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    • Kirash Participant
      March 18, 2015 at 8:26 am #24981

      I don’t think allowing minors to capture would properly weed out anything. As I said, people will generally flock to their favorites/cliques etc. The reason why some of the minors are still around is because Walldo said that even minors can make an impact and there would be no dissolution of minor clans unless they went majorly inactive like the Remnants did.

    • Oteri Participant
      March 21, 2015 at 11:31 pm #25019

      Two words: Droid revolution.

    • Walldo Keymaster
      March 29, 2015 at 4:31 pm #25028

      Here is a rough outline of what we are leaning towards and why.

      With Star Wars 7 on the horizon this year, I think it would make sense to emulate some of the aspects of the movies to make things as accessible as possible to new and returning players.

      Follow the basic idea laid out in the prequels – the Republic is an ancient government that has overseen a tremendous time of peace. The government is more concerned about fighting lawbreaking nuisances – pirates, smuggler networks, etc. – than fighting existential threats like the Sith Empire or Hapan Consortium.

      This Republic does not control the galaxy, it’s much smaller, focused in the core worlds. There will be neutral worlds in the Mid Rim that are supportize of the Republic, but haven’t outright joined. The Outer Rim will be governed by the industrious Trade Federation.

      There will be some sort of catalyst, and the Republic/Trade Federation will suddenly be interested in bringing these neutral planets in the middle of the map into the fold. We will NOT be following the ‘minor clan for each planet’ mold we do in era 3 but there may be temporary event-oriented clans to guide these proceedings.

      I think it would make sense to begin with the two major clans working together, with a little hesitation and apprehension, to solve a crisis on a planet, but that planet will end up going one way or another.

      It will be important to pace this stretch of the era so things don’t instantly go full on war between the two majors. The big bad war of the era would play out similar to the Clone Wars – we would specifically like to see warrior races in the mix, so probably droids/clones.

      We would like to have Mandalorians in the mix, though it would be in a much smaller capacity than we usually do.

      We are still discussing the role the force will play in all of this, but personally, I am leaning more towards Jedi/Sith serving in that sort of mystic/spiritual role that Obi-Wan Kenobi personified in the original trilogy than the ‘front line warriors’ of the prequels.

      Give me all your feedback!

    • Bai Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 4:50 pm #25032

      we just had trade federation, i don’t think we should have it again at the beginning of the timeline. we don’t normally do clans so close like that (except like republic, empire, the big major ones) and I feel like people need a break between eras and even timelines before a clan like that – that was pretty major in this timeline – to be re-introduced to us as players.

    • Walldo Keymaster
      March 29, 2015 at 4:53 pm #25033

      we just had trade federation, i don’t think we should have it again at the beginning of the timeline. we don’t normally do clans so close like that

      This is something we discussed quite a bit, because you raise a good point. Unfortunately, other viable alternatives for this framework would be the “Confederacy of Independent Systems” “Corporate Sector Authority” etc and… yeah. I think the Trade Federation is more accessible.

    • Bai Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 5:00 pm #25034

      Are there really no other choices? Come up with a new name!

    • fayte Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 5:05 pm #25035

      Plot: There was war between the Republic and (Whoever you want), the Republic had fell on hard times and was on the verge of losing, they convinced the Mandalorians to help them with promises of land. With the help of the Mandalorians the Galaxy endured a time of peace. The outer rim went to the Mandalorians and the Core to the Republic, there were other planets who chose to remain neutral and not vow allegiance to anyone.

      Clan Suggestions for Major:
      The Republic – Standard Republic clan with your senate and votes and stuff.
      Mandalorians – Mandalorian, they run the outer rim and have had a long standing Alliance with the Republic.

      Minor Clans:
      MandalMotors- Premier ship construction company in the Galaxy, located in the Outer Rim, Starship design is their only endeavor.

      Gowix Corporation – Located on Corellia, they are the Galaxys front runner for engineering services, due to the success of MandalMotors their ship construction fell under and now they do not partake.

      Just a general idea, seems cool

    • neven Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 5:10 pm #25036

      IDEA: (for the thing that encourages Trade Fed/Republic to work together)

      The Smuggler’s Network and Bounty Hunter’s Guild merge, have a lot of really powerful shit (but from an OOC perspective are obviously kinda doomed in the long run of the story) but are a minor clan (can’t capture). Throw in a couple Mandos in that clan (one of the powerful things they get, as well as maybe some awesome ships with gravwells and ship cloaks maybe) and give them a safe sector that maybe starts off as hidden but is still known about anyway just people don’t know how to get to it til a bit later in the era. As a minor clan that can’t capture, and being just smugglers and hunters from an RP perspective, all they’re really interested in is having fun and making credits, not galactic domination or anything. Eventually, one of the actual majors takes their planet, putting them as a clan out of the game, and starting a more expansionistic policy for that major and of course a lot of propaganda wars between the two clans once the “real threat” is out of the way with everyone arguing that the other side actually sucks because they’re mean or deceptive or didn’t help enough against the smuggler/hunter OP crimeclan. In addition to mandos/cloaks/gravwells I think they should get one or two little cool developments basically that pretty much everyone would want, motivating them to A) beat the crap out of the clan or B) maybe mystical/spiritual jedi actually trying to trade with them rather than just get rid of them since they won’t be as tied to the governments.

    • neven Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 5:12 pm #25037

      RE: Trade Federation as a name, I totally get Bai’s point, but kinda like my own point about not really liking Mando involvement because I just feel they’re a bit oversaturated in LotJ for an “app only” race, I think Trade Federation is a good choice for the same reason mandos are, to get new players to catch on quicker from knowledge of just the movies, even then the Trade Federation is named more often than “Mandalorian” is in the movies despite Boba Fett running around being a badass.

      EDIT: Though I would personally think the Confederacy would be a better choice.

    • Spet Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 5:25 pm #25042

      Regarding moving forcers to the more mystic side as Obi was in the older movies.

      I love the idea, however my problem with it is firstly you would have to remove forcers combat abilities which would make them very vulnerable and large targets in wars. If you did however take the abilities away to make them not so incredibly powerful, it would have to be replaced by something that would make them just as fun to play. Things such as Battle meditation to assist in Space warfare. Stronger sense abilities, or something of the sort. Or as Obi did on Tatooine, mind control. However in a RP game such as this, a mind control ability would be very hard or impossible to implement. The other player would be FORCED to RP that he is being controlled or persuaded and if he did not, consequences would have to ensue. That being said, I don’t feel like it would be very feasible. But the warrior abilities would have to be replaced by -something- otherwise forces will lose a lot of their appeal.


      The idea of Mando’s is great and I know some people feel like they need to be more in the fray and such however I feel like a TL where we have a Rogue mando pirate crew running around occasionally would be very interesting. Have occasional good mandalorians that serve the republic or w/e. But the majority of them will serve the pirates who are harassing the neutral planets and stealing and plundering from them. Thus encouraging the republic and federation to sweep in and save them from the pirate threat. Then the 2 major factions team up to defeat the mando’s and then turn on each other for the neutral worlds.

      Smuggling Network

      The idea of a smugglers network has been something I have always wanted and tried to start on my own one TL but…. lets just say it didn’t work out. However, a smugglers network has so much opportunity. A smugglers network could do anything from simply retrieving something for an organization to finding intelligence. Give a smuggler network a shadowport with a shipyard on it and have it navlocked. They could accomplish anything. They would evolve from just stealing ships to stealing whole fleets and renting them out to the above Mando crew or using them as a distraction. They could find hidden bases out in the fray and smuggle in crystals for lightsabers or high quality engineering equipment….. The biggest thing is with a smuggler, they revolve around credits. So whatever you do with a smugglers network should be hidden, but visible enough that they could be for hire. They would just need access to certain things others cannot get ahold of. But not to much.

    • veric Participant
      March 29, 2015 at 10:01 pm #25046

      What exactly is a smugglers network and what do they smuggle: Information. Items. People.

      -Information is more of an espionage spynetwork and any ‘data’ can be passed around over a comlink or via drone. There is no need to ‘smuggle’ it to another person once your spy/smuggler finds out information.

      -Items can be sent via a drone. Maybe if certain items could not be held by a drone that would fix things but as of right now a drone beats a smuggler when it comes to items that need to be smuggled from person to person.

      – People ..I’d love it if we could really ninja-smuggle people from planet to planet but a quick stat (shipname) typically ruins that when you are trying to smuggle someone through a manned blockade/picket. Is it really smuggling when you fly through an unmanned fleet or a pirate-duty ship?

    • Baxtalo Participant
      March 30, 2015 at 12:24 am #25047

      The thing about that there smuggling and intrigue: locateship. I would love the idea of rebellious privateers shifting around hard-to-come-by goods and doing other dastardly things, but realistically once someone finds you out, you’re sunk before you even take off. But, there’s ways that could be had around it that could make it work with a careful system of pirateshipping, fake identities through pirateshipping, disguises, and coordination… It’d be a lot of work, but it’d also be a /lot/ of fun. I would love to do something like that personally.

      Will there be systems of nobility or clearly defined planetary leaders who are going to be set down this-coming timeline the way they were last time? Leaders outside of Republican Senators? I speak from a very biased position but all of the political maneuvering around trying to convince and keep convinced that one side was better than the other, or arguing for certain rights, taking RP stances toward purely planetary rather than inter-planetary conflicts would be interesting. If we’re talking about a more insular set-up for the Republic and for the opposite side, there has to be motivations and things to keep them occupied within their insular setup… and help ease them toward that eventual expansionary catalyst.

      As far as the Republic trying to fight small-time lawbreakers, if there were the two major clans, two crime clans, and maybe only a single engineering clan, that would make for a very interesting beginning setup.

      As for the crime clans, maybe have a set of philanthropic, Robin-Hood-esque marauders and chaos-bringing thieves with little care of who gets in the way as long as they come away well-off? Some kind of clear distinction but balance between them. They’ve got to want something different; have different motivations the each of them, and have no good reason to ally with one another even if the pressure were on. Distinctions of morals, goals, etc.

      As for the engineering clan, I think it would make sense to only have one at least at the beginning, and an interesting experiment if nothing else. You’re already spreading a lot of people between a lot of different places, and instead of the usual “picking a side and sticking with it” sort of attitude that makes engi clans little more than extended arms of Major Clan X when it starts coming to blows, it’ll make the scenery really more interesting when conflict /does/ begin to develop.

      Mandalorians should be free agents in all of this. No coded clan binding them together. If they are going to exist, they should be spread out in the mess where they please as bounty hunters, mercenaries, hired henchmen, or the hired hand for whatever purpose.

      (also majorly unrealistic, but ah, the Hapans. I’ll miss you.) I wonder about them Lorellian Raiders, though? ohsnap. republic has to deal with beautiful blondes being kidnapped from different worlds.

      and it even makes timeline senseeeeeee

    • veric Participant
      March 30, 2015 at 12:16 pm #25056

      this may not be the thread for it but i completely agree that locateship needs to change. it would fix a lot of problems.

      I propose : the higher your slicer level the more information is revealed with locateship

      50 – ship TYPE look up
      75 – ship status – landed, in flight, hovering, etc
      125 – ship owner
      150 – ship location – last / current landing pad

      this would help mitigate locateship spoiling a lot of things and it would help slicers a bit. it also helps limit pretty much everyone being able to look up a lot of valuable information that should be difficult to find out.

    • brendo Participant
      March 30, 2015 at 1:47 pm #25059

      We discussed this briefly today and I thought it was worth posting. People have been asking for a no-force start like the current timeline, but I have an alternate suggestion. Approve an app for 1 Jedi master and 1 sith lord, and disable purchasing force. Let these individual people build their orders from the ground up, without a bunch of apped forces or purchased people starting off. 1 and 1 and move forward from there.

    • veric Participant
      March 30, 2015 at 2:06 pm #25060

      I love the idea of no app, no purchased forcer build up. Perhaps some sort of cold-war scenario where the solo jedi and solo sith acknowledge each other but do not outright hunt each other right away would also be nice. This would avoid one side getting smashed by the ‘better pvper’ very early on.. disabling purchased would also potentially allow for a more organic building verses a pre-arranged teaming up situation.

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