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The rules of Legends of the Jedi

(1) All player killing must comply with HELP PERM. (bannable)

(2) You may not share your characters or accounts or give them away to any
other player. Players are restricted to one account. If two players wish to
play from the same house, they must follow the steps outlines in HELP
MULTIPLAY. (bannable)

(3) Your alts may not interact in any way, shape or form. They may not share
ships, items, information, agendas, goals, ulterior motives or vendettas. They
cannot be related without immortal permission. When in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE,
STUPID! Err on the side of caution.

(4) If you are in a conflict, regardless of who instigated the fight, there is
incentive to let the other person go. For two weeks, the player who was let go
must curtail his revenge against the player who let him go unless he is
provoked by that player.

(5) No 'Godmodding'. Rmote and emote may not force roleplay upon other players.
Please read CHANGES 1298 for more information on NPC godmodding.

(6) It is illegal to log out, go link-dead or AFK while being attacked,
arrested, or knowingly, and actively hunted or tracked by another player. You
must wait 3 minutes after reaching a hotel or home to establish that you are no
longer being pursued. If pursuers reach you before 3 minutes is up, the option
to log out from that room is lost.

(7) Players/clans may not keep someone in jail without diligent effort to
roleplay with the jailed. Please see HELP JAIL_GUIDELINES for more information.

(8) Slavery is permitted on LotJ so long as both parties agree on osay, but it
must adhere to HELP SLAVERY. (bannable)

(9) Spying must adhere to the rules in HELP SPY. A rule of thumb regarding
spying: If there is MUD code involved, you must have an approved spy-app. (Pk,
inform, letting someone know a key code, withdrawing bank funds.) (bannable)

(10) You may not destroy ships on pads randomly or without cause. You may,
however, attack certain ships if this would provide you with a strategic
advantage, if you are engaged in battle with the ship owner, or if you are at
war with the ship owner (clan or individual who is clanned).

Remember the golden rule of LotJ: Anything players can do, we can undo.

See Also: Help Rules, Help Rules2

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