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Account Creation and the Account Points System

by Xerakon


This guide was written with the purpose of seeing a new player through the process of creating their account and informing them about the various ways of earning and spending account points.


A screenshot of a new account creation.

Account Creation

Creating an account should be the first thing that you do once you enter the galaxy after character generation. This will add any future new characters to your account and, more importantly, allows you to begin earning account points. With an account, you also will be presented with a helpful menu of your characters to log in with each time you begin the game. To create an account, enter ‘ACCOUNT (NAME) CREATE’. Where name is your account name. Your account name is important, as it represents you as a player and is your default way of communicating Out-of-Character (OOC) with the other players on LotJ. Unlike your character name, your account name does not have to be realistic. It can be anything from Bob to CrazyMelon – as long as it is not obscene! However, you may only ever have one account – and the staff typically do not allow account name changes – so make it a good one!


A screenshot of a player's account information.

Once your account is created, your password will default to the same password you used to create your character. Entering ‘ACCOUNT’ will show you the details of your account, including what characters are on the account, and what clan they may belong to, as well as your points and some helpful commands. You should immediately enter your e-mail account by using ‘ACCOUNT EMAIL (e-mail address)’. You also can change your password here, and toggle between your account name and your character name for OOC communication, if you wish.


A screenshot of account name vs. character name chat.

Account or Character Name?

People using their account name on chats will show up as “*Xerakon”, whereas someone using their character name would just be plain “Xerakon”. If you are sending a tell to someone, you need to know if you are sending it to their account or their character. Either way will reach the player, but if you wish to send it to their account (because you may not know what character they play!), you would send it as “TELL @XERAKON HI!”. When you log into the game from now on with your account, you will enter your name as “@(account)” and your account password. This will bring up your menu of characters which you may select through to log in.


Earning Account Points

Account points are points that you earn either as a player or as a character that may be used to purchase certain races, class levels, or even the Force during character generation. ‘HELP POINTS‘ outlines the subject a little bit, but here are the primary point earning methods with a little detail:


A screenshot of account points from death.

Death (up to 3,500 points, plus racial deposit)

When your character dies, you may earn points from them. Several factors go into determining your character’s point value at death, but we do not go into detail to avoid farming for account points this way. An important note here is that your racial deposit is considered outside of the 3,500 point cap.


A screenshot of a tip.

Tips (up to 100 points)

Tips/hints are shown to players at a set interval during the game as long as you have them turned on. Coming up with a very good tip can lead to some extra points in your account! See ‘HELP TIPS‘ for more information.


A screenshot of an undescripted bureaucrat mob.

Descripting (up to 75 points)

Many immortal-created mobs and items are created across the galaxy without descriptions. Providing quality descriptions for these objects is a good way to earn a few points.


A screenshot of an account points credit.

Help the Staff

The Immortal staff can do a lot – but not everything! Many times throughout your gameplay on LotJ, you will come across an OOC message or a broadcast from an Immortal looking for help for something. This can be anything from reporting a bug or typo, submitting an idea, or writing new player guides. If you fit the bill, volunteer your time! They will almost always make it worth your while.


A screenshot of a decent history file.

Help Yourself…

LotJ thrives off its players and their content. Your character is directly involved with how rich LotJ’s storyline is by how well you can relate their history, description, character sheet, think log, and even an astoundingly excellent roleplay session. Earn a few points by raising your standards – which in turn will improve those you play with!


A screenshot of an account points fine.

But Also Watch Yourself! – Losing Points

While the Immortals can be very generous, they are also watchful. Any rule breaking or bug-abuse can be dealt with by fining your account – resulting in a loss of points! – in addition to other punishments.


Spending Account Points

Now that you have some account points stored up, let’s look at what you can spend them on! Points are spent during chargen, and you can choose to use or not to use them as you build your new character.


A screenshot of buying a points-required race.


The most common use for your points are buying a points-required race. When buying a race, you need to be aware that there are two costs involved: The purchase price and a deposit. Some races may have one or the other, but most will cost both. The purchase price is non-refundable, but the points you deposit into a race will be returned to you on the death of that character – whether it is suicided immediately or survives the timeline. In the above screenshot with the Sluissi race, the purchase price was 1 point and the deposit was 500. You will be asked multiple times during chargen if you are sure you want to spend the points, so be sure and read it all!


A screenshot of purchasing levels with account points.

The Force and Levels

After you have selected your race and class, players are given the opportunity to spend points on the Force or levels. There are several ways to gain and use the Force in Legends of the Jedi, and another guide covers those, so simply understand that if you wish to buy the Force for your character, you may do so here – at a steep price! Be certain to read and confirm everything that is displayed to you here, or you may forfeit a huge amount of points on accident!


Once you have decided whether to purchase the Force, you may then opt to spend points on gaining levels before you enter the galaxy. Depending on your race and class combination, you will be presented with a screen that shows you how many levels you may buy in each class, and what those levels cost in account points. As a side note, be aware that the levels left amount does not reflect your end levels – so this is not an instant way to know what your character’s levels will look like exactly.


Now that you know how to earn and spend points, put that knowledge to use and enjoy all the races that Legends of the Jedi offers! Please visit the other guides on LotJ’s website for more assistance in getting started.


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