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Battlegroup is a command to enable people to group together up to two wingships
to a single flagship. What is unique about this system, is that every
capital within a battlegroup can also have it's own squadrons in addition. To
form your fleet, you need to go to the craft you wish to have join and send the
request message, and then someone(You or another), will accept the request.
Please note that the SQUADRON and BATTLEGROUP commands are completely seperate.
Battlegroup only works between capitals, whereas squadron only works on small
and medium craft to a specific capital.

Syntax: battlegroup join <flagship>
Syntax: battlegroup <requesting ship>

Once the ship is battlegrouped, you will be able to change its position within
the fleet from its helm. There are three positions within a fleet: Outer,
Midguard, and Inner, each having it's advantages and disadvantages. Only ships
in the outermost layer can be targetted, so keep this in mind when positioning
your fleet. Also, each capital's squadron positions count towards the overall
battlegroup. For example, if you place two capitals to the outer position, but
their squadrons in the midguard, the capitals will be vulnerable whereas the
squadrons will be the ones protected by both of the capitals. Keep in mind,
that if you want your ships to have this protection, they must stay within 1000
units of the flagship.

Syntax: battlegroup position <position #>

The battlegroup command also allows you to remotely control your fleet from the
flagship, enabling you to control them just in just about every way. For an
exact list of what you can and cannot have your ships do, consult HELP
NAVCOMMANDS. It should also be noted that the -full- command has to be typed
out. You will not be able to scramble squadrons of the fleet, as squadrons can
only be scrambled by a pilot on the leading ship of the squadron.

Syntax: battlegroup nav <ship/all> <command>
battlegroup target <ship/all> <victim>

In addition to attacking ships, should you position the fleet over a planet, it
will be possible to bombard the planet using projectiles. Bombarding can perm
players, and may have serious repercussions if used flippantly. Use this
command with care.

Syntax: battlegroup bombard <planet>

Due to the vast coordination power of the Flagship, there is a line for the
flagship to issue commands to the pilots of all the other ships. However, the
communication only works one way.

Syntax: battlegroup message <message>


Recent In-Game News

Situations in Uncharted Space
In recent days, situations have developed in uncharted sectors of space nearby two planets: [Large asteroid cluster detected near Lorrd] Astronomers at the Rimworld Institute For Deep Space Observation have reporting gravitational anomalies near Lorrd that bear all the signs of a deep-space asteroid cluster. Their readings indicate strong mining potential. They advise would-be explorers to head between -30, 30 and -20, 40. [Defective Ships Stranded in Deep Space] Multiple reports are coming in about an older model of transport popular with budget travelers which have been breaking down mid-hyperjump. Port authorities on Nim Drovis report that many such ships recently departed for Wroona and haven't yet been seen there. Several long-range calls for assistance have been detected to the galactic East of the Meridian system, between coordinates -20, -10 and 0, -20. Skilled astronomers have reason to believe that both will persist for some time.

Trade Federation Emerges
With the Outer Rim left to pick up the pieces after suffering the initial onslaught of the Sith forces, a group of traders, bankers and other citizens of means came together to form their own government that would look out for the needs of the Outer Rim. After some negotiations and concessions, the group came together to form: The Trade Federation. While not a government in the traditional sense, the Trade Federation is headed by Viceroy Niarem Zevon who has led the recovery of the Outer Rim with a steady hand and firm governance that has seen the profits and quality of life dramatically improve to levels that rival those under the Republic's rule. The question now remains, where does the Trade Federation go from here now that peace has been achieved?

Recent Changes

Corellia's Senator apps closed
See title. TTFN!

uptime updates
`uptime` has had a few quick updates (hah) today. One is an improvement to readability by whitespace padding the fun build names so that they all line up. The second is the addition of a "details" option, which shows at what date and time a particular uptime record was set. Bonus Update - In response to popular demand, I have defaulted to a short format for the uptime counters (days:hours:minutes:seconds). If you prefer the full text, you can still get it by doing `uptime full.` Also, I found and fixed two crash bugs, and ya'll got to go on a super exciting and (RARE, Exclusive) ride through several failed copyovers.

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