Master the Force


Anyone can be a force-sensitive character with our randomized system. Reach Level 100 in any class and a Jedi Master or Sith Lord may sense your affinity for the force. From there, complete your training, build your saber, and become one of the driving entities of the story. If you're lucky, you may even be able to take on your own apprentice and so the cycle continues.


Awaken Your Inner Strength

Once awakened, a character gets to choose their sub-class. This allows players to further increase their strengths, or shore up weaknesses. Want to be a power house saber wielder? Become a Sith Juggernaught or Jedi Guardian. Want to be more stealthy in your ways? Become a Jedi Sentinel or a Sith Assassin. If you'd prefer to be a leader of normal men that relies more on casting force spells? A Sith Sorcerer or Jedi Consular might be more your speed. The choice is up to you.

Craft Your Lightsaber

Like crafting skills in Legends of the Jedi, a lightsaber uses many common, and some rare, materials where a player will need to find the right formula for the best output. Spend time understanding how a mirror, or a superconductor, and even the crystals affect the strength and uses of a lightsaber. On top of that, players are able to design the saber in any way they seem fit. Want to wield an iconic saber? You can. Want to be an aggressive dual bladed saber wielder? We have that too.


Reach Knighthood

When a player reaches a certain point in their life, they can take on the trials of knighthood. This is where your roleplaying and merits come into play. Prove to your master that you're ready, and complete their trials. The trials themselves are left entirely up to the Master and only they can deem when you're ready. Prove your worth, and you'll find many more skills opened up to learn which include unlocking the special bonuses of the sub-class you originally chose.

Drive the Story

Due to their place in the Story of Legends of the Jedi, forcers are held to higher regard when it comes to Roleplay and actions. Your motives and story will further those of the era in many shapes. While this can be a daunting expectation, it's also a chance to make yourself feel that you can individually direct the era in a way that you deem. Do you have what it takes?


Take on an Apprentice

If you're lucky enough, you might even roll enough force to reach master level if the others of your faction deem it so. Only another Master ranked forcer can promote someone to Master rank, and by doing so, open doors to take everything you've learned to help teach the next generation of Forcers. Much like the story, you'll shape them as you see fit to meet your goals.. until they devise a role or schemes of their own. Choose your apprentices wisely or you may find yourself in trouble.

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