The definitive Star Wars roleplaying experience.

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LotJ is a text-based roleplaying game (affectionately known as a MUD) set in the Star Wars universe. We do not follow the strict canon story of Star Wars. Instead, our unique timeline begins at an early point in the Star Wars expanded universe, continues to the Galactic Civil War and ends in the post-Empire era. No matter what your favorite era of Star Wars is, you’ll find it here.

Roleplay is enforced. All positions on LotJ are filled out by players, from the heroic Jedi Knights and benevolent Republic Senators, to crafty ship builders, dangerous crime lords and even dark, mysterious Sith Masters. LotJ players are never without exciting parts to play.

What are you waiting for? The legend awaits!

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Message of the Day

Welcome to Era 3!

ERA 3: New Opportunities, New Adventures

The Galactic Empire has completely collapsed, leaving no clear power in the
galaxy. The Rebel Alliance has slowly begun growing from a ragtag group of
fighters to a fledgling government, but their job will be long and hard. The
Hapans, once the pride of the galaxy, face a hostile galaxy as they struggle to
find a home.

Planets from the Core to the Outer Rim are faced with independence for the
first time in memory. Uneasy alliances, new friends and enemies will surely
come next. Sensing an opportunity, a new generation of pirates and criminals
are taking advantage of the chaos.

Will the Republic re-emerge? Will one person carve out a new empire? The stage
has been set - what role will you play?


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