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The concept of `In-Character` (IC) and `Out-Of-Character` (OOC) is very
important to LOTJ's roleplay. Players are not allowed to discuss IC things out
of character. Items that are considered IC should not be discussed out of
character include:
- Locations of MOBS, Objects, Planets, Ships, Characters
- What your character plans to do, what your character is doing
- Events that have happened during the current timeline to your character or
another character on the MUD
- Who is attacking you or other characters
- What clan you are a member of, what your clan is planning to do

OOC also refers to our global out of character chat channel. Discussion on OOC
is to be kept strictly PG-13. Both the staff and the RPC enforce the policies
of OOC. Refer to Help Rule14 for more information.

Note: One exception is questions about Tier 1 quests. You can ask about
low-level quests either IC or OOC.

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