Treaty Signing


Signing of the Treaty of Coruscant

A circular insignia with the words "The New Republic" appears on the screen, spiraling for a moment before the broadcast cuts to a duo of news anchors -- the same well-dressed, olive-skinned human female and Quermian from earlier today. They face the camera and begin "Thank you for joining us again on this momentous occasion. We're bringing you live footage from Coruscant, where delegations from both The Galactic Empire and The New Republic have gathered to sign the Peace Treaty formally ending the Galactic Civil War."

The footage cuts to an assembled crowd in Umate Plaza, with Interim Leader Cygnus Vho and Executor Twyla Reev seated on opposite sides of a drafting table. They each, in turn, sign the document before rising to face the cameras. Holding up the document, Vho begins "People of the Galaxy. I am Cygnus Vho, interim leader of The New Republic. As my last act in this capacity, I am proud to have signed the Treaty of Coruscant, formally memorializing the end of war between our two peoples. We are now at a crossroads. Peace has been attained at a high cost to both sides. The opportunity we now face is to grow together, engaged in healthy competition where appropriate, but taking care to protect that which we have fought so long for. It has often been said that war is hard, but, for many, peace is inherently more difficult. Let us now engage in that difficult task together. I wish you all peaceful days and peaceful ends, and that future generations may know the same." With that, Vho walks away from the cameras and begins shaking hands with Imperial dignitaries.

The reporters conclude: "What will this new age of peace bring? Well keep you updated, folks. Thanks for tuning in." The circular insignia with the words "The New Republic" appears on the screen again, spiraling for a moment before the broadcast cuts out.
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