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Syntax: hail <location>
Syntax: hail <ship> <message>

There are two primary uses for the hail command. The first use is for players
who are on the ground in an area served by hovercars, speeders, and other forms
of ground transportation. The second use of hail is for private ship to ship

Ground Transportation
Hail allows you to quickly locate certain types of rooms, such as a hotel.
It has several restrictions, such as you must be outside, and not onboard
any form of spacecraft/vehicle.

Also, to provide a extra realism to war situation, if your clan is at war
with the planets governing body, you will not be able to hail. This does
not mean you cannot quit on that planet... You just cannot hail.
The following locations are currently available to be 'hailed' to:

SPACEPORT- Takes you to a nearby spaceport, for traveling.
WORKSHOP - Takes you to a nearby workshop, for building items.
REFINERY - Takes you to a nearby refinery, for making spice.
LIBRARY - Takes you to a nearby library for RESEARCH.
HOSPITAL - Takes you to a nearby hospital, normally for cybernetics.
BANK - Takes you to a nearby bank, for accessing your accounts.
HOTEL - Takes you to a nearby hotel, to quit in.
LOCKER - Takes you to a nearby locker, to store items.
LIST - Shows you a list of places you may hail to.

Ship Communications:
To hail a specific ship, use the HAIL <ship> <message> syntax, replacing <ship>
with the name of the ship you wish to speak privately to, and <message> with
your message.


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