Increased Imperial Presence


Reports of Increased Imperial Presence on Lorrd

[Two days ago, as reported by the local Lorrdian Capital City news...]

The scene opens to the planet of Lorrd, a lush world pockmarked by cities and towns. The scene changes to the streets of Lorrd, an almost energized air to the crowds that go about their business, be it work, shopping, or travel. Along the streets is the rhythm thump of boots hitting the pavement, and the citizens move out of the way as Imperial Stormtroopers march through, their E-11 Rifles held close to their pristine armor. "Sources from within the Lorrdian Capitol Bulding say that the Empire officially arrived two days ago to help the local police force with the rampant crime. Since then, Imperial shuttles loaded with Imperial Stormtroopers have been landing every day." The camera pans over a pair of Lorrdian police leaning against a building, watching the Stormtroopers pass by rather warily. "Sources from within the Lorrdian Police who wished to remain anonymous expressed concerns at the growing amount of Stormtroopers on the streets, as they now outnumber Lorrdian Police." The Stormtroopers stop to check out a vendor on the side of the street, before they move on. "So far the Lorrdian Government has stated nothing further to the media besides that the Empire is here to help battle the crime back to reasonable levels."

[Today, as reported by I.N.N.]

The Imperial Cog spins onto a black screen, the sounds of marching boots echoing over the feed. The screen fades into the somewhat polluted Lorrdian Capitol City, the faint shape of a Victory Star Destroyer just above the clouds. Citizens mill around their evening routines as usual, but the atmosphere has become more guarded. At almost every corner can be seen the gleaming white armor of an Imperial Stormtrooper, stopping random citizens and checking their identification papers. The camera pans along the street after a squad of Stormtroopers entering a nearby establishment, halting the flow of commerce as they stop to somewhat aggressively search the building. "The Empire has worked tirelessly to rid Lorrd's streets of crime. But it is not simply thieves and gangs that need to be removed. Criminals are everywhere, extorting the populace even through respectable businesses." After finding a case they were looking for, the Stormtroopers turn on the store owner, roughly finding his hands behind his back and taking him off. "The Empire is doing its part to remove crime, do your part and report any suspicious activity to Imperial Officials." The broadcast fades out as the remaining Stormtroopers begin lining up the customers and marching them out.
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