Lorrd – Sabotaged

Imperial munitions factory sabotaged on Lorrd.

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War Ends

Empire Ends War on Crimson Dawn Organization

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Holo Sim – Corellia

SHI expands their space simulators to Corellia

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Imperial Fleet

Imperial Fleet spotted leaving orbit around planets.

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Wroona Captured

Grand Inquisitor Vytress Announces Capture of Wroona

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Dead Moff

Conflicted on Wroona escalates to the death of a Moff

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Empire Declares War

A war of on crime declared by The Galactic Empire.

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Wroonian Report

A live feed of the events occurring on Wroona

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Increased Presence

Reports of Increased Imperial Presence on Wroona

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Wroonian Outreach

The Empire begins outreach to Wroona.

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