Vong Act 2


An explanation of what to expect from the next act of the Vong Arc

We're in the process of moving our Yuuzhan Vong plot from act one (events organized by staff) to act two (a clan operated by real players). While we're setting this up, here's some guidance for how perms should be approached by players on both sides:

For Non-Vong players:
Non-Vong players should all consider themselves at war with the Vong. Given the stakes involved, perming Yuuzhan Vong characters is OK when given the opportunity. Jailing them is also fine if your RP dictates it. Unlike Vong characters we've set up for some of the earlier events, there may be discussion or prisoner RP to be had with them now.

For Yuuzhan Vong players:
In general, treat perms like you would in any other clan warfare situation. They should happen sometimes, but not so often the war is over in 2 weeks. In an active battle, perming downed opponents who were fighting you when it's not feasible to bring them to jail is OK. When it's possible, Vong should still prefer jailing downed non-key opponents, especially apparent non-combatants. We're working on an automated jail system to handle eventual release and give benefits to the Yuuzhan Vong clan for jailing people.

This asymmetry in perm expectations reflects the fact that Yuuzhan Vong characters are meant to be more disposable and short-lived than regular characters, since they're a warrior race and come pre-leveled.

Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of new mechanics involved in the Yuuzhan Vong ships and equipment, and we'll be tuning all of it as we see it in action. Expect lots of subtle and non-subtle changes as we do!
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