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Multiplay is defined as two players playing from one internet connection. In
other words, two people sharing a home. Multiplay is generally not set up for
"sometimes I play here, sometimes I play there" type of situations.

Multiplaying is only allowed with imm permission, which can be obtained by
going to our website ( and submitting a "Multiplay"
application. There are a few rules about multiplaying that must be followed:

You and your multiplay partner must be in the same clan or not be in a clan.
All normal LOTJ rules concerning IC/OOC boundaries apply.

Violating these rules is grounds for removal of multiplay permissions.
Continued access past that point will be at the discretion of the staff.

A single player may not log in to multiple characters simultaneously. For a
single player who wants to play multiple characters at different times
("alting"), see HELP ACCOUNT and Rule #3 under HELP RULES1.

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