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A large post of information about the new Timeline

Now that were in the sandbox, were thrilled to share details about next timelines starting plot and the initial batch of apps were looking for! The staff has been looking at the coolest aspects of newer Disney canon to incorporate into our evolving, player-driven storyline. We hope to launch the new timeline in January more details to come on the exact date.

Here is a taste of what you can expect:
Its a period of ambition and opportunity across the galaxy. The GALACTIC REPUBLIC occupies the Core Worlds, but the Senate's influence stops there. Deeper into the Rim Territories, independent governments, regional warlords, and criminal families compete in a power vacuum.

Powerful factions have wrested control of Hutt Space and now set their sights on carving out a Mid-Rim Empire while the Senate is pre-occupied cementing their control in the Core. Further out into the galaxy, rivaling factions in the Mandalorian Civil War have been conquered by the Mandalore. What the next
move is for the united Mandalorian clans is anyone's guess...

Here are the applications were looking for right now. Please read Help Applications for more info on what we look for in an app. We will announce a second round of apps for starting Mandalorians and forcers at a later date.

-Republic Chancellor
The Galactic Senate is young and untested. The Chancellor's initial duties will focus on uniting the Core Worlds under the Republics banner, but from there, the government's destiny is in the hands of the players.

-Republic Senator (x3)
We are still locking in the starting map, but we'll need starting senators from Core Worlds like Coruscant, Alderaan, Corellia, or Ithor. Your app should describe your character's ambitions for their planet and the Republic.

We are looking for a charismatic player with a good understanding of LOTJ's RP and PK mechanics to lead the united Mandalorian clans. This player will work closely with Walldo to flesh out the clan's overall vibe and story direction.

-Engineering Clan Leaders
We'll need at least one!

-Minor clan leaders
Walldo wants to start the game off with some interesting minor clan options that arent engineers. Whether its an Outer Rim government, a band of space pirates, a criminal family, or a religious cult, hed love to hear some creative options. There is definitely room here for minor clans that intentionally only live for a few months!

Whether you are a new player, a regular, or an oldbie coming back after a long break, you should reach out to Walldo if you have ANY questions about the process. We are keeping some of the storyline specifics vague so that players have flexibility in their apps. Walldo will work closely with all chosen apps to thread together a cohesive story

New Timeline FAQ
Can I buy force?
We are still locking in details, but force will be a rarity at the start of the new timeline. We will announce force app info at a later date, and players should think carefully before spending points on force at the start of the timeline.

Can I play a Mandalorian?
Yes! Once we find our Mandalore, we will ask for a pool of starting Mandalorian apps. There will also be opportunities to buy a Mandalorian with points early on. Details to come.

Can I apply for a unique character?
There might be opportunities, but the focus right now is filling out essential leader slots

What is changing with races and level spreads?
At this point, were not planning on too many major changes. If you have suggestions for balance fixes, join the Discord thread:

Submit your new timeline applications with this special link:
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