Dreadnought Destroyed


Imperial Broadcast on Destruction of Sith Dreadnought

Broadcasting Network [Coruscant]: The Imperial Cog rotates on a black screen, before fading out to show a duros woman sat at a transparisteel table, "Galactic citizens. We're pleased to report the success of the combined mission between the The Galactic Empire and The Rebel Alliance in defense of Coruscant and the galactic core against the red Sith incursion and their Dreadnaught ship 'Pureblood'. The 'Pureblood' broke apart over Coruscant after being sabotaged from within by two infiltration teams. Once sabotaged, the ship was shredded by the combined might of our navies and destroyed. Over the last week, the galactic core has worked in concert with many moving pieces to secure intelligence, technology, and combatants to thwart the red sith, and we stand at the precipice of victory. I'd like to thank the Jedi Order, Alliance and Imperial Navies, ISB Director Chara and Ensign Luuna for their valor in the eleventh hour. This victory was not cheap however. We stand diminished by the loss of Admiral Tharon Vale, and Taka the Jawa, a brave engineering specialist who perished aboard the Pureblood. Festivities are starting on Coruscant from a grateful populace. The Dark Lord howls in frustration through the Force, but has not yet been banished from the galaxy." The broadcast fades.
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