends of the Jedi. Have you ever wanted to see what the inside of a Sarlaac pit looks like? Visit the swamps of Dagobah while fending off one of the ferocious dragon snakes. Swing by Nal Hutta and barter with the different […]

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Embrace Your Destiny

From the brave pilot to the fearsome bounty hunter, LOTJ has a fully featured class and skill system.

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