Nim Drovis


Jedi Convene Senate over Nim Drovis Crime

The holoviewer displays a wide-angle view of the New Republic Senate building's entrance, where a long semi-organized line of beings in Senatorial robes are exiting to the street outside. A serious-looking Bith male stands in the foreground. "This is Senate Correspondent Telnik Bhu'van of The Protectorate Tribune joining you live on location from Coruscant. We're currently seeing all but the Senate's Security Council leaving the building, seemingly out of nowhere, and all we've been told so far is that a closed session has been called," the Bith reporter pauses and raises a small comlink, appearing to listen to a muted voice on the other end. The holoviewer display pans to one side, where a small group of brown robed beings can be seen moving toward the Senate building against the flow of exiting Senators. "Okay, we've... We've just been informed that this closed session is going ahead right now, with a special delegation from the Jedi Protectorate arriving. It sounds... It sounds like this may be an evidentiary hearing, we're getting rumors that the Protectorate intends to present evidence relating to the influx of crime that's recently been quelled on Nim Drovis. We don't yet know any other details, but it must be important for them to come all this way amid rising tensions. We will keep you posted on what we can learn." The holoviewer fades back out from the scene outside the Senate.

A low-quality holorecording plays, partway through a segment of audio spoken in Ithorian, translated after short delays by a droid voice. The screen itself shows little, seeming to be mostly covered up by the sleeve of the unseen being recording the meeting. "-atant hypocrisy on the part of the Ascendancy. Our evidence points to a concerted effort being made by the Sith and their allies on the planet... Funding various organized crime groups, and pressuring locals to support their presence under threat of violence. Countless of the Republic's own security forces have been killed... While the planet is subjected to communication disruptions and intense naval presence..." the recording cuts out briefly, the voices muffled by static as the being making the recording clumsily moves the device to obtain a more clear view of the Senate chamber. In one of the senatorial pods, a brown-robed Ithorian is standing as he speaks to the small number of Senators who form the Senate's Security Council, with a tan Human male standing quietly beside him in the same style of robes. " upon this Council to investigate the situation with urgency... And come to a resolution to prevent the further expansion of the Ascendancy's presence. These Sith seek to re-establish the crumbled Galactic Empire, under a new name... But with the same tactics and deception seen under the first Emperor. Take what we have provided you and take action, or authorize the Protectorate to act on your behalf... The fate of the galaxy may depend on what you decide here." As the voice quiets, the recording continues for a few moments, picking up only distant mumured chatter, before stopping entirely.
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