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    • lithium Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 9:19 pm #29902

      I played these few toons.

      Yathar Borethor – Human Pilot
      Livius – Jawa Engineer
      Ariadus – Toong Espionage
      There’s a few more but the escape me at the moment.

    • Madelyn Blocked
      May 14, 2017 at 9:51 pm #29904

      Re: Yathar! <3 One of my favorite pilots of the Era. 🙂

    • Athrun Participant
      May 14, 2017 at 10:07 pm #29906

      @lithium : The disappointment on Kaern’s face when he realized Yathar was not a combatant. lol. I liked him too, he was a cool guy, still wet behind the ears though.

    • Paco Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 1:11 am #29910

      In defense of era 1 Jedi, since everyone thinks they were horrible (and I’m not criticizing anyone in this post, just saying how things were). The premise of the TL set us off on a bad foot, because forcers were reviled (or they were supposed to be, it was a mixed bag), so the idea was that we would discreetly try to help as normal citizens, to gain trust and standing, and in time we’d reveal who we actually were to show that, you know, we’re just “normal” people attempting to improve the lives of those around us. It was a good idea, in theory, but it didn’t last very long.

      Kalen joined the Republic, telling the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor who he was, and his intentions, to avoid any thoughts of forcers taking over from within. His Apprentice, Roobri, joined later on and he didn’t tell them about that for a while but whatever. Kwark joined the Trade Federation, which wasn’t a good idea in retrospect– having a Jedi Master in both of the major clans, at least. Anyways, the anonymity thing lasted like 3 weeks after Kwark and the Hunter gang got into a fight with like half of the Republic ground forces on Corellia while Kalen sat in orbit just eternally facepalming while farsighting that shit. And not long after that Kalen was outed due to the inevitable leak of information in a Republic clan. Also, being in the Republic was a more of a mistake due to the fact that I was not allowed to help with ground combat, at least physically. It resulted in quite a few people growing resentment of the fact that I wouldn’t help their people, specifically with Star Bane in the early period of his killing spree (muwahahahahaha!). Kalen’s argument to them was generally that his presence was as a diplomat and that a healthy Republic needs to be able to deal with such situations on its own. This argument became less and less effective as the kill count by Star Bane racked up. The raid on Kashyyyk where he was captured was a spur of the moment decision by myself and Kwark after the carnage had just devastated the Republic. After I captured him I stood outside his cell for like three days straight until he was brought to trial, because no one else was going to die in those fucking cells. Beyond that, though, I didn’t help them on the ground. I don’t think Kalen ever got into a fight with a non-forcer apart from Star Bane, apart from the Iktotchi that was rolling with Seline on Nal Hutta.

      Anyways, we found the Sith fairly early on which led to some interesting conversations with Seline! Wish I still had them, but my Macbook Pro got fried a while after Kalen’s death and I lost all those files! Which is sad because there was some good stuff, especially the development roleplay on Idux where everyone participated! Star Bane’s funeral on Idux was also very special. I do want to say that all of the Jedi were excellent roleplayers; Ralrorr, Jun, Dooroor, Roobri, Luca. Sorry if I’ve forgotten any others, it’s like forever ago and I lost all my notes from back then 🙁 . It falls on me that I didn’t train you better when it comes to ground combat, which isn’t a strong area of mine, but I could have done better there. I did enjoy roleplaying with all of you in training too, especially Roobri who due to a special connection due to their app’d backstory were able to share force visions and experience each others emotions as if they were their own. It was an interesting Master/Apprentice situation that really changed Kalen, since Roobri was a former Sith Acolyte that he turned to the light side. Was super disappointed because she had to go away because of life early on, and missed her a lot. Anyways, all of you were great! And I appreciate each and every one of you!

      Since we decided to join separate clans initially it created rifts of information, where we couldn’t be entirely honest with one another, whether due to spyapp or just the fact that we were working as normal people would in clans that were on the other side of the galaxy. With Kwark looking for individuals to train in the Rim Worlds and Kalen looking in the Core. This was definitely amplified when tensions started up between the major clans, with Kwark defending the TF and Kalen defending the Republic. Kalen definitely talked on the commnet too much, I’ll admit that, but it was unsettling to him the things the Federation was doing, moreso after they put a bounty on Kwark, which (kind of) brought everyone back together at the realization that the TF was the “villainous” clan. Getting our own clan helped, and things seemed to be rolling in the right direction. However, the lines had pretty much been drawn with us being Republic-aligned (which, to be honest, we were). After Jaz faked her death (no, Kalen didn’t kill her, or treat her poorly, or threaten her. He offered to train her, she said no, they parted ways) things definitely went south, since it seemed to convince half the galaxy that the Jedi were evil. This, combined with threats that had been made to the other Jedi, and the TF murdering Kwark, sent Kalen into a sort of… militant Jedi mode, which fell into line with his character sheet (that I lost on my old computer, meh), but in his character motives there was an in-depth part about standing in defense of his Jedi and never allowing the Sith to rise to prominence again, which he saw the TF and the Sith working together as another rise in a dark power. This ultimately led to the battle over Nal Hutta, with the ships the Republic gave to the Jedi getting pummeled by the TF, who used up all of their fuel blowing up the Jedi fleet (we podded down to the surface). The Republic fleet took the rest of them out and the ground battle ensued where Seline was killed. And, to Seline I am sorry, at the time there was a concern there was another forcer on the planet which led to my perming you, but I should have taken you back to Idux to give you the RP you deserved, honestly sorry for that.

      At any rate, that whole situation messed Kalen up, moreso considering that he felt disconnected from the rest of the Jedi due to a rift in the Order as to whether or not we should have helped the Republic. I did at one point ask the IMMs about an alignment change, to neutral or dark, because I felt like a lot of his actions during the war warranted it. That was a no, but it wasn’t a big deal due to the Ryloth bombing that resulted in his death. I wasn’t really sad about his death, because I felt like Kalen was just too anti-dark side because of his backstory with the Sith. Luca’s view of the force, for better or for worse, allowed for the Sith to swell a bit resulting in their ultimately being able to take over. Though, to be honest there were some training wheels involved in that. Regardless, I had fun and while I don’t think we did the greatest job we did the best we could with what we were given, once again I appreciate the efforts of all the Jedi involved. There is a bunch of shit I didn’t talk about because so much shit went down I could ramble on for days, and I don’t feel like typing all of it. OH! Shoutout to the dude I caught stealing a ship on Alderaan and jedi mind tricked into becoming a good citizen, who ultimately joined Star Bane’s clan to leak information to the Republic, and then later joined the Republic. You really exceeded my expectations, good sir!

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    • Calladin Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 3:42 am #29915

      If you’re going to claim that your intention was to avoid helping the Republic with Star Bane because it had to do it by itself, then don’t go and command battlegroups multiple times.

    • Gathorn Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 6:38 am #29917

      Actual intention behind the Jedi is what the fmotd said:

      Original mission: We will be taking a different approach to the force this
      timeline. Our Jedi will be more along the lines of what was described in the
      Original Trilogy mystics and scholars that dont go around showing off their
      lightsabers to the galaxy. They are not the Republics enforcers. The dark side
      will follow suit for more obvious reasons they need to survive to carry out
      their evil plots.

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    • Anfo Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 7:15 am #29920

      This was my first character and I came in during Era 3. It was definitely a learning experience. I made quite a few mistakes on a whole host of fronts, but had fun along the way.

      Trelin: Verpine engineer. I started in the Union, but after discovering that I needed to be in an engineering firm I left and joined Czerka. Kial was unstable, but took Trelin under his wing. So many people helped me out and kept me from messing up too much and for that I’m appreciative. Trelin’s crowning achievement was his collaboration on developing the Marauder Corvette. And the creation of a dozen or so fake Verpine egg sacs to quiet Kial’s calls for a Verpine breeding program. After Tovana’s death, Trelin was put into her old position and struggled to keep things running from a manufacturing standpoint. Died a terrible, stupid death to pirates above Korriban.

      Lessons learned: Don’t create a character that needs an accent unless you commit. I RP’d my way to normal speech, but it was difficult. Set RP rules for a character and stick to them, I’d find myself getting thrown off quite often. Ask for help. Don’t fight in space unless you know what you’re doing.

      Plontu: Dug pilot/smuggler. Basically just a character to mess around with after Trelin died. Ended up getting captured by the FO and interrogated for quite a while. Due to RL time issues I couldn’t play much at this point, but managing to live through that encounter was fun.

      I’d just like to say thanks to Tovana/Kia, Kial, Eresma, Marca, Jela, Kyrthik for helping me out and teaching me how to get by… There were way more people and characters that helped me out and I’ll try to add more I remember them.

    • Madelyn Blocked
      May 15, 2017 at 7:41 am #29922

      A few people have asked about the Czerka Verpine pilot on Discord. You were one of my favorite pilot types of Czerka as Trelin (Close call with Yathar!). The Trelinator! Your death was super sad, and I had no idea you were also Plontu! We treated him like a spy that Olaf was trying to insert into our ranks. He learned NOTHING as far as Eresma was concerned. She vecame. A bit… Paranoid, towards the end of her Czerka days.

    • Desmond Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 8:04 am #29924

      Thanks man I kind of feel that it is somewhat easier to learn on a combatant than it is as a pilot because Petrona could go out and do the boring checkpoint stuff (which could be interesting at times, if people RPed it a bit) but also get into a fight and risk it all. Which is harder to do as a pilot.

      I wanted to learn a lot more with Clancy than I did (for space combat) but I was never really willing to risk commanding the fleet and possibly losing it. With Petrona it was different. “Fancy a spar?”, “I’ll ID check here and if I get laid out then fair enough” and so on because you’re just risking your own character. So yeah, Petrona was great because there was a lot of room to just get stuck in. Thanks for your kind words on my just getting stuck in on her 🙂

    • KoolAidMan Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 8:58 am #29929

      I did not do an extreme amount this timeline, compared with others.

      Era 1-Gnomii Maris, Transgender Devaronian Slicer, modeled partially after the character from the show Sense8.
      -Director for Trade Federation.
      -Managed to find S3 on day 2/3 of the timeline and helped pressure Peesh to let the TF use it.
      -Technocrat. Gnomii had a great disdain for anyone using MSTR datapads. Kept the price of MSTRs high, through intimidation and other unscrupulous means, until the Republic decided to be babies about it.

      Gaznik-Rodian Combat Main money grubber.
      Gaznik, or G, as many people knew him was a pretty chill character. He was friends with pretty much everyone not Republic. He chilled with the BH clique for a bit, Hung out with Jaz and Rikk, and was on not unfriendly terms with some of the bigger known Hunters, like Jal’wok and Zersaed.

      His main claim to fame was just the sheer amount of money he threw at everyone. He helped fund several developments for Seinar, was friends with Vero,Edrick, and Yorin, and pretty much always had whatever the top of the line item was at the time.
      He also, at the end, helped funnel money to Starbane, and keep his clan going a little while longer, while not directly joining the clan.

      Era 2-
      Jenna-Balosar espi main. I barely remember her, but she suffered from a major head trauma, and her father implanted an AI, essentially turning her into an android.

      Era 3-Yaup-Rodian combat main. This was a bought forcer that was never awoken. I tried to be subtle and be close proximity to the Jedi, but I came to find out that anyone that could sense was never around when I was. Got busy IRL for a bit and shelved her.

      Kamel Toh-Base human slicer main-This was my character the last 2 weeks of the TL. I mostly just chilled in the palace trying to grind slice/secure. He was mostly unleveled, except for Slicer and Science. Managed to track down and confirm the Resistance hidden sector.

    • brendo Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 9:44 am #29931

      @Paco , Seline was a mess from the start and just jumped on the “Turn Jedi to the Dark Side”train early, in public opinion and internally. Glad it almost worked. As for Nal Hutta, @Xavious convinced me we could take out as many as we could hit land. Of course, we forgot we were going against Tweave’s “Put everyone in a wing and starfighter and turret ever” strategy, so where we thought we almost blew up the flag, it really wouldn’t have mattered.

      On the planet, we holed up and I was preparing to come out death fielding. (To bad I didn’t know it was spammable or I may have considered using it that way.) You guys were sniping and lightsaber throwing and grenading and everything else. I afk’d because my daughter puked all over my keyboard and the second I unafk’d I ate 5-6 snipes 2 lightsaber throws and just never recovered. I’m glad she died though, it was a terrible character from week one.

      Also, I was Benjek with the Mandos, and Myrrh of Cathar.

    • Ryken Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 11:49 am #29935

      Hey everyone! Even though I think only Zero could sniff out every fucking character I played because I was so flagrant learning things this timeline, I want to thank you all for suffering my learning experiences, haha. I had a blast in Era 1 and Era 2, but sadly had to duck out for the rest of the TL due to real life getting traumatic and busy. I’ll drop some characters and thoughts I remember.

      I started in the Trade Fed with a “jack of all trades” combat type, had blaster mastery and high luck for fun smugg skills. There was a lot of neat RP going on over at the TradeFed at this time, and I started being let in one some of the cool stuff, but my RP buddy vanished and I got kinda bored with this char and let her go/resigned.

      The Dipshit Dug Who Got Two Fingers Cut Off By Noman For Stealing Noman’s Ship And Trying To Sell It To A Friend Of His. I was so fascinated by smugg/slicer skills this timeline but quickly found out how much care they take to actually utilize in this game. Weh.

      Engy bot Jawa, just kinda skipped around the galaxy like a bum, made some armor and weapons, had a store in the mall, was incredibly rude when talking to anyone, “surly shit assed Jawa” is the only way to play one imho.

      Ko Sang
      Poor Ko. My first real combat main character. Learned a bunch from the Republic army as far as combat tactics, learned where all the gear was and how to get it, etc. Then immediately did a dumb assed thing where I had custom armor with the word “Republic” in the restring. Immediately got beat up and captured by Starbane and ransomed back to the Republic (like 12 million credits, lol, thanks whoever paid it instead of letting my dumbass die). Ko was a rich kid with an “honor and adventure” streak who basically wanted to be a knight and clashed with leadership a lot, I had a lot of great fatherly type RP’s with Republicans who weren’t mad, just disappointed by me, lol. Ko actually turned into a decent army officer about halfway through Era 1, I think he was an LT or Captain. Did lots of training and gearing of other army folks, equipment supplying, etc. The army was a pretty dang well oiled machine around this time, and very fun to be a part of. Sadly Ko met his demise in a botched landing party raid on Ryloth. We were hacking into the Trade Federation’s headquarters and just before we would have engaged with (I think) Rakur, and a few other goons, we decided on a tactical retreat. They chased us to the landing pad, Quod or Oram led us into a public shuttle, but as we all know, the interior has a 2 or 3 person limit. Me and one other Repub were left behind as the shuttle took off. I realized what happened .5 seconds too late 🙁 RIP

      My “i’m going to learn to pilot a battlegroup” character. Zee was an omwati pilot bubblegum punk girl, super bubbly and fun and joke-y, very young, immature, and impulsive. She was a blast to play, and I had a ton of fun around the time playing her. Oh she was also a doctor who could cybersurgery and I delighted in making grim, gory jokes at people just before I syringed them. Zee was a pilot in the Republic navy, didn’t end up doing a whole lot, I think I saw that one battle over Kashyyyk? Perhaps? Anyway, Zee got hot and mad at a certain rampaging wookiee who she believed killed her friend Dresden, amongst others (ugh, the fucking black death). When Rakur was launching from Coruscant, she tractored his ship and locked on and interrogated him, threatening to destroy him unless he gave any information he had about the deaths that were going on. I forget how they grabbed me, I think I might have been running cargo or doing something stupid/idle when I got bonked. Anyway, Zee was very viciously revenge-killed for threatening the wook, and it was probably the most disturbing bit of roleplay I had to do. It was kinda extreme / dark (wanna be clear, NOT over the line, just thorny) and she was killed. If Tweave has a log of that, I’d love to see, cause I lost all mine when my computer crashed last year.

      My first senator! I told you I did a lot of learning this timeline 😛
      Orthus was an arrogant mon calamari from a family of artists and entertainers. I had a fun character arc planned for him, but it kinda had to be foreshortened because it was based on being a separatist who wanted Dac out of the republic, but I think right around that time Lorrd was threatening withdrawal too, and there was already a “planet leaving the Republic” arc going on, so I kinda just “came around” to the Republic view, because Things Were Harder Than I Thought. Orthus was verbose and flashy and a bit of a phony, but he had a good heart. He was also very anti-jedi/force, believing force wielders to be chaotic vessels that drew peaceful people into proxy wars. I was writing a treatise about the force on public terminal that I sadly never finished, because I had fun writing it. Orthus was a leader/engy, so he built a LOT of fucking ships! LOL. Orthus got got leaving Sienar’s HQ and going idle (whoops) on Kashyyyk for a bit in a personal ship (derp), I think it was the whiphid governor of the TradeFed who plunged the knife in my guts.

      My “I log in sometimes” character who rode out the timeline not doing anything, had a bunch of cool skills and blaster mastery, alas.

      Anyway, I learned a shit ton, and I love you guys and can’t wait to dive into the new TL! 😀

    • Anfo Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 1:04 pm #29940

      Nah, Plontu wasn’t a spy. I really wanted him to be unaffiliated, but that proved to be pretty difficult. Instead I ran him as a loner that would help out people that were decent to him when needed. I don’t blame the paranoia, Plontu encountered that sort of distancing from the beginning. I was surprised that Czerka would make a deal to hire in a random Dug prisoner the FO was holding to begin with. I figured for sure that he was just going to take a blaster bolt to the face.

      I’ve played a lot of muds, but the character I had in Trelin was probably my favorite and the characters in Czerka made it an amazing place. The heartbreak at losing Jasani was real. Trelin called every taxi in the galaxy until he found her. He was extremely loyal to the company and the people in it, but also pretty naive to the political workings of the galaxy. It was definitely fun and I’m looking forward to the next TL.

    • lithium Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 2:59 pm #29944

      Thanks. I had a lot of fun playing Yathar. He was a goof. During the 2nd era I actually introduced Yathar to Oram after we caught him in a raid while in the alliance. He was born on Corellia, ran cargo until the war broke out with the Empire. Joined the alliance then after that joined Czerka as a pilot/guard. Then the war with the Herald started. As stupid as it was to go to Ithor and land he did it anyways. He met Thalist on the ground after trying to hide. Didn’t work out well. Thalist blocked him in a corner and chopped him down. He was one of my oldest characters. Started him at the end of era 1.
      Shout out to everyone I came across that helped me. This is my first mud ever and you all have made it fun and frustrating to play. I don’t know how many espionage characters that got killed during the run but man, some of that was epic. I played a loud foul mouth bothan too I just can’t remember his name.

    • brendo Participant
      May 15, 2017 at 3:19 pm #29953

      @lithium I liked Yathar, I hated how he died and you being mad at me because I was a “test tube” telling you not to land because there was a sith there…

      Also, I hope @Saito died a horrific death on that character.

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