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Explained: The LotJ Timeline

by Xerakon


This guide was written with the purpose of granting a new player some insight into LotJ’s unique timeline/storyline system.

As Legends of the Jedi is an RP-enforced MUD, it contains a cyclical storyline for us to enjoy. A storyline (commonly known as a TIMELINE) is comprised of three parts, each known as an ERA. Each era contains a separate and significant part of the timeline and typically revolve around a major governmental shift and/or conflict between two factions. If we were looking at the official Star Wars story as a timeline, the following comparison could be made of our eras:


Era 1:  Old Republic versus rise of the Empire

Era 2:  Galactic Empire versus a scrappy Rebel Alliance

Era 3:  New Republic/Resistance versus a reformed Empire-type/Other outsider antagonist

A screenshot demonstrating how 'SHOWCLAN' can give basic story information.


Are all timelines like this? Are we always following “The Canon”?

No. Many of our timelines follow this example, but no two have ever been the same. In the past, we have had Mandalorians, Argazdans, Hapans, Chiss, Hutt Cartels, outsider threats, insider threats, criminal clans, and many more opponents that have risen to defeat the predominant clan of each era. We strive to create new stories each timeline that are different, interesting, malleable, and enjoyable. The above screenshot depicts a spin on the canon First Order that did not go according to plan due to player involvement!


So… Who decides what happens throughout a timeline?

The short answer is that a combination of Immortal planning and player interaction determines what happens. LotJ is unique in the sense that although the Immortals may plan for how a timeline begins, or how each era should progress, the players are ultimately the ones that are “living” the story out. Timeline stories and era events shift due to the decisions that influential characters and organizations make. Even the least-known character can change the galaxy, if they plan or handle it correctly.


How long is a timeline? Are there player wipes between each one?

There are no set time constraints on timelines or eras, but an era is generally between 6-9 months, making timelines somewhere in the ballpark of two years. You will have a good amount of time to either enjoy or to affect change within a storyline! Characters are not deleted or wiped until a timeline change occurs. However, sometimes the Immortals will wipe player shops, message boards, and player homes between eras to assist the galaxy from becoming cluttered by the remnants of inactive or bugged characters.


A screenshot of a 'HELP MOTD' file.

How do I know what era we’re in?

The login Message of the Day will tell you what era we are currently in, as well as a summary of events that got us there. If you are having trouble finding it, you can enter ‘HELP MOTD‘. Most players on the OOC channel can also answer this question for you – they just cannot go in-depth!


A screenshot displaying the 'NEWS' list and a news article.

Where can I find information on the history of current storyline?

By reading the news, of course! Entering the command ‘NEWS ALL’ will show you all of the news articles of the major events that have occurred during this timeline – Beware, it is long! You can read each article with ‘NEWS #’. This is the best method to quickly catch up on the events that have occurred thus far. For more in-depth information, you can always use IC communications (covered in another guide) for current information.


When will this era/timeline end?

We hold End of Era (EoE) and End of Timeline (EoT) events to mark the significant changes within the mud. These can be major battles or large RP events that your character can take place in. EoE and EoT events are typically known via a ‘CHANGES’ announcement, in which the staff will also ask the playerbase to submit applications for new characters, positions, or clans for the next era or timeline. This allows the entire playerbase an opportunity to take place as influential change agents as the story progresses into its next phase.


Now that you know how our unique storyline works and progresses, put that knowledge to use and enjoy the current story that Legends of the Jedi is offering! Please visit the other guides on LotJ’s website for more assistance in getting started.


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