Sabotage on Lorrd


An Imperial munitions factory gets sabotaged on Lorrd

The Galactic News Incorporated logo appears on the screen along with familiar "Breaking News" accompaniment. A lithe Kaminoan female appears on West Parma Street in Lorrd's Capital City, miners and factory workers fleeing down the road as the news feed starts. She begins speaking "Breaking news here from Lorrd, where an Imperial heavy munitions factory on the outskirts of Capital City has suffered several large explosions." The camera pans upward to a large, drab grey factory with the Imperial Cog prominently featured on its facade, a several gaping holes visible along the exterior and flames and smoke billowing from every protrusion. As the camera continues to scan the building, the reporter continues speaking. "Initial reports suggest that this was an act of sabotage. Here with us is one of the floor supervisors, Bal Wynn." As she announces him, a rough-looking human male, disheveled and caked in dust, comes into view behind the Kaminoan, who asks "Mr. Wynn. Could you describe for us the lead-up to the explosion?"

"Someone tapped into our regular comm feed and told us they'd set up bombs throughout the building. They gave us four minutes to evacuate -- it was all we could do just to get out with our lives, but everyone's accounted for." The reporter asks "Did they give any indication of who they are or what their motive is?" The man looks forlornly back at the building, flames slowly overtaking it, responding "All they said was "From the ashes, the Phoenix is born... pretty strange, really. They wouldn't tell me anything more than that. Voice sounded garbled too, I couldn't recognize a species."

The camera cuts back to the building as several more explosions ring out from its lower levels -- the last finally causing the structure to come tumbling down. An R-41 Starchaser comes into view, flying low over the building's facade and dropping leaflets from an open vent. The reporter ducks and covers her head, but the interviewee picks up a nearby fallen leaflet, squinting at it. As the camera refocuses on the two, the front page of the leaflet can be seen to contain a brightly-colored Phoenix with a single line of text, @95782, barely visible in the shaky footage. The worker drops it back on the ground as the Kaminoan turns back to him to say, "Ahem, perhaps a good time to relocate to a safer distance. Thank you for speaking with us, Mr. Wynn." The GNI breaking news overlay replaces the two as the broadcast ends.
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