Moffs Join Senate


Imperial Moffs Join New Republic Senate (17 years before Era 3)

Since the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant between the New Republic and Galactic Empire three years ago, the galaxy has enjoyed an extended period of peace. Today, the ruling Imperial Moffs from each world appeared before the Senate to commemorate the occasion by formalizing an agreement to admit the Moffs to the Senate, with equal representation promised to Imperial worlds in matters concerning the combined governing body.

Significant concessions had to be made by both sides in the lead-up to this agreement: To accommodate the Imperial practice of appointing Moffs over each planet, the New Republic relaxed its membership  requirements, no longer requiring that planets must be led by democratically elected representatives. For its part, the Empire agreed to accept New Republic embassies on each of its worlds, each to be staffed by mutually selected advocates for continued demilitarization and civil rights which report directly to the Senate.

Lord Emperor Wren, who has been seen less frequently in recent months, was not present at the signing ceremony. Instead, the Imperial Grand Moffs and the sitting President of the New Republic Senate organized the signing. Representatives from both sides expressed optimism that the agreement would ensure a continued era of prosperity, freedom of movement, and peace.
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