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    • Andvari Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 9:14 am #29848

      Zersed (Zer-said) – Ubese Bounty Hunter. I kind of decided go with a Jaqen-type character, which eventually turned into simply adopting “A man” and then running with his strange speech pattern. 90% of what ZD said consisted of two lines “A man disintegrates.” and “A man works. It is his purpose.”. While this was successful in making him really, really weird- it also made him extremely difficult and taxing to play. This led to my skipping of era 2 in its entirety.

      Ubese bounty hunters are not very good.

      Character Motives: Zersed is all about the cash. A bounty hunter to the very core. Zersed chooses no sides. Zersed has no friends. Zersed strictly seeks out and captures/disintegrates targets. He stays out of disputes until he is directly hired to dispose of or capture one particular mark, then goes back onto the trading block for his next job.

      Character Strengths: Dedicated to the cause, Zersed will accept bounties on just about anyone. He has a personal rulebook regarding bounties, which is fleshed out in the misc information section. Zersed is fearless and will go to extreme lengths to protect himself, which is the only time his rulebook will ever condone reckless killings.

      Character Downfalls: Zersed -always- tells the truth, regardless of the danger it might pose to himself. Once a bounty contract is fulfilled, Zersed will give the details if asked directly. Additionally, Zersed is unfamiliar with the cultures of most coreworlders and has a difficult time communicating using names and appropriate words. Lastly, Zersed is loyal only to the credit and himself. Friendships aren’t a thing, there are only business partnerships, which can quickly go sour.

      Character Quirks and Other Miscellaneous Information:

      Here is a summary of the rulebook of Zersed:
      1. All targets are open for contract, including past customers.
      2. A contract is not finalized until a price has been agreed on.
      3. During the relentless pursuit of the target, no information will be given about the contract. (This is the only situation where Zersed can lie)
      4. Nobody is killed without a contract. This protection is voided when Zersed’s safety and/or freedom are threatened, and all aggressors will be neutralized.

      Commander Oskar Schillinger

      Rolled as a throwaway character when I came back to LOTJ, I asked some people what major needed help currently. The overwhelming majority said the Imperial Coalition was in a tough spot. I decided I’d go with a Neo-Nazi (human supremacist) Corellian Combat, a tribute to the character “Vern Schillinger” from HBO’s OZ.

      I never expected Schillinger to be so successful, and I take credit along with Darius for really pushing the Coalition to become the “Empire” we all know and love. At the same time, he became my most beloved character in my LOTJ career.

      Favorite moment:

      Seal Team Six action on the Eidolon with Proto (Frump): Nothing like always making funny operator jokes then finally getting to do an awesome high-stakes mission like that. Ravina gave Schillinger the codes 2 days prior (Casei had left them on a note paste when she asked what specs they wanted on their new MC80), so we tried to bait the Union into a space battle. The plan was for Schill to launch in a protected squad fighter and dock in the middle of a battle.

      Since we couldn’t bait them in, we just said “fuck it” and flew to Coruscant. Thalist flew Schillinger and Proto to orbit in a TIE fighter (yeah, we’re that crazy) and we docked up. Schillinger sat in a fighter in Eidolon’s hangar, and Proto sat in a turret (since droids don’t show as lifeforms, and so he could see when we were moving). Literally 5 minutes later we enter hyperspace. Holy shit. We kill Benjamin once I remember that I had glitterstim, collect the bounty and that is how “decamillion” was born.

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    • Domovoi Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 9:45 am #29851

      Alright, so I haven’t gone in-depth on any of my characters yet, so here goes:

      Edrick: This is probably my favorite character I ever played. I didn’t really have a personality on him besides “my own” at first, but eventually it developed into Edrick being a maverick. Everything that came out of Sienar development wise, and everything that came out of the Empire dev wise Edrick had a hand in creating. Rick was an alcoholic because he lost his leg in an unfortunate spice-manufacturing accident when he was young.

      His full backstory was that he was next in line to be a Naboo nobleman, but didn’t like the thought of having to deal with stuffy people all day so he ran away from home at 16. For a couple of years, he was a vagrant, but then at 18, he joined up with a Hutt gang who taught him basically everything he knows. Edrick always said his title was MD, DS, PhD, but in truth, he never went to any medical or scientific schools! I had some people ask him directly “Did you go to medical school” and he was like “Mmmmmmmmsure!”

      So the story goes that he becomes the Hutt’s top guy for making spice, doing black-market surgeries until he tried to make a new type of spice and the lab exploded, taking his leg with it. So the #2 best guy at black-market cybers, who sucked at it, had to replace Rick’s leg, and he was only good at whole-limb replacements. So that is why Edrick limped (when I felt like it) and drank (a lot).

      In the game, I was Vero’s right-hand-man at first. Had a hand in planning the death of Alexis. Vero and Alexis had a deal that neither would go into the other’s territory on some things, and that Sienar would do weapons (I think). But Alexis broke the deal so Vero hired Zersed to take her out. Then the Republic came down on Sienar like a ton of bricks and we were like “Hey. What we did was legal by Rim standards. They had a duel and he won.” It was at this time, Rick became friends with Seline. It was a great ‘best friend’ type relationship between the two of them and it was how Sienar got its early edge because instead of having to test, Seline would just ‘know essence’ and let me know what was up. She disappeared afterwards because she had been outed as a Forcer and was being harassed by Kalen.

      Eventually Vero got tired of playing/got busy so he wanted to hand Sienar over to Rick, but I kept with the theme of “I don’t want to lead shit” and declined, so it went to Yorin. Vero then stopped playing and Rick went to the Trade Fed.

      Louisa ended up joining Sienar after that and Edrick dated Zentari for a time as well. I ghosted for about a week to come back to find Zentari married. Cue ‘lost lover’ RP! That was fun. Eventually Zentari introduced Edrick to Louisa and the rest was history there.

      In the Trade Fed, Rick helped Bugh with making the Baktoid J-100 Jetpack. Now, for you folks who are still reading this, bless you. The Baktoid J-100 jetpack was so named because the engineering division in the Trade Federation was called ‘Baktoid’. Totally coincidental that there was a Baktoid clan E2.

      Edrick was also one of the first boots-on-ground on Korriban when it opened up. Rolling around with Rikk and Seline, killing Massassi while they did the Forcer aspect of it. After the Massassi came back when Edrick died, I was about to pop to be like “They’re Massassi! I’ve seen them before!”

      During the war with the Republic, Edrick tried to help Seline fight the Republic off over Nal Hutta, but failed. He then fled to Alderaan where he stayed in his home, and in Louisa’s home right across the hall for the rest of the war. We droned as many grenades as we could to the frontliners, and I got to witness, via comms, the great Trade Federation Betrayl. Contrary to popular belief, I’m fairly sure that wasn’t planned. It just so happened that Nantego, our Admiral, came online at the same time, heard what was happening and went “OH HELL NO”. This is also where his bromance with Rikk started and he vaguely got to know Jaz.

      Edrick returned to Sienar after the war with the Republic (The War of Republic Aggression as Rick called it). After that, Rick *hated* the Republic. Disliked them before, hated them now. They wiped out the Trade Fed over bullshit and killed Seline. He stayed in Sienar for the rest of the Era with Yorin and Louisa, eventually makin’ babies. During this time, Jaz was a frequent sight at Sienar and Edrick, Louisa, and Jaz became good friends.

      When the coup was launched to turn the Republic into the Empire, Rikk suggested Edrick to Vitho to head up the R&D department. Vitho came to Sienar personally to ask, so Edrick accepted immediately, to the great ire of Louisa. It put a strain on his marriage, but this was Edrick’s dream: To be the head of R&D at a major clan (which is why he joined Baktoid in the first place. He did, in fact, become Director of Baktoid, but it didn’t last long). Edrick and Walcrist teamed up to make the imperial bodysuit.

      After Vitho died and Jaz assumed control, it wasn’t long after that the Rebellion popped up. Jaz sent Edrick back to Sienar to help build ships. I ended up saving most people one day when the Mandalorians raided by grabbing who I could, throwing them on a Pelta and getting the hell out. We ran the blockade and made it out alive, free and clear. Edrick was also spearheading the PR campaign against the Rebellion. The big long note that addressed Blastech’s grievances one-by-one was Edrick because at that point, he was the longest-lived character in the Empire outside of Walcrist.

      But alas, it was not to be. I was idling one day and I saw the alarms, so I ran to the turbolift and called it up, then started moving to the exit level, throwing a grenade, and moving again. Did it too much, but I did, at one point, manage to get OUT of the facility, but like an idiot, I ran back in. That’s how they got ol’ Edrick.

      Tavralan: Tavral’antuar was great. He was an ex-guerilla-turned-Senator and I did my best to play him that way. He was no-nonsense and I tried as hard as I could to impress that if I said something it happened. I actually had a lot of people bitch at me because he wasn’t sensitive or diplomatic enough. I just wanted to be all like “That’s the point, yo”, but I rode it out. Got up to some fun shenanigans and I feel like the tensions between the Imperial Coalition and the Republic Union played out so fucking perfectly you couldn’t ask for more. To the point where we were so suspicious of each other that when I called a short-notice meeting to discuss the explosives ban again, the IC upped their plans to ditch the Republic.

      Eventually, there was a time where Tav went to Czerka to talk to Eresma and the IC/FO started raiding the base, so I was like “I’m bored, let’s start a war!” so I jumped out and started attacking the raiding party. I got downed easily (of course, because Tav was leader/combat with 109 combat) and taken in. I actually kept expecting torture RP (which I would have been okay with), but what I got was the best captured-prisoner RP I’ve ever had lol. They were just the politest folks. And somehow, I became the one and only “Okayest Alien” in Schilly’s book. (Whoo!). Czerka and the FO hashed out a deal to turn Tav over to Czerka and so I was released.

      I intended to take Tav back to the RU, but there was some great moments during the war where Tav was like “…Both sides are bullshit.” so I stayed Czerka. I got bored playing him so I did a spyapp to send the Chancellor the specs to the new Quasar cruiser. And I would have gotten away with it if she hadn’t been captured. I owned up to giving the specs to the Republic and Czerka handed me over. (Side note: I had the strongest feeling I should have ran, but I didn’t). Tav wound up in the First Order prisons again. At that point he was like “Fuck this, I’m done” and was like “I’m not giving you shit. Just kill me now.” So they did.

      Morgana I made Morgana to be a First Order zealot. Just a combat main Zabrak. What I got was that I rolled Force on her. This was my first forcer since the Yevethan EoT, like four years ago and I got just as much time on her as I did then lol. I didn’t have a chance to flesh out RP on her so I was able to mold her to the “Herald of Zildrog” that she became. Got nuked in space by the Resistance. I really enjoyed the RP with Thalist on her because Thalist was teaching on a meta level. “Know the minds of three of those who you will one day lead” is a great way to teach someone how to understand what makes the others tick so you can better ensure they don’t end up ghosting on you.

    • Singra Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 10:11 am #29853

      @veric – No rule broken… All my characters was permed based on roleplay and consequences. And none of them made it to perm anyone -_- I’m a perm virgin.

    • Xerakon Moderator
      May 14, 2017 at 12:10 pm #29856

      @desmond – I admired that when you were playing on Petrona you were constantly trying to better yourself and evolve. Also that she was always willing to go with the flow and do what needed to be done, even when it was boring BS (like checkpoints everywhere).

    • Andvari Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 1:08 pm #29859

      Yeah fuck checkpoints.

    • Kirash Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 3:13 pm #29863

      I forgot about the time that X’iicero ran for Senator of Dac twice. First time was because I was just amusing myself. Since I didn’t have an app in, the Imms asked me if I was actually serious about it. Bernard won and I just RP’d it as X’iicero forgetting to submit the proper paperwork. Second time, I was seriously running. I was the only one who was saying anything whatsoever and had an app in this time. However, my understanding was they didn’t want to allow a BH be a Senator and they were unwilling to mainchange me to a Combat main. So they gave it to some Mirialan who did no campaigning. Left me a little aggravated, but it was for the best considering the Union pretty much imploded shortly afterwards.

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    • Telestrial Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 4:08 pm #29869

      Eckloo Antilles, Senator of Dac
      Lesson: People don’t “work together” unless it serves themselves more than you.

      Theo Galfre, Soldier in the Republic.
      First real “I’m going to work at this combat thing” character. Good guy.
      Lesson: The best way to perm someone is to take advantage of their trust. Sorry @athrun !

      Kkekk, Jawa smuggler piece-of-shit
      Lesson: People take IC events personally IRL, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing w/e tf you want.

      Rol Ziveri, the antithesis of Theo.
      Bad bad soldier with the Empire. Huge chip on his soldier.
      Lesson: Act when you suspect something is up because you’re probably right.

      Gurshyyyk, wookiee BH
      Lesson: Don’t run your mouth to people you don’t know.

      Jela’Rha, Jedi Knight during Era 3
      Lesson: Playing a Jedi straight makes you stand out more than playing it as a conflicted borderline neutral and config +autoafk exists (D:).

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    • thermitelogic Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 4:13 pm #29876

      I started playing a few months into era 1 and had no idea what I was doing, I don’t remember my characters names and never really did anything useful until era 2. I made like 15 characters so I won’t list them all but here are some of the ones I had fun playing.

      Ryon, Wookiee Pilot (blastech) – Cape wearing pilot with a speech impediment that died to pirates in a pelta due to an inconveniently timed phone call.
      Tarin, Human – First Combatant. (Empire) Made it into Corporal in the Empire, learned the very basics of combat, and then Suicided because I liked the levels on Vanessa better.

      Vanessa, Twilek Combatant (Empire) – Vanessa was my favorite character of the era. She not only lived the longest but also was the character I learned the most on. I worked my way up to Major in the Imperial Army, and she was the strongest normal combatant in the Empire. She was a loyal and cold-hearted Imperial Killer, right up until the point I tracked down two jedi alone with autodraw on. Oopse. RIP Vanessa

      Reyin, Muun Science Teacher (Empire, Rebel Alliance, Republic Union) – Reyin was a Muun of Science, and lover of pie. He was A Moff for the Empire and helped negotiate it’s surrender after the capture of Emperor Oram, and then entered the Rebel Alliance to help the galaxy rebuild. He then became senator of Coruscant and helped form the Republic Union, until he got drunk and threw a shot glass at a gungan and then tried to fight him off with a lightsaber he didn’t know how to use. RIP Reyin

      Ellith, Twilek Combatant (Republic Union, Czerka) – Ellith was a throwaway combatant I made while playing reyin to try to entertain myself because being a science teacher was often boring. I ended up leaving the RU and joining Czerka to be Eresmas personal security, but then left to go die with the rest of the RU in the first citadel assault.

    • Telestrial Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 4:20 pm #29878

      @thermitelogic “strongest normal combatant in the Empire” woah woah woah. I believe the last time Rol sparred Vanessa he won in seconds.

    • Athrun Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 4:26 pm #29881


      Oh that was you, huh? The thing about the situation with Theo was alarm bells were going off in my mind. It was suspicious as heck the way it was going, and I should’ve ordered you to just step out of the ship and tell me, or meet me back at HQ where it would be harder to block me in. I also had heard a rumor from someone that they’d been attacked by someone wearing Theo’s armor, but that wasn’t really substantiated. In the end I just trusted that we were both clanmates and hoped my gut feeling was wrong. Which it wasn’t.

    • Dantere Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 4:40 pm #29884

      Era 1 Toons:
      Dresden (Naboo Eng)
      -Republic Chief Engineer, Lord of House Chu’tio
      -Kidnapped by TF once (White Death I believe got me that time).
      -Killed by Rakurbacca shortly before Era 2 (I think.)

      Boreas (Corellian Leader-Combat)
      -Republic Sergeant. (Did not join a new faction after)
      -First attempt at a combat toon
      -Totally tried to play him like a Space Marine Chaplain >.>
      -Exclaimed everything!!
      -Died in EoT Shinanegans.

      Zeven (Vurk Slicer)
      -Republic Intel (Joined Czerka/The Resistance Era 3)
      -First actual Slicer attempt. Wasnt too bad.
      -Died in EoT shinanegans (Suicide)

      Syrialus (Bothan Combat)
      -Republic Army (Later Blastech/Czerka)
      -Sunned before EoT (On purpose)
      -Wore Wroshyr-Wood armor and carried Wookie-esque weapons.

      Vulkael (Naboo Eng)
      -Dresden’s v2.0 (Politics-lite edition)
      -Blastech/Czerka/The Resistance
      -Died over Ryloth with Salle’tu in a Munificent I believe.

    • thermitelogic Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 5:41 pm #29886

      @Telestrial Rol disappeared by the time vanessa died. At the time she died She was definitely the strongest active combatant in the army. Rol was definitely strong though if he stuck around, he mighta been.. Though I frequently remember sandbagging in spars against him because I felt bad that I kept getting promoted over you… I always thought Rol was a newer player for some reason.

    • Telestrial Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 6:07 pm #29889

      @thermitelogic The ol’ “I wasn’t even trying” shtick. Also, keep in mind that Despir never thought about promotion the way you do. He preferred to keep good soldiers in positions with low responsibilities so all they had to do was show up and fight. In fact, he and I talked and we both agreed you should go ahead for that very reason–to keep my responsibilities low and my focus narrow.

    • Madelyn Blocked
      May 14, 2017 at 8:15 pm #29894

      I started out some point in Era 2 I think. I was going to go into detail about all of my characters, but I feel like it would be a lot easier to do it this way and if you have questions, I will answer. I’m also on Discord if you want to discuss any of them.

      Madelyn – Piloting main Zabrak in Sienar

      Vardi – Engineer main Twi’lek in Sienar, then freelanced ships on Alderaan, Alliance, and finally Union. Kietael’s wife, who suicided after his death.

      Ankou – Combat main Twi’lek who hung out with a group of hunters (Aktul, Nazaar, a few others). Was in the RA for a brief time, and suicided early Era 3.

      Jasani – Combat main Arkanian. This character was my most amount of fun, when the drama was good. Bad drama is why I killed her off. She was in the Alliance as an intel agent, following Kethlin around and getting as much info as possible. Partook in the Massassi hunt on Coruscant and almost died at least once to a Sith. Joined the Union in Era 3, married Kial against better judgement, escaped a hit from Deathwatch Mandalorians due to Kial’s psycho sister, and then eventually joined Czerka until I picked a fight with a nobody hoping to lose.

      Eresma – Combat leader – THE Zeltron of the timeline. This was an app char, so starting out she was the Senator of Dac in the Republic Union of the New Republic. After Reyin died, she did her best to keep the Union from falling apart, but the hiring of Sintu was the biggest mistake I made in this TL. After several weeks of stupidity, he gathered up all of the division leaders and signed a petition to have the leadership of the Union removed – this was the next mistake. I should have fired them all and called their bluff. Instead, due to RL issues I was trying to handled, I let them win. They elected Fido as Chancellor (WTF GUYS) and Eresma would have been VC. She accepted this, but had already made up her mind to leave and hide out in Czerka. After a few months and the drama that constantly ran rampant in Czerka, I was getting ready to bail out and search for whomever would be starting the resistance. Instead Kial gave her Czerka and suicided. As she did, she made the best of it and tried to keep up Kial’s policies in Czerka, despite disagreeing with some of them. Once everyone she got to know and like started dying, and then Tavralan betrayed Czerka by sending Ella a copy of the Quasar specs, she contacted Thalist and turned Tav in. This was a pivotal point to my character, and I even asked a few times about starting the Resistance, but to no avail. As soon as Eresma heard the Resistance was a thing, she jumped ship and took as many people with her as possible with the intention of living beyond the Zildrog thing and setting up the new government that would hypothetically exist after the fact. One thing about this character was that she was never the one to sit on the sidelines and let things happened. She wanted to be in the action, and get shit done. Unfortunately, this got her killed on Ithor during the signal event. I had several chances to get away but I stuck around to see Thalist’s demise.. fruitlessly.

      I had several other minor characters including Salletu (Engy Twi’lek), Rosel (Espi Twi’lek), Kearl (science leader Chagrian), Bela (Espi Togruta).

      There are characters I met on this game that were memorable in their ways, who made an impact on my experience of the game in some way or another. Tylan, Lucian, Valene, Kietael, Rastillian, Nazaar, Itezo, Aktul, Tavralan, Reyin, Grokk, Rickon, Trelin, Yatichiri, Kix, Marei, Kaern (I kept the Coran dub even afterward) and Lem (aka Syrkon)… and this is just to name the most impactful or loved by me/my characters. I look forward to meeting each of you in the galaxy next TL!

      P.S. I’ll likely add names of special-to-me characters as I remember them..
      Avery, Malith, and Ra’kam from RU.
      Ellith – Eresma’s bff post-RU and until Ellith left to go back to fight the good fight.

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    • Seryb Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 8:58 pm #29898

      I sucked out pretty hard this era. The list of shitty characters include the following:

      Iroh Despir:
      Mandalorian Vice Chancellor. I started off era 1 alright but quickly got swamped at work and started drinking too much which led to me doing stupid shit on lotj whenever I was about. Threw away his career then flip flopped like a shitter. The only good things I did was try to train the Republic and Imperial armies and help @Paco kill the darkie era 1. Came back here and there era 2/3 joined the Union and hitalled that hit squad like a retard and quickly got executed. Was kinda relieved.
      Kaldir Vuun:
      Jedi Master who worked with Luca in the order. He liked Luca, but also resented him a bit in the end because he and Luca stood by and watched the galaxy fall to the sith. His biggest regret was not taking over the order when Luca offered. I didn’t do much with him which is disappointing because he had an awesome spread but again overworked and drinking too much. Died shortly after Iroh to what I’m guessing is the same goon squad because I autodrew a repeater instead of the saber. Sad times.

      The only amusing thing I did on both of these characters is drunkenly pass out at the keys in public places unAFK.

      The others were all nobodies I didn’t have enough motivation to really flesh out.

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