Nim Drovis

The Jedi Convene Senate over Nim Drovis Crime.

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Implosion of RSC

An implosion of Rim Coalition Systems and aftermath.

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ISD Retired

ISD Retired from Service (5 years before Era 3).

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Senate Relocates

Senate Relocates to Coruscant (10 years before Era 3).

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Empire Dissolved

Lord Wren Dissolves Empire (15 years before era 3).

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Moffs Join Senate

Imperial Moffs Join New Republic Senate.

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Treaty Signing

The Signing of the Treaty of Coruscant and Aftermath.

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TNR: Peace

New Republic Broadcast on Peace with Galactic Empire.

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Peace Commences

Formalized Peace Between Rebels and Empire.

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Sith Destroyed

Imperial Broadcast on Destruction of Sith Fleet.

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