Apply for a 2022 New Timeline Position here! Don’t worry if the formatting appears busted after you hit send – it shows up fine for imms. Apps we are currently looking for:

The Republic Chancellor
The Galactic Senate is young and untested. The Chancellors initial duties will focus on uniting the Core Worlds under the Republics banner, but from there, the governments destiny is in the hands of the players

Republic Senator (x3)
We are still locking in the starting map, but well need starting senators from Core Worlds like Coruscant, Alderaan, Corellia, or Ithor. Your app should describe your character’s ambitions for their planet and the Republic
Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorians
We are looking for a charismatic player with a good understanding of LOTJs RP and PK mechanics to lead the united Mandalorian clans. This player will work closely with Walldo to flesh out the clan’s overall vibe and story direction

Engineering Clan Leaders
We’ll need at least one!

Minor clan leaders
Walldo wants to start the game off with some interesting minor clan options that arent engineering clans. Whether its an Outer Rim government, a band of space pirates, a criminal family, or a religious cult, hed love to hear some creative options. There is definitely room here for minor clans that intentionally only live for a few months!

Jedi and Sith

We are -NOT- currently soliciting forcer applications for the new timeline. We are still locking in details, but force will be a rarity at the start of the new timeline and we will announce app info at a later date.

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