Senate Relocates


Growing Independence Movement (10 years before Era 3)

The New Republic has officially finished moving its Senate governing body from Mon Cala to Coruscant, completing a five-year renovation of the Imperial Palace into a new Senate Chamber. Representatives noted that Coruscant's history and central location would make it an ideal center of political power for the extensive government.

However, many of the Senate's critics argue that the increasingly irrelevant institution has diverted far too much of their funding to these renovations and the revitalization of the surrounding areas of Coruscant. Just last week, the planets Kashyyyk, Nal Hutta, and Mandalore formally opted out of full New Republic membership, as all member planets are guaranteed the right to do. In this new arrangement, they retain a voting member of the Senate, but control over nearly all local matters rests with local authorities and financial support from the central government is limited to sector defense. These planets will continue to contribute a small portion of revenues to the New Republic, reserved for military readiness spending and local security.

Emboldened by these developments, populations of several other worlds have recently voted in favor of similar preliminary motions, the latest in an ongoing push for decentralization as citizens of the galaxy grow less interested in ceding both credits and control to a unified government. When asked about this news, the Senate President issued a statement affirming the right of all member planets to chart their own course while also emphasizing the continued relevance of the Senate and the fact that all three planets would remain voting members.
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