Minor Space Updates


A small set of code changes on 11/19/2021

- The squadron and battlegroup "nav" subcommand now accepts partial commands, for example, "squadron nav all hyp" instead of "squadron nav all hyperspace"

* Note that command completion may result in different things than usual because the list of available commands is shorter. For example, "l" would normally mean "look", but since "look" is not an option here, it would mean "lightspeed".

- Added a couple new convenience aliases for the course command:
COURSE AWAY : Sets your course to go away from this.
COURSE REL(ATIVE) 500 0 0: Moves you to +500 X, +0 Y, +0 Z from your current location.

* Note: There's a known issue with this change breaking coursing to something in quotes, like "course 'nal hutta'". For now, it'll work without the quotes, but I'll fix that when I get a chance.

- Fixed a bug causing the maximum allowed ship size in hangars to not be set on new ships.

- Fixed a bug causing ships which were destroyed while being captured by tractor beam to reappear in the tractoring ship's hangar some time later.

- Reverted the earlier change canceling ship launches when hangars close, based on how it would make it close to impossible to escape from a ship which captured you.

- The message about hangars opening/closing will now show to ships inside the hangar.
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