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    • veric Participant
      April 10, 2015 at 4:38 pm #25134

      LOTJ also suffers horribly from the ‘if it isn’t on GNI it didn’t happen’ attitude when it comes to people trying to establish multi-person RP or galaxy wide RP and even when it IS on GNI if it isn’t in announcements people generally dismiss that as well if they didn’t see it for themselves.

    • Ocerion Participant
      April 11, 2015 at 5:41 am #25140

      Oh Zeromus, I was just talking about the start point. I’ve come to the conclusion that when it comes to the overall story, the Imms should really do a lot more of anything at all, and a lot less of letting the players have anything to do with it. No sarcasm there. You see, if the mud as a whole was given, we’ll say 2 months of time total, to establish its “starting point” in such a manner, the imms would have plenty of time to see where/how things were going, and begin to prepare a general plan of attack against the shitty people mentioned above by Veric.

    • LED Participant
      April 11, 2015 at 10:43 am #25141

      Quote: Veric – LOTJ also suffers horribly from the ‘if it isn’t on GNI it didn’t happen’ attitude when it comes to people trying to establish multi-person RP or galaxy wide RP and even when it IS on GNI if it isn’t in announcements people generally dismiss that as well if they didn’t see it for themselves.

      Yeah, I’m one of those shitty people (hi Ocerion!)

      Given the ease with which a broadcast can be written and sent, it is handy to know what direction the Imms actually want the game to move. IF Player B posts a broadcast stating that Corellia has been destroyed by the Jedi, but then immediately rebuilt by the Sith, I’ll go ahead and wait for a GNI broadcast regarding such before I believe it.

      On the other hand, if I am a Sith and I want credit for rebuilding Corellia, then I’ll go ahead and ask the imms to make a GNI broadcast. If they want it to be part of the game, they can make the broadcast. If not, then Player B will simply have to understand that I don’t believe what he posted, no matter how much he wishes I did.

      GNI exists for a reason… GodModding is very easy in this game, and somebody has to sort it out.

    • veric Participant
      April 11, 2015 at 11:24 am #25142

      It is the chuckleheads that dispute EVERYTHING on comm0 because they are not spoon fed information from the imms or cannot be a little creative with their thinking that are my problem with LOTJ and storylines. If it does not have a code mechanism it is completely lost on many people which is why my favorite saying on lotj right now is ‘think outside the code.’ If we had the imms broadcast everything little thing we’d have a non-stop tickertape style news feed. Take a leap of faith that things actually happen without the imms manually pushing things then waving big red flags to show it was done.

    • StormRyder Participant
      April 11, 2015 at 12:55 pm #25143

      I thought the point of a RP enforced MUD was player driven story lines. . .If players don’t ‘believe’ a PC broadcast without a follow-up GNI to back it up or shut it down then there is an issue. That being said GodModding is an issue and will always be an issue, some people just think they are the shiznit and are unstoppable.
      The way I look at it, there is always some truth to a Broadcast, be it direct or subtle. The people who go comlink warrior after a broadcast are annoying at times but essentially part of the galactic movement that is LotJ.

      I think a no clan start would be interesting, allowing players to build their factions (within the TL period settings) and move from there. I see one problem with this…too many factions in Era 1 as each different clique of players comes together with their mains and alts. There would have to be some prep landed mechanicism put into place to weed out some of the fluff before Era 1 is even close to ending. That way people will pool to the more active/needed factions and we not have 17 engineering clans and a separate government on each planet.

    • RexInvictus Participant
      April 11, 2015 at 3:47 pm #25144

      I heard people complaining about the “engineering” clans in here. I was thinking, why not have a group of badgineers (bad engineers)? Just a concept.

    • Walldo Keymaster
      April 11, 2015 at 4:04 pm #25145

      The no clan start is not going to happen. I’ve already laid out the foundation for how this timeline is going to start, so please try to stick with that framework in this thread.

    • Baxtalo Participant
      April 12, 2015 at 2:28 am #25148

      Are there really any constructive topics that were still being mulled over, or any that haven’t been touched on yet? There has been a lot that has gone on these last few pages

    • Ocerion Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 10:30 am #25150

      The comments on the GNI thing got me thinking about something only somewhat related, but really a part of everything and that is, why do major clans not have a news thing that their leader (Or maybe an empowered person) can run without the imms, for a more biased news source? Naturally you’d get a lot of “Those darned evil terrorist rebels blew up Alderaan today.” type BS, but the smart people would be able to learn “Oh shit, Alderaan got ganked.” and it would get rid of the constant/dire need for GNI reports and reduce the overall number of those neccessary, as major clans could put their galaxy impacting news up for themselves.

      Also, it could help significantly reduce recruitment spam, along with changing how its done, when there is a post anyone can see at any time, from anywhere, easily, giving them all the relevent details in a big flashy way. No more spamming broadcast or channel 0.

    • Oteri Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 12:32 pm #25152

      @Walldo- Mandalorians…What if “something something start up war story,” followed by “something something Mandalorian Remnants style clan” happened for an era 2 style era 1?

      I’ve got a first draft of a Mando clan app I’d like to submit when the time comes, and it goes along these lines. You’ve got your two governments (as described by you on pg2) and Mandalorian minor clan…The independent worlds might have been part of the Mandos at some point, but the Republic and the TF had to team up to fight the Mandalorians back. They won, Mandalorians are Remnants now, trying to get their shit together again, and you’ve got that uneasy hesitation of “What now?” between the two superpowers left over.

    • Baxtalo Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 1:54 pm #25153

      @Ocerion So what you’re asking is for clanleaders to have access to compose news which shows up in the news section. That’s not a bad idea, if the news was relegated to Other, or a specific clan-related news section. To be revoked if misused in any way.

      It would also be really interesting if a news organization sprung up looking to consistently report on things, too, but that’s just me. GNI existing clanwise, for example, with a few player-controlled reporter characters who could come out of the shadows to actually interview people whenever something of interest happens IC that merits news attention. Or the same thing just with a “rival” newsgroup

      This might just be me, but I’m really against the idea of the Mandalorians having their own clan to start. I get that the desire for Mandalorians are there, but I don’t think that they should be all grouped together under one roof, at least at the start. If there’s going to be a central gathering of Mandalorians at some point, it should be up to an IC Mandalore/Mand’alor to bring those groups together by force or by necessity.

    • veric Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 7:11 pm #25154

      @Bax : I think the reporter thing was tried in era one but it eventually just came across as a clan shill and people stopped paying attention to said person because of the problems described in this thread. very little is taken seriously unless an imm smacks you in the face with a GNI report or a news update.

    • Seryb Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 8:19 pm #25155

      @Baxtalo: I think the news clan is a cool idea but for ease of use and continuity it might’ve better to just have clanleaders get access like @ocerion suggested… “Republic News Network” or whatever. Then players would know stuff is coming from one of the top three people.

      , what about “The mandalorian enclave” being a few apped mandos within one of the beginning majors. Maybe a solo appled guy out there as well rather than a whole clan since @Walldo wants them to be low key.

    • Oteri Participant
      April 14, 2015 at 10:07 pm #25156

      @Seryb @Walldo just said that he wanted them to have a smaller role, and keying them as a minor clan on the rebuild at the start would fit that bill.

      And personally, I think what @Baxtalo recommended ends in one of a few ways: 1) Everyone dies, 2) It never comes to fruition because something-something pessimism and players can’t get their shit together, or the worst option, 3) Cliques, yo.

      Either way, anyone trying to contribute to this wastes their time immensely. Setting up a minor clan with a few early Mandalorians and dropping the app requirements (but not the points for obvious reasons) gives incentive, allows for goals and planning, and in no way does it guarantee or necessarily even allow for them to go major at any point. It does, however, give players the option of Mandalorian RP, with the race or with the culture, a reasonable starting point, and some options for the future.

    • Seryb Participant
      April 21, 2015 at 3:50 pm #25180

      @Oteri, I must’ve missed that I was under the impression they wouldn’t have there own clan to start. I could get onboard with them being a minor just don’t want to see everyone flocking to them. I agree with you on the news things that’s why I was leaning towards clan leaders having a news command. Would help prevent all of what you said.

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