Sith Destroyed

Imperial Broadcast on Destruction of Sith Fleet.

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Yavin IV Cleanup

An explanation of what happens if you’re on Yavin.

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Yavin IV Assaulted

Breaking News: An Eclipse Dreadnought Assaults Yavin IV.

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The Rebels Respond

The Rebels respond to Dark Lord Dzadaiz’s Ultimatum.

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An Ultimatum

Dark Lord Dzadaiz issues an Ultimatum to the Galaxy.

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EoE Timing Cont.

A updated time frame for the remaining EoE events.

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Mysterious Attacks

A Sith Massacre occurs on Mandalore and Ithor.

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Pureblood Sith

The Empire releases an announcement on the Sith.

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Minor Bug Fixes

Minor fixes to matchvector, hyperspace calc, autoafk, etc.

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Orbital Updates

An update to how orbital protection works and more.

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