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      July 12, 2018 at 12:15 am #31118

      “Holymoly the grinding. … For engineers, scientists, or slicers, you have a good two, maybe even three real life weeks ahead of you of either botting or entering the same two commands over, over, over and over again to get slivers of skill percentages at a time. The science grind takes about a week of solid 24-hour botting. The slicing grind, which involves entering ‘slice (thing)’, waiting a couple minutes, then entering ‘secure(thing)’ over and over, can take multiple real life weeks to finish, and cannot legally be botted.

      While I can’t argue against the idea that making these things so incredibly long-winded also makes them infinitely more valuable to have, I do tend to question a game mechanic that requires the player not to play the game, especially over an extended period.”

      A January 2018 review excerpt (http://www.mudconnect.com/cgi-bin/prev/review.cgi?rid=39376)

      “Why we Bot

      Some tasks and skills in the game are very time-consuming and repetitive. Some of these skills can simply be too much to stare at the screen and monitor the entire time. Often, botting makes our lives easier by automating these skills.”

      A Guide to Legal Botting on LOTJ (https://www.legendsofthejedi.com/legal-botting)

      “Learn to Script. Learn to Bot. Grind the Boring.

      Some things are best left to automation. While you can spend all day with your engineer working on a ship, that leaves very little room for interacting with your clan members or the galaxy. So why not have your character build it at night while you sleep?”

      10 Tips for New Players (https://www.legendsofthejedi.com/10-tips-new-players)

      The solution is an overhaul of every system that is currently using botting. (Sorry, coding staff.)

      Players don’t want to play that part of your game, that’s an issue, so you need to change that. (RIGHT?)

      Some Thoughts:

      Rethink the percentage use-based skill progression system – instead of training through use and simulating growth over time, it encourages players to grind until they reach 100% ASAP. It might be better to let players choose what skills they get or what they’re masters of, at the cost of only being mediocre, poor, or not having others. Maybe with skill points, for example. This could also open up skill trees, which opens up character variety beyond what level cap you’ve rolled.

      Rethink time sinks – Similar to % over time, in order to craft cool armor or a ship it requires players to disengage and hit repeat commands until finished. There needs to be something else the player can do or give you to compensate for this, otherwise you need to put a limit on the number of things they can craft in a day/week/month if it’s that important to restrict it. It’s outrageous (That’s right, outrageous!) to steal a players time for the sake of game balance. It’s a game, redesign it until it’s balanced.

      A small fix idea I can offer might be seperating the player from the actual building of large ships, you might want to think about automating it and having droid builder slots that can be assigned to a certain maximum number. Then shifting player engineers more towards repairing and modifying.

      Rethink the science class – This entire class is based on stationary command repeats. I think it exists because of develop? It really shouldn’t exist at all, it’s WAY too passive.

      Instead turn science into a clan tech tree that you invest funds in, with lots of small incremental improvements. Have technology and tech progress be stealable (Espionage/Slicer/military efforts). Have prototype tech be reverse -engineerable- in exchange for tech points. Boom, a whole new active element in PVP. Sacrifice one class to give every other class more things to do. No need for people standing around for hours typing a single command.

      The important takeaway from this is that anything forcing the player to stand still and not actually play the game for long periods of time is bad. LOTJ excels at being a RP/PVP game, so you should try to focus more on that.

      I say this with love.

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