Mushclient is one of the older contenders these days. It might not be the most eye catching piece of software, but it still holds its own from a functionality standpoint. Mushclient is the most used client in our player base, and the fact that many have used it for 10 or more years is the biggest factor to have not switched to Mudlet. It does have the biggest repository of custom built scripts and plugins that the player base has curated through the years, though as you’ll see in this guide, it can be difficult to keep them up to date.




This section displays the screenshots from a Windows OS and show you how to install Mushclient.

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Connecting to LOTJ


Connecting through Mushclient is a simple process as it just requires you to have the address and port. You can find more about the steps necessary below.

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LOTJ Client


The LOTJ client can be configured in a few ways. You can either run the installer that generates its own copy of Mushclient along with it, or you can install the package manually.

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Frequently Asked Questions


These are some of the more frequently asked questions about Mushclient.

Your best course of action to get help with Mushclient is to join our Discord server and ask on the #scripting channel. If that fails, you can try asking on OOC or even RPCchat.

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