Bug Fixes


A small set of code changes on 11/21/2021

- All control rooms and turrets in a ship will see messages from the radio command. It could previously be sent from any of these rooms, but would only be seen by players in the main cockpit room of other ships in the system.

- Improving your beg skill percentage will no longer make you more likely to fail at begging.

- Fixed a bug causing stripship to permanently remove quota previously used by the ship's hyperdrive. Stripped ships should always be restorable to their pre-stripped loadout.

- Fixed the message shown to espionage leaders when someone else slips something to them or a person in their group. Instead of printing " target> slips something to ", it will now correctly show the name of the person who did the slipping.

- Enabling/disabling security in a room no longer gets confused if you have one datapad held and another in your inventory.

- Players can no longer use the background or italic color codes on OOC.

- Fixed another tractor beam crash bug caused by tractor-capturing the same ship multiple times.

- Speech sent over clanmessage is now correctly drunkified when appropriate.

- Scanning into a room with a holotransmitter will no longer show you (unless there's one broadcasting from your current room), and will now show everyone being projected by the transmitter in the room you're looking into.

- You can once again hijack a ship which has autopilot enabled.
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