Implosion of RSC


An implosion of Rim Systems Coalition and aftermath

Crime hangs on tooth and nail, in the gritty underbelly of the galaxy. The Teton Family rose to power with a promise of squashing the post-war criminal activity that was rampant in the Outer Rim for many years. But it seems the draw is too great, even for the idealists of the galaxy.

In recent days, Naboo investigative security forces executed a no-knock warrant on the Teton Family mansion after a forensic accounting special team found that they have been embezzling money from governmental coffers to fuel their glitzy lifestyle. Yet it seems that the leaders of the family had prior notice and fled into hiding moments before the security team arrived. No one has heard from them since, but the New Republic has seized the assets of the Rim Systems Coalition in expectation of an ongoing court case.

The Rim Systems Coalition only succeeded in driving crime to the back office from the streets, and the citizens of Ryloth and Naboo are left worse for the wear.
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