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Syntax: Prompt <string>
Fprompt <string>
prompt account|default|default2|default3
fprompt account|default
Account prompt <string>
Account fprompt <string>

When NOT in combat, your PROMPT is a set of display lines that reveals a
variety of information about your character that you would expect to see on a
routine basis.

When IN combat, your FPROMPT is a set of display lines that reveals a variety
of information about your character and the opposing character every combat
round to provide status updates.

The game automatically sets your prompt and fprompt when your character is
created. Through the PROMPT and FPROMPT commands, you can customize them to
meet your needs and desires using Prompt Tokens as seen in HELP PROMPT_TOKENS.

You can also use the ACCOUNT PROMPT or ACCOUNT FPROMPT commands to set up
account wide prompt and fprompt for easily retrieval across multiple characters

There are several default prompt options and a default fprompt option that you
can revisit should you prefer:

Prompt Default
Health: 500/500 [OOC: ||||||][ ] Movement: 1000/1000 >

Prompt Default2
HP: 500/500 [OOC: ||||||] Time: [ day ] Tone: [ none ] Movement: 100% >

Prompt Default3
{Tone: none } {Time: day } {Ambience: average }
{Health: 500/500} {OOC:||||||} [*] {Movement: 1000/1000} []

Fprompt Default
- Enemy: [ 100% ] -
Health 500/500 (100%) Move 1000/1000 (100%) < >

SEE ALSO: Help Prompt_Tokens


The primary special character is: %
Tokens are listed below:
[Stat Name Current Maximum Graphic Percentage]
Hitpoints %h %H %c %C
Movement %v %V %z %Z
Forcepoints %m %M %x %X
(Battle Stats) (Token) (Battle Stats) (Token)
Graphic HP %e Percentage HP %E
Graphic AP %p Numerical AP %P
Mental State %G
(Server Stats) (Token) (Server Stats) (Token)
Current Users %u Max Players %U
(Miscellaneous) (Token) (Miscellaneous) (Token)
People near you %A (Line Break) %_
Time-till-Backup %t TTB (Hidden) %T
OOC Limit %B Time of day %W
OOC Limit (#) %b Ambience %J
Speaking Tone %D Action timer %g
Language %w Bot Status %o
Current droid %d Current droid's HP %s
Current comlink channel %k Current comlink encryption %K
Command stack %S

%r - Vnum of current room
%R - Vnum of current room (Requires config +vnum. Shows '<#vnum> '
%i - Wizinvis (Shows '(Invis Lv) ', with trailing space)
%I - Raw wizinvis (Shows 'Lv', and only if wizinvis is active)

The other special characters are:
& - Foreground color ^ - Background color

Please see HELP COLORS for a list of the color tokens.

Note: when creating your own prompt, we suggest ending the prompt with the line
break token %_. If you do not, then occasionally other things will appear on
the same line as your prompt, which looks ugly and can mess up triggers and

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