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(11) There are specific rules governing how capital ships are handled in regard
to fake signaling and planet capturing. Please see HELP CAPITALRULES for the

(12) Roleplay with sexual or mature content may never include minor players.
Sexual role play with a child character is also illegal, regardless of player
age and consent. Imposing sexual or mature role play onto others is strictly
illegal. Whether it's a single suggestive comment or pose, a roleplayed rape
scene (even the suggestion of it), or a derogatory sexual comment about another
player, it is illegal. (bannable)

(13) Roleplay is conducted in english only. If you wish to RP in another
language, then go find a game that supports it.

(14) Do not disrespect, insult, complain about, troll or harass other players,
the RPC, or Immortals. Everyone is here for the enjoyment of the game. If you
disrupt that enjoyment with insults your channel privileges will be revoked.
See also: help rule14

(15) No leetspeak on LotJ! We hate it.

(16) If you bring a problem or concern to an Immortal you may not go to another
Immortal for the same problem unless instructed to do so.

(17) If you think someone broke the rules, speak to an Immortal or admin
privately. Complaining to other players, either over OOC channels or on
AIM/other chat programs, does not fix problems, it only makes them worse.

(18) If you choose an alien race, you must roleplay it accordingly. Failing to
adhere to racial role play styles will result in a warning by an immortal, and
you will be given one week to adhere to the racial role play of the character
you are playing. In the event that role play is still inadequate, you will be
stripped of the race, and any applicable deposit will not be refunded. When in
doubt, ask for advice.

(19) Please do not ask the Immortals to restore items, levels, stats or credits
lost in copyovers or crashes. They have no way of knowing if you really lost
what you claim, so refusing all such restores prevents abuse.

(20) LotJ is a reactive system. Immortals will not halt current roleplay. If
you feel there is a breach of the rules, make sure you are logging and contact
the staff when the situation is finished.

(21) Multiclanning is illegal. You may not have two characters in different
(22) Do not power roll repeatedly over and over for luck or force. Do not
assist others in doing the same by sensing their characters or setting it up
over AIM/SKYPE or any other means of OOC communication methods to do so or have
yourself sensed. It is illegal and you will be banned.

Remember the golden rule of LotJ: Anything players can do, we can undo.
See Also: Help Rules, Help Rules1

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