Jedi Apps Open

Requests for good aligned characters to play forcers.

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Desolation Updates

Changes to the Alley and a new way to remove tattoos.

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Increased Presence

Reports of Increased Imperial Presence on Lorrd

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Website & Projects

Website completion and new projects on the Horizon.

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Patrols Increase

Boots on the ground attempt to sway the citizens of Lorrd.

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Droid Player Names

A QOL change that droid players have been asking for!

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Planet Game Clarity

Clarity for new system and changes to bombardment.

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Mudlet UI Update

Mudlet UI Version 2.3.0 released today.

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Typo Fixes

Resolves a few typos for September 2021.

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Starting Equipment

Revamp and recolor of the starter gear with more options.

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