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LotJ is a text-based roleplaying game (affectionately known as a MUD) set in the Star Wars universe. We do not follow the strict canon story of Star Wars. Instead, our unique timeline begins at an early point in the Star Wars expanded universe, continues to the Galactic Civil War and ends in the post-Empire era. No matter what your favorite era of Star Wars is, you’ll find it here.

Roleplay is enforced. All positions on LotJ are filled out by players, from the heroic Jedi Knights and benevolent Republic Senators, to crafty ship builders, dangerous crime lords and even dark, mysterious Sith Masters. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to play.

What are you waiting for? The legend awaits!

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...


The galaxy has fallen into chaos in the years following the Galactic Empire's

From the ashes of those who fought the Empire rose the Alliance of Free
Planets, the most dominant force in an unstable galaxy. Stretching from the
Core to the Outer Rim, they have asserted themselves as the galactic police
force during troubled times.

Once the most dominating force in the galaxy, the Hapan Families have been
pushed to the brink of survival. The Hutt Cartel has carved out a sector of
space while managing to influence galactic affairs. The ever coy Corporate
Sector Authority lie in wait. The Noghri of Clan Vrak'shir are lurking in the
shadows. Ever the diplomats, the Alderaanians have found some success in making
sense of the chaos. Neutral worlds have fallen victim to crime outbreaks as
they keep a close eye on affairs. Through it all, Incom Corporation remains the
galaxy's eminent engineering firm.

No vying factions have been able to establish total dominance. The galaxy's
balance of power remains delicate. The opportunity is there for those willing
to take it. The airwaves are filled with broadcasts by those who seek to carve
out a corner to call their own. What role will you play?

-Take a look at changes 1202 - a note about metagaming
-We are hiring imms! changes 1201
-Be sure to check the news command to keep up with the latest IC events. Is
something missing from there? Let us know!
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