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Greetings, if you're reading this chances are you are new to the mud. Well,
part of LotJ is its piloting. It can be very confusing at first but after you
get the hang of it it is pretty simple. Let's start with the basics.

Step 1: Getting a ship
First of all you'll need a ship, this is done by going to a spaceport (Place
with a ton of ships) and typing TAXI. Then you simply enter ##STAR (### = the
number of the Starhopper) After boarding explore it a bit you'll find the pilot
station and then type PILOT to grip the controls. Then, type LAUNCH

Step 2: Learning the system
LotJ's space system is based on X Y Z coords, think of each sector of space as
a giant cube and you should be good. To check the status of your ship and its
components type STATUS or INFO to get basic readouts.

Step 3: Flying
Alright, so now you should be in space, time to get used to some basic
controls. First type PROX (short for proximity) that will show you how far away
you are from other ships and stellar objects. Then type RADAR to see what
objects are in that system and their coords. Type SPEED ### (# = the speed you
wish to go) it's probably best to go your max speed.

Step 4: Plotting your course
Now that you're drifting around in space you'll probably want to go to a new
planet, this is pretty easy. First, I'll assume you know a little bit of math
and can figure out this simple statement. I'm also assuming you have a datapad.
So first type SHOWPLANET 'PLANET NAME' then copy the COORDS of that planet and
remember the STARSYSTEM name. Then type CALCULATE <STARSYSTEM> <X Y (Z-500)>.
If done correctly you will get a message saying to wait a to get your course
ploted. After you get a message saying you're ready to go. Simply type HYPER
and you're off.

Step 5: Getting to your new planet
After you exit hyper space, you should be about 500 units away from the planet.
Quickly type COURSE <PLANET> and after some time you will begin orbiting the
planet. To find out where you can land type LAND, you'll get a list. Then type
LAND <planet name> to get a list of pads on THAT planet. Then type LAND <planet
name> <pad keyword> IE. Land coruscant primary. To land on coruscant's primary
pad. You will begin a landing sequence it is VERY important not to type
anything while landing as it could result in a crash. After your landing is
complete you are safe to leave the ship or do it again.

Step 6: Asking for help
At some point, there is a very good chance you will run out of fuel. You'll try
a hyperspace jump that's a little too ambitious, or you'll be exploring
uncharted space. When it happens, use the CURRENTCOM and TALK commands to
choose a comlink and call for help.

I hope this helps ya new pilots learn how to fly. Of course this is just the
basics and there are plenty more secrets and techniques behind piloting, but
these are the most elementary.


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