War Ends


Empire Ends War on Crimson Dawn Organization

The Imperial Cog spins onto a black screen, before fading away to the planet Wroona. The holo-camera pans through the streets, some visible wreckage from the efforts over the past few weeks being cleaned up by repair crews. "Wroona Trade City had been a prime location for criminals of all sorts, inciting violence and putting the populace in disarray. The Empire has worked tirelessly to restore Wroona to normal, and the results are finally showing themselves." The screen changes between multiple images of a rather peaceful environment, citizens walking about openly and engaging in commerce as usual. Along the streets patrol Imperial Stormtroopers, their E-11 rifles out as they check ID cards. "We have brought an end to the crime waves on Wroona, and thus we see no reason to continue to wage war against the Crimson Dawn." The camera focuses on a pair of Stormtroopers posing along side a human stand owner, before the broadcast fades to black.'
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