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Alright folks, it is once more time to pick a new Roleplay Council!

What is the RPC? It's a group of 5 knowledgable and experienced LotJ players selected by the playerbase to manage player restore cases, assist new players, ensure prisoners are seen to by a capturing clan, and essentially act as ambassadors for the entire playerbase. We expect for them to (no matter their past) remain unbiased when assisting players or voting on restore cases. Members of the RPC must also be very aware of metagaming - or taking information gained OOCly on their RPC from either notifications, staff, or restore cases, and using it ICly on their characters.

Interested players can apply at:

Tentative schedule:
09-18 to 09-23 Run for RPC
09-24 to 10-01 Vote for RPC
- October 2 Announce the new RPC
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