ISD Retired


ISD Retired from Service (5 years before Era 3)

In a ceremony on naval facilities over Coruscant today, the New Republic Navy announced the retirement from service of the last remaining Imperial-Class Star Destroyer. The vessel, formerly christened 'Thunderer', was once the Imperial Navy's flagship, but since the merger of the Imperial and New Republic navies ten years ago, it had been relegated to occasional patrols of core planets. Veterans from both sides of the Galactic Civil War were present at the ceremony and pictured reminiscing with their former adversaries at the exclusive event.

In the fifteen years since the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War, these massive vessels, as well as their counterparts, MC80 Star Cruisers, have proven difficult to maintain with the increasingly limited military budget of the New Republic. The Navy still operates a single MC80 battleship, the 'Last Bulwark', but the lumbering vessel hasn't left Coruscant orbit in nearly five years and primarily serves as a museum for enthusiasts of the historical vessels.

Some proponents of defense decried the occasion as a dark day for the safety and security of member planets of the New Republic, but their voices fell mostly unheard. Over 70% of the population of New Republic planets approve of continued reductions in military spending. With all planets but Coruscant now
having opted out of full New Republic management, the Senate's role is largely limited to diplomatic gestures and supplemental planetary security, and its member worlds have repeatedly voted to reduce their allocation of funding for this purpose, preferring to reserve credits for projects seen as more beneficial to local populations.
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