Empire Dissolved


Lord Wren Dissolves Galactic Empire (15 years before Era 3)

Today, Lord Emperor Wren appeared before the Imperial Palace for the first time in six months to announce the formal dissolution of the Galactic Empire as a standalone governing entity. Lord Emperor Wren ascended to the throne several months after the death of Lord Emperor Invictus Adera-and-Varik Kai-Evelyn and has ruled for five years since, but internal sources close to the Emperor noted that he has been increasingly insular and frustrated with power being held by the governing Moffs.

In the two years since the admission of Imperial Moffs to the New Republic Senate, the Empire had seen a continued decline in relevance. With authority held less firmly by the Palace on Coruscant, politicians on Imperial worlds have increasingly aligned themselves with the Senate. Citizens have largely welcomed this shift, although many have also noted an increase in corruption, with votes for planetary control being subject to suppression and bribery.

Lord Wren's personal transport was later seen departing from Coruscant and arriving on Korriban, escorted by several Inquisitors and members of the Imperial Royal Guard. 
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